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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Press release from Lena. "Design Aglow is an online resource for information and products directed at professional photographers. We are an online collection of resources, including articles, Photoshop actions, templates, marketing ideas, interviews, and seminars for the boutique wedding and portrait studio. We consider ourselves a hybrid of design and photography and how they relate to each other and our mission is to inform, to teach, and to inspire." Design Aglow is offering as a comprehensive e-seminar in PDF digital book format, the Inspire Guide: Silhouettes, enabling photographers to learn at home at their own pace. "It's 83 beautifully-designed pages detail the process of creating heirloom silhouettes for clients in-depth and step-by-step, including lighting how-to, camera settings, and Photoshop. Detailing each aspect of the creative process, the guide proceeds through set-up, planning, shooting, digital manipulation, designing, marketing, and selling." Interested? You'll find more details here.

  • Jordi Vayreda emailed to share the exciting news that he and his design team had made the cover of Casa Viva. Congratulations Jordi! You can see our earlier feature on Jordi here.

  • Geraldine, Gisele and Mariela are three Interior Designers from Buenos Aires, Argentina who emailed to introduce their vinyl wall decal company Almavinilo. Looks like the wall decal trend is still going strong. It's great to see new designs from other parts of the world too! The ladies are also blogging their enterprise.

  • Andrea Heimer has a new show "Icons - Portraits of Female Saints" at Bluebottle Art Gallery. The show will run throughout the month of May and pieces can be purchased online or at the Seattle store.

  • This email will definitely be a great source for US readers! "My name is Stephany, and I am an editor here at SeenON! the place to find products seen on the screen. I am reaching out to you because we have been doing some great things with our design pages like Divine Design and Dress My Nest and would love to have you share with your readers. On top of featuring Products seen on the show we have Shopisodes, where you can watch while you shop. Additionally if you or your readers have any questions about home décor or products seen on Divine Design or others please direct them to Shoptalk where product questions are answered! Thanks Again!" Will someone please do this for Australia? I'd love to have the inside on products I see on the screen. Thanks for letting us know Stephany!

  • 66degrees is a new website, a place for people with one-of-a-kind tastes. It's a beautiful online store offering unique hand crafted fashion accessories and home decor (often one off always very limited) sourced from designers and artists around the world. So much to drool over on the website. Stephen Lagan from emailed 66degrees "to see if we get the word out about us- who we are and what we do, and about the talented roster of artists and their pieces that we are proud to be featuring." One of the reasons this WINKS has taken me so long to write is that I've been clicking from page to page coveting gorgeous artisan pieces.

  • Drop by Christine Andrzejewski's etsy shop this weekend and check out her pretty bird originals and cheeky animal collages. Good luck with the store Christine!


Swinging in the breeze

Real estate stalking my home town again when I came across this open plan family home. Clean modern lines and family friendly finishes have not stopped this light and airy building from being stylish. Great cross ventilation and cooling ideas here, perfect for the subtropics. I wish I was the lucky kid with my own timber screened deck and THAT hanging chair.


Caleb Woodard Furniture

I love beautiful handcrafted timber pieces. The life of the tree is displayed lovingly before your eyes and the silky touch of such a piece is a joy. Caleb Woodard is an artisan woodworker whose organic creations are celebrations of a dying craft and a dwindling resource. Mass produced is a necessity but handcrafted is an artwork to be cherished. Caleb's fiance and partner in developing this enterprise, Melanie told me that Caleb specializes in an organic woodworking aesthetic with live edges and midcentury touches - he's inspired by artists from George Nakashima to Vladimir Kagan. Take the time to visit his website and explore his philosophy. Inspiring.


Abigail Edwards

I'm totally inspired by the styling of Abigail Edwards.From cute little herbs growing in retro china to modern pieces nestled in vintage settings. Whether it's colour and fun or the elegance of a faded but cherished object Abigail pulls together a look that is so now. See vintage IS the new modern.


Cheer up Kim!

I've been secretly collecting bits and pieces as a house warming present for Kim. This is the final piece. I won her on eBay last Sunday night and she was waiting for me when I got home Thursday. Beautiful fine white vintage Portuguese and a vase. Just as spring has sprung in Ottawa Kim is snowed under with her "real" job and I have decided to reveal the surprise to cheer her up. Looks like I'm off to the post office this Monday. In the meantime I better get some posts published!