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3 Fold Design

Tracy Curtis and Page Gandy recently joined forces to form 3Fold Design. Together they are dedicated to forming personal relationships with clients to design spaces that are sustainable, universal and modern. Their portfolio is small on their website but it packs a punch. Definitely one to bookmark and return to as the site grows. Love their use light reflecting materials and boldly colored contemporary furnishings like the Mademoiselle armchair by Philippe Starck.

Images from 3Fold Design


Robert D. Henry Architects

Robert D. Henry Architects is located in New York and offers planning, architecture and interior design including lighting and furniture design. Unfortunately only 2 of the residences in their online portfolio include photos, but it is enough to demonstrate the talent of this firm. I love the cut-out reading nook - brilliant!


Uri Ronen

Tali emailed us with links to Israeli design. "I wanted to bring to your attention the existence of Israeli Design. In recent years, we've had a huge transformation in this branch in Israel. The Israelis were never known for their good taste. It's a relatively new country, with no heritage of craftsmanship and art and for many years, interior design was considered to be 'not important' here. Most Israeli houses were not very decorative, and in many cases were simply tasteless .... That has radically changed in recent years ..... (one link) is a site of a very talented young Interior Designer named Uri Ronen. His design is very modern, yet it retains the unique "Israeli Spirit" of warmth, lightness and homeliness." Uri's architecture and design practice is based in Haifa and if this is where architecture and interior design is heading in Israel then tasteless is a tag that won't be used for long. Thanks for the link Tali!



Bill Nicholas, Susan Budd and John Dutton are the forces behind Nicholas.Budd.Dutton, a Los Angeles-based firm that specializes in architecture, urban design and landscape. "We believe in the seemingly contradictory qualities of modesty and obsession, tradition and innovation, repose and movement, light and shadow." This firm also maintains that there's an importance in the relationship between landscape and building, which would explain the beautiful quality of light in the spaces they've designed with the innovative placement of windows.


Ebay alert!

OMG! Keep this a secret amongst yourselves. Kelley Wearstler "Imperial Trellis" on ebay.

Citrine colourway 54" wide x 84" length here.

Green colourway 54" wide x 46" length here. Just listed and still many days to go so don't get excited about the bargain basement prices. Both these pieces are quite flawed. I bid on this much better quality and much larger piece (54" wide x 150" length) a few days ago and this is how the auction ended ......

Still a great price for 4.2 yards if you knew how much this fabric sells for (and to the trade only). It wasn't me who won! Check out the rest of this seller's items. One of my new favourites. I'm going to regret telling you I just know.
(I already do!!!)