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Zeff Design

Mark Zeff heads up Zeff Design, a design firm that totally ROCKS. Take their design of the Night Hotel in New York. It's out of this world. Great for fans of black and white interiors. He has also done some stunning residential interiors.



Because of my adoration of chairs, I felt the need to share some more chair porn with you all, particularly those of Jessica Padt.

This one I found and just totally fell in love with. How cute is this chair from Mondo Trasho???!!!!


Les Indiennes

Sometimes I wish I wasn't addicted to my mid century vibe. Sometimes I wish I was a little bit Provencal, a little bit faded days and cicadas thrumming in the hot summer sun. Then I would surround myself with the fabulous offerings from Les Indiennes. A complex "kalamkari" process uses hand carved wooden blocks and natural dyes.They have a deliberate faded quality evocative of antique linens.

Images from Les Indiennes.


D'Ette Cole

My wunderkammer wanderings led me to D'Ette Cole's site. Amazing, inspiring, at times confronting for the minimalists of you out there. If clutter is not your thing look away now.

All images from etta industries.
PS Check out her Flikr site.


Alex Papachristidis

Alex Papachristidis of Alex Papachristidis Interiors is an incredible designer. His style has been described as "a dynamic fusion of the modern and eclectic with the luxurious and traditional". These photos from his website are absolutely FABULOUS. His designs have a Jonathan Adler playfulness to them that I just adore.