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I'm loving .....

.... the new work I keep finding by photographer Trine Thorsen. It seems whenever I need inspiration for around my house a quick visit to Trine's website and her latest shoots have my mind racing. I especially love this series as I collect West German pottery and hand thrown 70s pieces. A complete rearrange at home is on the cards. But don't stay here. Go to the website and drink in all the new loveliness. My favourite photographer!



The past few days have been all about a pared back, modern design. Earthy and organic in its feel. Today's post embraces luxury and hedonism. It's sumptuous, layered with sophistication and overstuffed with comfort. It's Branca. A room by Alessandra Branca draws you in and seduces you with its mix of antiques and linen, silk damask and colour, colour and more colour. It's a new twist on old world charm.


My dream kitchen

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out my kitchen remodel blog for an archive of previous posts. I posted recently some before and after photos, and for this final post I'd like to share some photos I took for Greentea, the interview they have added to their website about my renovation, and a video tour of the kitchen.

My kitchen is complete, and I am ecstatic at the result. I can finally say that I have my dream kitchen. It is beyond my expectations, and every time I walk through my front door and see it, I can't help but smile. I am never going to want to sell this house. I can't imagine leaving this kitchen behind. I'd like to take this opportunity to again thank the folks at Greentea Design. They made this dream come true for me, and I am so grateful (and shocked) that they agreed to this partnership. It was alot of fun and hard work (on both our parts) and they were so patient and helpful throughout the whole process. I hope I can get in a trip to Toronto sometime soon so I can finally meet them and see their showroom. So thank you Greentea Design - you guys ROCK and I'm so proud to have a Greentea kitchen.

To start this post off, I wanted to invite you to check out the interview Greentea did with me that is now published on their website. They've divided it into 3 parts - Planning, Demolition and Installation, and the Finished Kitchen. What an honour to have my renovation featured on their main page. Here are some photos they've included in the interview.

I took some photos not too long ago for Greentea that really showcase the cabinetry so I thought I'd share some of them. (For the purpose of getting decent shots of the cabinets, the dining table and chairs were pushed into the living room).

For more final photos, and to see my video tour (complete with cat shenanigans), click HERE.


Leesa O'Reilly

Another wonderful example today of the new earthy feel to the work of Australian stylists. Leesa O'Reilly's styling appears in Vogue Living, Real Living and Country Living here and once again it references the natural and organic. It's a faded, wrinkled linen, dusty, glancing afternoon sunlight feel. You feel like the owner has just left her sets and rooms to get you a coffee or a piece of that cake you just know is in the oven. A relaxed life surrounded by the simple luxuries in life. Don't miss her food portfolio!


Amanda Prior, updated

Over a year ago Jo posted about Australian photographer Amanda Prior's work, who shoots for some of her favourite Aussie magazines. I noticed she has updated her portfolio since then, and I thought it worthy of another mention. (Is that a little secret door in the chalkboard wall??)