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Some favourite living rooms of 2009

These are some of my ultimate living/lounge rooms. I love that they are very casual, and beckon you to come in and put your feet up. Some are rustic and earthy which I am always drawn to. And all are bathed in neutrals - white/beige/cream with timber flooring and some great rugs.

Guido Barbagelata
Bates Masi Architects
Atlanta Bartlett
Robert Gervais


Holiday reading guide 2009 

Day two of our blog-a-rama. I hope you've saved room. (If I see one more chocolate or ham sandwich I'll be sick. I love Christmas but it's hard going at times!) Once more dear readers settle in for a trip across the world and back. Enjoy and see you for more tomorrow.













Holiday reading guide 2009 

Welcome welcome welcome! How did your Christmas go? Too much food and watching great aunt Minnie' dentures travel down her chest as she snores quietly at the end of the table? (True story only the name has been changed!) Well it's time to pour a cup of nice hot tea, sink into your chair and join in a Desire to Inspire Christmas tradition .... the holiday reading guide to blogs big and small, home design, other design, in English or not, new or new to me. I spend my spare time jumping from link to link and lurking on lots of blogs. Warning though. Take your time, savour them all and save room for more guides over the coming days.














Happy holidays!

Jo and I (and our furry children, including Felix below) would like to wish you all a very happy holidays and hope you all get at least a bit of a vacation and have a great time with family and friends. Jo is off to her sister's home on the beach for a couple days (and off work until the new year) and I am having a relaxing time with family nearby (and I am back to work unfortunately on Tuesday). Since we are blogging fiends, we are not really taking a break from the blog over the holidays. Instead we'll be featuring some reading lists of new blogs that we've come across as well as some of our favourite photos we've posted over the past year. So if you get a little break from the chaos of the holidays, stop on by here as we'll be blogging daily. We very much appreciate everyone's support over the past year and thank you all for visiting DTI. Be safe and we'll see ya soon!


Mastro Skylar Architects

Emily emailed Jo and I recently hoping we could find her some inspirational photos for a dilemma she has with her bedroom. Due to the chaos involved with trying to get ready for the holidays, our help will have to be postponed a little bit. In the meantime I thought we could showcase the work of her very talented aunt and uncle, James Mastro and Claudia Skylar of Mastro Skylar Architects. I cannot even fathom how awesome it would be to have architects in the family. I know I would certainly save up some dough, get myself a plot of land and have them design me the house of my dreams. So to start I thought I'd showcase some photos of Emily's aunt and uncle's own home, a converted 1905 carriage repair shop. "This is our house: filled with light and space and our favorite stuff. Airy but cozy. Colorful but neutral. Sometimes playful, sometimes elegant. Radical ways of organizing space that make perfect sense. Understand our house and you’ll know everything there is to know about us."


I think the greenhouse is my favourite space. (What a dream!) And here are a few more spaces they've designed.