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What to do with a white sofa

Elena wrote the other day with a dilemma. A fun dilemma I'd say. "I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I'm officially hooked.You guys seem to have tons of inspirational room pictures so I was hoping you could help me out - see, my boyfriend and I just bought a gorgeous, plush white couch but I'm not sure how to decorate around it. We have white walls and the rest of our furniture is mostly brown. I was thinking jewel-toned accessories would go nicely and bring in some color, but I'm still not sure. Would it be possible for you guys to post some pictures of rooms with jewel tones and/or white sofas? I need some inspiration!" I readily agreed that jewel-tones would work, and went on the hunt for photos with white (or off-white) couches so Elena could see the endless options she has. Hope this inspires and be sure to send us photos when you've dolled up your couch!

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Tim Ebneth

I'm in awe of the talent of leading stylists. A room or photo shoot is pulled together with apparent ease. It looks so good, it looks so easy but as we all know from our own attempts there's a great deal of talent, call it a good eye or god given ability, involved. Here are some of my favourites from the portfolio of Tim Ebneth.

Images from Halley Resources


Growing groovy

Whatever happened to the house plant as major decorating feature? Only a couple of decades ago a living room wasn't complete without its own jungle or forty year old bonsai fig in the corner. Light weakly forced its way through a forest of african violets which had colonised kitchen window sills around the world and spider plants brooded sinisterly in macramé slings in every second bathroom. And those pom pom grandma flower arrangements? Are they now as dead as dodos? This week's retro revelation comes from Decorating with Plants and Flowers, Creative Home Library, Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, 1972. Perhaps we don't have to go to the extremes of years past but is there a little room in your house for our leafy friends?


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Where does the time go?

It's Sunday afternoon in Australia as I write this and my whole weekend has flown by. I could not honestly tell you what I have done but it involved lots of running around and not much achievement. I managed to finish the new covers for my rattan chairs but forgot to pick up the new foam cushions. I'm making do with the old foam base and a ticking cushion from another chair. I've tried them with a book and a cup of tea and they are surprisingly comfortable. I also spray painted my cane plant stand and entertained ideas of a jungle of ferns inside my living room. I chickened out (thoughts of water spills) and it now has a home on my patio with my other plants. I have heard a little rumor that Kim is busy painting her dressing room. Glad she is getting something constructive done this weekend. As for me, it's time for a nana nap. I'm exhausted!