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DHgate has all for travelling

Sally Conran

I was perusing the internet yesterday looking for blog material when I happened upon the portfolio of Sally Conran, a London based stylist and art director specialising in interiors, still-life, food and lifestyle. Sally's training in interior architecture gives her an understanding of space and composition. Her work completely blew me away - each space so beautifully styled I found myself inspecting every inch of detail so I didn't miss a thing.



Studio Mumbai

Exotic location and exotic design. Stunning minimalist homes that sensitively address their surroundings, reverence their culture and are simply beautifully designed. Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai weaves his spell with local materials and traditions, craftsmen who take time, clients who understand. These are loci of calm in a monsoon that is India.






Dan Davis update

Last year Dan Davis introduced us to his new interior design firm, after having left given up his career in advertising. Two and a half years later they are now a staff of 5 and are currently working on 14 projects,  ranging from large commercial projects to intimate tablescapes. Such creativity and quirky touches. Thanks Dan for sharing with us again!



Jonas Ingerstedt


Hello Mr Ingerstedt! Love your work. How do you get your photographs to look so good? I know that Swedish interiors are hot hot hot but your portfolio is so cool! There is a soft light washing over what could have appeared hard and white. Instead you have captured the warmth of these spaces. Families live here. Stylish ones but I can tell that kids will run in soon. Thank you Jonas Ingerstedt.









Reader's home

Nusara sent us an email not long after we launched the new blog with a link to photos of her apartment. She is sadly leaving these digs soon to move into a new home that her and her husband just purchased. I love the fresh and bright vibe of her home and some of the little tricks she used to pimp it out with the restrictions she had as a renter. Have fun decorating your new home Nusara - be sure to send us pics!

  Heart this school desk (found on the street....gave it a new life with Benjamin Moore paint)

The travel wall

The beauty of duct tape. Looks just like paint when you can't paint your rental.
Electrical tape works wonder too

My "restaurant." Unwanted table from the neighbor. Benjamin Moore brought it back to life.
Our cooking motto on the kitchen wall

Favorite room of the house. Thanks to easy-to-remove wallpaper