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Penny Wincer

I'm in love with the portfolio of photographer Penny Wincer. Lifestyle and kids what more could you want? OK so no kids featured here but don't miss them on the website. Like these stunning images they are beautifully shot and have a sense of wonder to them. The light in Penny's photos is wonderful and so crisp and clear. White rooms are notorious to capture well and these draw you right in.


Decor Fellow and Vicente Wolf

In case you haven't been over to Decor Fellow this past week, James posted some awesome photos he received from Vicente Wolf's office. Sorry James for posting this so late but once I saw the photos I thought better late than never! Here Is one of the photos:



I was checking my emails this morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and read one from a couple who are from Ottawa currently living in Seattle. That had me intrigued, and when I went to check out their Etsy store, it was so cute I decided not to wait for a WINKS post for this one. Casey and Cheryl's store is called TinyModernist, and they sell mid century style baby/kids clothing and accessories and do-it-yourself cross-stitch patterns for famous mid century chairs. The patterns are SO ADORABLE! This store is a must-see, and it's making me glad my twin sister is pregnant again so I can pick up a couple things.


Flickr finds - outdoor spaces



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Cindy emailed from her fabulous kingdom of Flutter. "Flutter was opened May 2006, our 2 year anniversary is just around the corner. Our online store opened last month. The tag line for the shop is " A delightful disarray of found objects and clutter". We have many vintage and antique one of kind pieces gathered from around the world. The shop is very feminine and feels like one large international boudoir, but with a bit of taxidermy and oddities to break up the girliness. It has several twists and surprises around every corner and many have described the feeling the store evokes as what Alice must have felt like as she tumbled down the hole to wonderland." I want to go, I want to go! If you are near Portland, OR drop into this quirky funky kingdom of clutter and if you're not then browse every page of Cindy's website. Magical.

  • Received a press release about artist Martha Bannon. Her painted pillows have just appeared in Traditional Home Magazine. I stopped by her website and found not only sumptuous hand painted silk and linen pillows but stylish custom pet portraits and decorative painted furniture. A great site for all you traditional fans. We know there are quite a few of you out there.

  • Charlie has a passion for Cuban Posters (sounds like someone I know Kim) and after seeing his first at an exhibition "I started searching via local free ads and came across a couple of people in London that sold me a poster or two. Since then I have bought from collectors, from dealers, direct from a Cuban poster designer and from a crazy Cuban apartment in the backstreets of Havana ... I have a project in mind to organise an exhibition and one day when I have some time I'll try to put something together. For now this blog is the exhibition. Enjoy it." I'm hooked. Looks like a new collection starting up. Thanks Charlie!

  • "My name is Lindsey Chen and I'm the community manager for Threadbanger. Threadbanger is a 'network' of Next New Networks and we feature 2 different podcasts weekly. One of our shows is called Threadbanger and it's a DIY fashion / how-to show that comes out every Friday. In every show, we feature DIY tutorials as well as highlight new indie artists. We also take viewer questions from our community and have a very active and involved community online, as well as a blog. The other show is called Decor It Yourself and that comes out every Tuesday (both on Threadbanger.com). Decor It Yourself is all about DIY home fashion and how to make your home look more stylish and practical on a budget." Hey Lindsey great site. I've been stuffing myself on podcasts. Even when I went back to get links for this WINK I found myself watching more. Addictive.

  • Jonathan Adler is musing again and this time he's exploring his sources of inspiration. Morgan Fairchild Jonathan? Watch out Kim he's now doing bargello pillows if you need more after exhausting eBay's supply!

  • Julie from Boatman Geller Paper Collections wrote to introduce her blog live your style by BG. Beautiful range of stationery and paper goods Julie.

  • A press release from Laura Järveläinen in sunny Helsinki about Finnish fabric designers Fokus Fabrik. They are releasing their organic interior fabrics at the Milan International Furniture Fair in the Salone
    Satellite this month. Swoon! Beautiful designs as only the Finns can do. Go to their website for more inspiration.