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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?


  • I'm searching for a hanging chair. It's summer and I have dreams of reading a book on my deck swinging in a pod chair just like this one. The Zara Pod chair is sooooo pretty I may just have found the one. In Australia try here and here and here (check out what else they have at that last website - wow!) and in NZ try here. Other countries? Still searching.


  • And while I'm designing my summer room i might just add some of these fabulous garden furniture pieces. They're from Gardenhouse, a shop in West Palm Beach, Florida. Cheryl Maeder gives vintage furniture her signature style creating statement pieces with a modern edge. Love them!

  • Is it an alien? A vase? No it's the Domsai Terrarium by Matteo Cibic who thinks of them as desktop Tamagotchi. Each planter is unique by way of their individualised dome. Out of this world . Find them here.

  • Sometimes I visit an online shop and I find myself dreaming of being in the bricks and mortar store, wishing I was in a shop, touching, smelling, spinning in a shopping frenzy. Haus Interior and their new online shop just had that effect on me. I want to go! First thing I'd buy is this magazine holder. So simple so stylish.


  • Love lucite. Adore acrylic. I'm really taken by these chandeliers by Claire Requa.  Accent is her workshop/shop and now design website. Check the website for retailers in your area or head over to her Etsy store. I want a barn now with one of these hanging from the rafters casting shadows!

Paint help

Jack, a long-time co-worker of mine, and his wife Shannon are redoing their living room and Shannon is looking for paint help. She left a comment on Jo's post earlier today but I thought I'd post it seperately in the hopes there are some good suggestions out there as I am not much help. Here's her dilemma: "I am looking for a soft, silvery blue-grey (not grey-blue--I've found there's a difference) paint for my living room. I recently painted with a soft grey-blue (i.e. blue was the base colour) and it just reads as 'kid's room baby blue'. I"m looking for something like the wall colours in the fourth and fifth rows down (the living room with the portrait of the woman over the mantle and the living room with the yellow/chartreuse chair and blue rug). Does anyone have any colour suggestions???"
Here are the photos Shannon is talking about:



Angie Hranowsky

Angie Hranowsky is a graphic designer who made her way into the interior design field a few years ago. You may have seen her work before as she's been featured in some popular shelter magazines such as Metropolitan Home, Domino, Home, and House Beautiful. I love her bold creations - very Hollywood Regency, modern and such stunning colours used in not-so-subtle ways.



Joanna Henderson

Talk about a power portfolio! Evey shot is a winner. Gob smacked I bow down to the talent that is photographer Joanna Henderson. OK, OK I'll tone it down a bit but truly I am so inspired by Joanna's work. Gorgeous light and colour, interesting composition and simply stunning shots. I love them all. I know it helps when a room is gorgeous but without a great photographer to bring it to life we'd never know.











James Merrell

The last time I blogged about the photography of super-talented James Merrell I so awestruck I was at a loss for words. Well, I'm still at a loss for words. He has photographed some of the cutest and coolest homes I've ever seen, and his photos are perfectly composed and mesmerizing. Love him, love these.