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Test stay in Paris

I received an email from Jenice Hartmann from ucinteriors today that I found very intriguing...

"On, people can upload photos of their flat, comment on the photos of other members, discuss whatever they might be having problems with in their flat or post articles on topics like "living abroad" or "do it yourself". Until June 4 we are having a special offer for our users: we provide an apartment in Paris so that people can spend a few days here and test the Parisian living standard! Everybody can apply and live in the apartment for free for up to four days. If that sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to visit our website."

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Paris!


Home Portfolio

Home Portfolio is a brilliant website that, as the name suggests, lets you create and save portfolios of products for your home. "HomePortfolio has spent eight years bringing together the best home design ideas, brands, products, and retailers (700,000 products, 100,000 retailers, and 1,700 manufacturer brands), all in one place". So it's like one-stop shopping. They also have some photos of rooms to inspire, and here's a few.


Saunders Architecture

Ashley sent us a great link to Saunders Architecture a firm owned by Canadian Todd Saunders who has lived and worked in Norway since 1997. The work combines a Nordic design sensibility with environmental concerns. The summer house Ashley wants to share came about this way ...... "When we first started our firm, instead of looking for clients we went looking for plots, to build an experimental structure. Doing this, we could pursue our architectural vision in line with our convictions: uncompromising, original and respect for the landscape." Check out the other amazing projects on their website especially the Aurland Lookout. Thanks Ashley!


Angela Free

Angela Free creates gracious, sophisticated and practical rooms for her clients. These timeless spaces are beautiful and highly personal. Angela believes in a strong partnership between client and designer. The results are inspiring.

Images from Angela Free


More Greg Natale genius-ness

Greg Natale saw my Sunday post on Tord Boontje and sent us some photos of an office he designed based on Tord's prints. I cannot even fathom working in an environment so beautiful. Thanks again Greg!!!