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Sharyn Cairns

LOVE LOVE LOVE the work of Sharyn Cairns. This super talented Australian photographer has a portfolio that will leave you drooling. Beautiful photos and a great grasp of how to bring out the soul of a room.

Images from Sharyn Cairns


Dog on a chair

Siobhan sent an email to give us more 'dog on a chair' material to post. This time it's the adorable pooch (Morran) of Swedish artist Camilla Engman. Thank you Siobhan! This just might be my favourite dog on a chair photo to date, because that Poppa chair is to die for. Morran too. :)


Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

The firm of Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects began in the late 60's with Jim Olson, who based his designs on some simple ideas: "that buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives." And as you will see by the photos below, it is absolutely breathtaking how the interior blends with the exterior. I always dreamed of huge glass garage doors that I could open and suddenly be outside. *sigh*


Grey, my favourite neutral

Update: Our friend Drey of bijou kaleidoscope just introduced me to the grey living room of Kim from Four Beds Two Baths, as seen above. LOVE IT! I always loved a teak credenza against a grey wall. Thanks Drey and kudos Kim!

My sister was talking to her neighbour the other day about grey walls. Her neighbour said grey walls were cold and depressing. I SOOOOO disagree with her, and so much so that I had to post some photos of grey rooms to prove her wrong. I LOVE grey, but I admit, choosing a warm grey can be difficult. But I think you can do alot with furnishings in a room with grey walls. No matter what the shade, as long as you throw in lots of creams and nice plush fabrics (faux furs in particular), or some pops of colour, like orange or yellow (both of which I adore with grey), you can't go wrong. To me, if a neutral is what you're after, think about using grey instead of white. Didn't you know grey is the new white? ;)

Steven GambrelTaylor Howes
PointClickHomeJeffrey Bilhuber
Fox-Nahem DesignJeff Herron
DominoReinboth & Company


The new must have - greenery

Have you noticed that house plants are back? Not just your designer orchid but potted plants. Even bunches of flowers are being replaced by leaves and branches. I haven't seen this much greenery inside since the 80s and it's a trend I'd love to see continue. I'm currently tending three maiden hair ferns in my bathroom and all four of us are loving the group showers. OK too much information.

Caldwell-BeebeAimee Herring
Steven RandazzoArbogast Design
Arbogast DesignAnnie Schlecter
Kim CornelisonSteven Randazzo
Sacha DunnCindy Ray
Tria GiovanJohn Gruen

P.S. Why this post now? I came home to find that my body corporate had cut down a 60 year old tree that overshadowed my courtyard. Why? Because we are suffering a very serious drought here and the tree roots had found their way into the pipes. Sad that the cheapest option was chosen. It's an ugly scar now. Bye bye tree.