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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Linda Merrill of Chameleon Interiors and fabulous and informative blog ::Surroundings:: attended Maison et Objet a couple of weeks ago in France. Being a blogger of course she has lots of posts featuring all the gorgeous eye candy. If you haven't dropped by then you're in for a treat. So jealous of your trip Linda!

  • Dwell.com has a new video series "Emerging Designers" - innovative designers, original thinkers and likely influential players in the world of design for years to come. View the first two videos in a series of 5 showcasing the designers Jason Miller and Jake Barton here.

  • Radius Design is starting summer now with this stunning Uni Flame. Fire has never looked so ravishing. Thanks Andy!

  • For Spring 2008 John Stefanidis Fabrics is releasing 5 new fabrics in a selection of colourways on different ground cloths. All are hand-printed giving greater detail and allowing bespoke colourways on even small meterages. Neither harshly modernist nor strictly classic these fabrics are timeless and so versatile. Thanks for allowing us this sneak peek Caroline.

  • The Stingray chair by Thomas Pedersen is so sexy it hurts my eyes just looking at it! Available here. You have been warned this online store is stuffed full of gorgeous Danish design.

  • "I recently opened an online store of my prints and just wanted to introduce myself. I think what you guys do is awesome! Will definitely visit regularly. Thanks John." Hey John it should be us thanking you! I LOVE your work, the photos, the frames. Stunning. I need more than one I think. Check out all the work at John Murphy. See which ones you want too.

  • Lee from Pieces, the Atlanta based furniture and home accessories boutique, emailed us with her latest pieces. The beaded lights are blowing me away. I have just the perfect space for them.

  • Put a fine grain on fine art: Pop Ink's Decor-a-Boards are the real wood wall art you need. Printed directly onto unfinished birch veneer over MDF board, Decor-a-Boards are a natural fit for any green (or any other colour) home. The 11.25"x14" ready-to-hang Pop Ink Decor-a-Boards are manufactured with recycled wood scraps and unused parts of lumbered trees. Pop Ink features 7 designs online, including Owl Night Long, Beaver on Board, Little Red Samurai and more. Head here for more Decor-a-Boards and other new products.

  • I'm sure you've all been to Design for Mankind to download Erin's latest e-zine so this is just a reminder that the weekend is the perfect time to take a closer look. Thanks Erin. I'm lovin' the e-zines so much.

  • Last but not least I want to wish you all a Happy Mardi Gras - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that is. I wish I was in Sydney for tonight's parade. It's the biggest, hottest and downright sexiest celebration of gay pride in the world and SO much fun! Find out more including its inspiring history here.


Art by Andrew King

Nora, from my former 'burb of Kanata, emailed with a link to local artist Andrew King. I'm always eager to plug Canadians, especially from here in Ottawa. Andrew's art is almost cartoonish, at times humorous, and I can't help but smile when I look at it. His work can be seen at the Terence Robert Gallery on Sussex, for our Ottawa readers, and he will soon be featured at the Toronto Art Expo. Thanks Nora!


Joe Schmelzer

Joe Schmelzer rocks. He is an incredibly versatile photographer, having shot many celebrity portraits, food, travel, and of course, interiors (including Paris Hilton's pad). He prefers to use natural or ambient lighting in his shoots for a more natural feel. And it shows. (Can I also mention that he's a cutie? - check out his bio photo).


Etsy finds

I thought I'd share the work of two talented artists who have set up shop on Etsy. Strangely I found their work through Flickr. The first is Erin Tyner. Erin is a self taught photographer and I have been following her beautiful work on Flickr for a year. Then I realised I could buy her work...and I did and have again. Here is her Flickr page and her wonderful website. I'm totally blown away by her Half Awake series but don't miss the rest of her portfolio.
(Update - I forgot to mention Erin's new photoblog here.)

Monkfish is Robert Chunn. I found my way to his work just today when he made me a contact on Flickr. So off I went to investigate. "I mostly paint clutter. I like how objects cluster together on tabletops, in kitchen drawers, on my printer, etc. I try to take a documentary approach to the subject by painting things as I find them. Or, sometimes, I'll just pile up a bunch of old tins and cigar boxes in a haphazard way until something interesting happens. I see painting as an intuitive and sensorial process of balancing pictorial elements to reveal the poetry of color and form in the everyday objects around me. In other words, I just paint what I like." Check out more at his blog Alla Prima Painting (painting from life in one sitting). I love the beauty he finds in the mundane.


Richard Powers

Richard Powers super talented photographer of the world's coolest homes and celebrity pads has the most amazing portfolio. From the zen like calm of Donna Karan's home to jungle clad tropical resorts his photos transport you to another world. You can hear the monsoon rain on the roof or feel the breeze stir the drapes. "I am self taught - I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, composing the frame in my mind then choosing the moment to capture the light - the same as I do now I guess, only there's a camera between me and the subject." Go check out his website for many more inspirational images.