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Wid Chapman

Wid Chapman Architects is an award winning firm specialising in residential and hospitality design. Wid Chapman himself was Chair of Interior Design at Parson's School of Design. Plenty of ideas to file away here including the great use of negative space and voids. I love the hallway picture hanging system.


How do you say OMG in Russian?

I found this CRAZY apartment and knew I had to post it. I can't say much about it because it was on a russian magazine's website. I think OMG says it all anyway. That and someone appears to have a thing for cartoons.


Take a closer look

These amazing images are not what they seem. Not photographs but computer renderings. The work is that of Turkish company Ozhan Hazirl Interior Architecture, 3D modeller and 3D animator. Check out the website and rub your eyes in disbelief.

All images from Ozhan Hazirl


Candy & Candy

Candy & Candy are interior designers and property developers in London. Every aspect of their business is "marked by the desire to deliver the absolute best to a client whose level of sophistication demands it." Candy & Candy has a look that is luxurious, bespoke and tailored. High end undoubtedly. Out of our price range most definitely. But remember this is room porn and I'd sell my body for that timber tub!

All images from Candy & Candy
P.S. Don't forget to click on the images for a better look.



I went to the Ottawa Home and Garden Show yesterday and despite finding most of it boring, there was one thing I saw that made it worthwhile. There was this incredible little cabin set up called the ATC (all-terrain cabin), designed using the standard ISO shipping container as the basis for the structure and outfitted totally with Canadian design and technology. The container unfolds to give 480sf of living space. It was designed by BARK, a British Columbia registered non-profit collective of designers and businesses committed to raising the profile of Canadian design and ingenuity internationally. I want one - BAD. And I would have taken my own photos of it but there must have been half a million people crowded around it. Luckily their website had some great photos (except they don't have one of the cutest little bedroom ever, with a murphy bed).