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Rug request

Janine wrote us with a particular request: "With all the creativity in modern design--angles, curves, patterns, and textures--why do the shapes of area rugs always seem to be rectangular? I'm looking for an interestingly shaped rug, something asymmetrical perhaps. I have, of course, seen nicely shaped animal hide rugs and would love to find photographs using that idea but, please, not striped or spotted. Seen anything like that?" After searching through MANY photographs to find non-rectangular rugs, I came up with only round and animal hide. But considering all the different colours of animal rugs you can get these days, I think that's a great option. I bought one for my living room because it's such a small and narrow space - rectangular would have made it seem even more narrow. And, well, rectangular is boring. I'm not sure why stripes and spots (my favs) are not an option for Janine, but here are some ideas...

Bolig MagasinetKen Hayden
House BeautifulAlternative Design
Pieter EstersohnFrances Janisch
Apartment TherapyDiamond Baratta Design
House of PicturesInreda
Ken HaydenSkonahem
Studio IlseOak Management


Rounding out the week with retro

You thought I had forgotten. How could I not include a retro "fix" in this week's posts. Do I have a treat for you over the next couple of weeks. I have a copy of Terence Conran's The House Book and it is crammed with retrolicious pictures! Sit back and begin your weekend with retro baby! You know you deserve it!

Images scanned from The House Book, Terence Conran, Mitchell Beazley Publishers, London, 1974.


Victoria Hagan

I was looking through our archives and realised that we had not paid homage to one of the leaders of interior design, a woman who is a giant in the scene. Victoria Hagan began her career in 1985 and has dominated the American design world ever since. Her style is refined with sophisticated use of colour and dramatic pieces. Instantly recognisable Victoria's rooms are the epitome of good taste whether elegant urban or country retreat.


Jennifer Cawley

Photographer Jennifer Cawley's portfolio rocks. It's full of eclectic, funky and fabulous spaces that I love. Love the bright lighting and composition too.


Small space solutions


Rickita wrote us recently looking for ideas: "I currently live in an approximately 450 sq studio apartment. I've been trying to find inspiring decorating ideas for small spaces. Do you have any pictures of studio apartments: specifically wall decoration and storage ideas? I would appreciate the help!" 450 sq ft is pretty small but I am a firm believer that living in a small space doesn't mean it has to be filled with small stuff. My favourite small spaces include walls painted in bold colours or covered in fun wallpaper, some large furnishings, and oversized artwork (or large groupings of artwork). Hopefully the following photos inspire anyone living in a small space.


Clive Tompsett Domino
Robert Stilin Domino
Joe Serrins Domino
James Merrell Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Markham Roberts Domino
Domino Domino
Minh Wass mlk studio
Johnny Bouchier Marie Claire Maison