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Jo's place

I was going to show you my finished office but unfortunately something happened that I promised my husband I would not rehash again. Needless to say the office is a couple of weeks off being finished. But my darling Kelvin made up for the incident that I will not discuss (nag about) anymore by presenting me with his latest triumph ....... these fabulous chair seats he made in the upholstery class he is taking. What makes them even more special is that Kelvin is completely blind. He had help with the piping and pattern matching but they are all his work and I love him for it!

Thought I'd share my latest thrift finds for this patio area. The table I picked up a couple of weeks ago and of course the chairs you can read about here. The mirror I bought this morning as well as what was called a side table I thought just had to be an ottoman base and I think I'm right. (Just like I was right about the incident that I am not allowed to nag about anymore.) My secret thrift store is proving a treasure trove. Also scored a b&w screenprint thats need new matting and framing. Once again UFOs (unfinished objects) but just a lick of paint and we'll be there.



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you.
  • Freddy & Ma famous for their custom bags sent us a link to their custom pillows. Lots of options, lots of fun.

  • Jane and Hollie from love it alot have been teasing us all week with the lead up to their new online venture White Elephant Vintage. Launches this Monday 29th October. Can't wait.

  • Sylvie Fuller of Lillibule Ceramics will be selling her beautiful hand screen printed white bone china at Waddeson Christmas Fair and Hot House. For details check here and here.

  • Tanneth sent us a great link to a cool transformable laptop table designed to be as flexible to the user as possible. Check it out. here. Kim says she needs one of these desperately.

  • Jerome from Knú Sustainable Contemporary Furniture let us know about their new table made from completely re-usable materials with no toxic finishes. Environmentally, every last inch of it — the aluminum base, the glass top, the packaging — is 100% recyclable and is assembled and shipped from a carbon-neutral facility. On their website very soon if not already.

  • Andy from Absolut Lighting sent in one sexy lighting system. See more here.

  • Travel in your plans then The Art of Packing: 44 Tips to Save Space, Time and Keep You Organized will be a god send. Thank Rich for the link!
  • Graphic designer Jill Malek sent images of the most stunning hand-screened wallpapers entitled “frequencies.” Click on the link for luscious wallpaper and prints.

  • Speaking of wallpaper Wonderwalls the dynamic and innovative London-based design company, specializing in custom wallpaper designs has updated their website. Yum!

  • bettyjoy is preparing to dole out some crafty goodness at Manchester Craft Mafia’s autumn markets which are going to be held at Urbis in Manchester on 3&4 Nov (Sat/Sun) and 1&2 Dec (Sat/Sun).

  • Anita has a lovely shop Vie Chaotique in Charlotte, NC and a new blog. Check them out.

  • Valentina shared her Italian blog Indie-guest. Looks fabulous!

  • Anonymous sent me a link to a fabulous house for sale in Ottawa. Then I realised it was Kim and I'm not doing anymore shameless plugs for you :)


James Merrell

I am almost at a loss of words for an intro to this incredibly talented photographer's work. What can I say about James Merrell, who was fortunate enough to photograph the apartment of Linda Wary and John Meyers, which is one of my favourite spaces EVER!!! So I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves.


The decade that taste forgot

Ah the 80s! Era of large hair, even larger shoulder pads, leg warmers with high heels and excess excess excess. There were some things that were good. New Romantic boy bands with smoky eyeliner and rat's tails in their hair for one thing. OK OK I was a med student in the 80s not an interior designer so my taste may have been a little dubious. It was a mixed bag of an era just like these kitchens from the early 80s but good design would shine through occasionally. Images scanned from Beyond the Kitchen, A Dreamers Guide, Thomas Cowan, Blandford Press, Dorset, 1985.

While some of these kitchens are revolting some are not. This is part of my subversive campaign to bring back the 80s. Long live the decade that taste forgot!


Laura Resen

Laura Resen is a New York based photographer whose work is stellar! Starting as a fashion model and moving on to picture editor and art director Laura is now showcasing her talent as a photographer. Her portfolio is breathtaking. Don't just check out the interiors take it all in. Her own website is still under construction. These images are from Art Rep Team.