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Coddington Design

Melanie Coddington and her team create refined, elegant spaces. Strong silhouettes and sophisticated use of colour are key to the rooms success. She loves to mix finishes in a room to avoid that matchy matchy vibe and concentrates on quality of materials and timeless pieces. These rooms are serene but definitely not simple. Luxe living by Coddington Designs.

Images from Coddington Design


Wildly glamorous

"Park Terrace, London
5 storey house in a Private Road near Regent's Park
Over 3400 square feet full of rock n' roll glamour
Sumptuous living and dining areas, beautifully furnished
Stunning black bedroom with ensuite black high gloss bathroom
Light filled family kitchen with dining area opening onto garden..."

Photos from Zownir Locations



Jo's post about Elmira Stove Works the other day seems to have caught alot of people's attention. I've been wanting to do a Smeg post and have been collecting photos for a while so here you are...some Smeg envy.


Sew groovy!

Lots of open up, flip down, roll away good ideas from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 15 Pre to Shu, Greystone Press, New York. No date but I'm assuming late 60s. 18 volumes of alphabetical retro inspiration. I'd kill for a sewing space this fabulous! Need to find a cupboard and start planning.

P.S. Sorry about the quality of some of these images but that's what you get from scanning old books! And don't forget to click on the pictures to get the whole retro inspiration.


Peter Frank

Thought I'd share with you the work of Peter Frank , prop and set designer. With work for Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Garnet Hill and Target in his advertising book, these gorgeous spaces appear in his editorial portfolio. Got a great eye hasn't he. Peter is represented by Thomas Treuhaft, New York.

Images from Thomas Treuhaft