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Meyer Davis

I've loved this shelving unit for such a long time. I can't even remember where I first saw it. An online magazine photo pool? In print in the hundreds of shelter magazines I can't throw away? At last though I have found the architects, Meyer Davis. The rest of their portfolio is just as inspiring. Timeless and chic, modern yet classic.



Two chicks and a camera

Susan Fisher Plotner and Cecilia Hart Wilden are the dynamo duo that make up Fisher Hart, an architectural and interiors photography company. Their photos are so gorgeous I don't know what else to say. Except maybe ohhhhhhh.... and ahhhhhhhh. (I suggest clicking the photos to see them larger).


Bathroom inspiration

My younger sister Jen just bought a house with her boyfriend Dave which includes a bathroom that needs renovating because of some serious leak issues. So I told Jen I would post some photos to inspire her for her upcoming renovation. This was tough because so many bathrooms out there consist of really gorgeous and therefore really expensive tiles or marble, or they're simply really large spaces. Jen and Dave do not have alot of money to spend and although I haven't seen the bathroom, I know it will be a small space. Jen and Dave, do not take these photos literally. For example, I do not think you should tile an entire bathroom in black tile, but using all different shapes of a tile in the same colour is a great idea. (I've also realized that white tile looks incredible with dark grey grout.) Hope this helps.

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It's all about the attitude!

Gorgeous pets on chairs are all very well but what about the attitude?! Chester owns his space. Thanks Nina for the fab photo! P.S.Love the sofa and the mud cloth.


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