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Emmerson Troop

This is William Emmerson.

And these are new pieces from his new furniture line, Ab Ovo ("from the beginning").

And these are some other fabulous pieces available at his furniture gallery, Emmerson Troop, located in West Hollywood, CA. (Thanks to Laura of Emmerson Troop for emailing us.)


Milk crate madness

Erin from loechness monster left this fabulous link in the comments on the milk crate light. She found this chair at MoCo Loco and it comes from the Workshopped a yearly exhibition of emerging Australian designers. The designer is Stefan Lie and the chair is made from 20 discarded milk crates cobbled together with ties and slipcovered in vinyl advertising bill boards. Take that student milk crate bookshelf to the next level!


Nothing to do with design and everything to do with animals

As many of you know I am a HUGE lover of animals. So huge, that today, I think my boyfriend and I are going to PetSmart to pick up cat #5 (to clarify, the cats at big stores like PetSmart come from the local animal shelter). We saw Mimin, a black cat, a week ago when we were in there buying cat food. She looks just like a cat we had that passed away a little over a year ago. The animal shelter here has what looks to be about 70 or 80 cats - that's ALOT. I feel so horrible for these poor little guys and as much as we don't need a fifth cat, I know that here at rancho relaxo, they have a GREAT life. So if anyone out there is thinking about getting a pet, go to your local animal shelter and do one of these guys a favour. I guarantee they'll love ya forever for it.

UPDATE: It's several hours later and I'm holed up in my bedroom with the new member of our family, Mimin. We let her right out as soon as we got home and the cats were sniffing her butt etc. I was so proud of her because she pretty much ignored them. And then she attacked my chicken sh*t Himalayan. Fur flew everywhere. So, integration may take time (and all my energy). Here is a photo of her finally sitting still. She crawled into the carrier and lay down for the first time in 2 hours.


What to do with all those milk crates from your student days

OMG look at this idea from Paul Daly for Go Nude in Dublin. Milk crate lights in a milk bar!


Andrea Heimer

Andrea sent us an email wanting to share her new work. She creates what she calls a party for your wall. I love these pop art pieces. Roll over Roy Lichtenstein, Andrea wants to party! And when you've devoured her website check out her design process on her blog.

Images from Andrea Heimer