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Someone had a birthday

It turns out I'm not a very good friend. I forgot Jo's birthday. It was a week ago, and I found out 4 days after the fact. I've never been good with dates, or anything requiring a memory for that matter, and she didn't jump at the chance to remind me. In order to make it up to her, I borrowed my sister's video camera, and made her a little belated birthday video greeting. Jo, I'm so sorry for missing your birthday and not getting the chance to torment you on the blog. Instead you get a video, featuring my annoying manly video voice and some furry friends. (Beware: Anyone who doesn't like cats, don't bother hitting the play button).


Stoked for summer

I hate winter more than I can express in words, and now that summer is right around the corner, I have outdoor spaces on my mind. This lead me to 2Modern's shop, where they have a slew of modern outdoor furnishings and accessories. Plastic rugs, chairs, benches, tables, planters - such amazing pieces. Some of my favs are below (click on each to take you to the product page).
(Note: Unfortunately I don't have time for a Flickr Finds post this weekend as I am trying to get my bedroom furnished. As comfy as my new sofa is, I am a little tired of sleeping on it.)




WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?


Rob emailed - he's a partner in a Vancouver and New York based non-toxic painting and design company called Strong River. Their focus is currently more on the paint but their design portfolio is slowly growing. Strong River's design applications include plaster work, hand-printed wallpapers, mouldings and reclaimed hardwood. Can't wait to see more of their designs!

Transit Authority Figures - home of the "fake" subway maps. "The posters are definitely meant to inspire. Yes - this is art, but its also about promoting a healthier, greener way of living. Perhaps if everyone saw how convenient (and beautiful) local transportation is, they would build it - or at least use it more." They've got 5 designs with a dozen more in the works. I really REALLY like these. Would look amazing over a teak credenza, or above a landing strip.

Bespoke Press has 2 new letterpressed limited edition prints in their shop, featuring a study of antique chairs. The first print is available in charcoal, dark olive green and canary yellow, and the second print is available in charcoal, dark olive green and magenta. Since I have a bit of a chair obsession, I'm smitten.

"You may have heard of re:place, a New York firm specializing in contemporary sustainable design, family homes and nurseries, as they most recently completed Leonardo DiCaprio’s green downtown bachelor pad and Charlie Sheen’s LA nursery. Since Amanda Moore started her firm in 2001, she and her team have been using a unique holistic design approach to transform a variety of residential and commercial spaces in New York and beyond. Amanda is making her firm’s services available in a special package for people who begin a project in April or May. They can take advantage of re:place’s new re:visions service, a thorough design consultation that is surprisingly affordable, or they can receive 10% off of a new project for an entire room or home." These photos of her designs are spectacular!

Becky and her boyfriend Barny recently opened a vintage furniture shop in North London called The Peanut Vendor. They're about 5 months old now and have just launched their online shop. If you sign up to their mailing list, they'll send out pictures and info of new pieces every two weeks after their trips to antiques fairs. Amazing finds for all you retro fans (including me) out there!



Catherine Gratwicke

Need a dose of totally gorgeous, captivating interior photography? Well, look no further than the photos below. Catherine Gratwicke is a genius at composition, colour, depth, texture...everything. I cannot get over how stunning her portfolio is. Such talent, and such beautiful rooms and vignettes.


Treasurbite Design

Photographer Joe Schmelzer emailed (love Joe's work as you can see here and here) to introduce the absolutely amazing lighting collection by Clate Grunden of Treasurbite Design. Clate's designs celebrate the midcentury aesthetic. His papyrus lights are a more textural, earthy interpretation of familar classic shapes while his ceramic lamps are influenced by brutalist sculptural pieces. What is just as stunning is the styling and photography on the website. I love that each piece is the centrepiece of an amazing room. The whole thing has me swooning and I almost lifted every photo from the site!. Of course Joe's connection is the photography which he shares with Noah Webb. If midcentury is your poison and if funky-chic pushes your buttons then these pieces are perfect for you.