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With clean modern lines referencing classical traditions New york based Area Interior Design also places emphasis on the use of environmentally responsible materials, products and building practices. Some very clever space saving solutions here especially for small space living. Love their bold use of colour balanced by crisp clean white.


Jocelyne Beaudoin

Jocelyne Beaudoin is a prop stylist and set designer with quite a diverse portfolio - a mix of rustic country and modern contemporary. I love it all.


Lili Abir Regen

Prop stylist and set designer Lili Abir Regen has a jaw-dropping portfolio that is just one incredible space after another, and we've posted several photos of her work before. For kicks, check out her editorial portfolio - talk about creative!


Aqua Vitae Design

Alexandra and Eliot Angle are the creative force behind L.A. based Aqua Vitae Design. Not slavishly tied to any particular style they have a fresh take on the West Coast look. But interior design is not all these talented couple do. They are furniture designers, event designers, authors and television hosts. I'm totally in love with that chaise in the bathroom and would love to host many a dinner party at that table in that room with that view!

Images from Aqua Vitae Design


Dorm design dilemma

Kim wrote us hoping we could help her with a design dilemma: "I am a uni student living on campus. My uni room is quite large and easily fits a king sized bed, a bar fridge, a bedside table and two tables. I am looking for an ethnic and minimal look (if that even exists). The walls are the real ugly dorm room walls. I have tried covering two of them up with pictures but am left with one really large blank wall. Any more pictures will definitively defeat the minimal look I'm going for. Any suggestions?? The room currently has a burgundy Thai bedspread with silk cushions, Turkish carpet and a Moroccan inspired lantern. Any help is appreciated!!"

Kim - your room sounds gorgeous so far! I have a couple of suggestions for you - an ornate wood mirror, carved wooden panels, a fab piece of fabric simply tacked up, or a big (but flat) tropical plant. Below are some photos of ethnic bedrooms and a couple living rooms for inspiration. We'd love to see photos of the room once completed!

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