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Tina Törnquist

More Swedish love on Desire to Inspire? Are Kim and Jo secretly Swedish? No we just can't help being inspired by the look and feel, the vibe, the whole way of life that is embodied in Scandinavian design. Today it's time to introduce set and prop designer and stylist Tina Törnquist. Whether white and modern or floral and just a little shabby Tina can deliver the look. Love it!


David Prince

I stumbled upon yet another photographer's website that has me wishing I had more time to devote to photography. David Prince's portfolio is full of beautifully shot interiors and still life, and I really admire his creativity at composition - his angles create so much depth and intrigue. Gorgeous. Here's a small sample.


Coffee anyone?

Newly opened Kaffeverket (Swedish for The Coffee Works) takes traditional Swedish design and gives it a couple of modern twists. Mikael Abbhagen from design and retail concept agency A-B-D sent us these pictures. “It’s a play with contrasts of materials. From the roughness of Swedish limestone on the counter and tables, to the softness of the velvet drapes and the more modern feeling of bronzed glass and brass walls.” Inspired by the building that dates back to 1905 and wanting to play with classical Swedish colours and materials in order to create a modern design, fellow designer Fredrik Bengtsson added that they wanted to create a modern design with a clear heritage. Certainly gives the big franchises something to aim for. Mine's a Ristretto thanks!


Today I'm loving .....

... all things red and unexpected. First off a little stencil fun in Sydney. You had me at the grey terrace house with red door but then you sealed the deal with two life size stencils. Am I the only one that loves sticker and stencil graffiti? Sometimes I just want to peel them off the wall and take them home.

How about a drink at the Aviary Cocktail Bar in Kings Cross? Fabulous design by Make.


Sköna hem eye candy

It's Sunday night, and I need a day to recup from my weekend. As usual. Weekends are just no fun anymore. I pack them with so many house projects and chores (and this time a shopping spree for clothes in Montreal) that I'm just pooped by the end of it. So due to my extreme fatigue and general laziness, I am simply going to choose some of my favourite photos from the latest issues of Sköna hem, one of the coolest mags on the planet that I wish came translated in English and sold here in Canada. That would rock my world.