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More homes for sale in Sweden

More photos from homes for sale in Sweden. (I never knew white walls could look so good!)


House for sale in Sweden

Check out these GORGEOUS photos of a house (or apartment?) for sale in Sweden.


Dog on a chair

Regular readers will be aware of Kim's fetish for chairs and especially photos of dogs on chairs. Most of you won't know that she particularly has a thing for whippets, rescue greyhounds and Italian greyhounds. Here's a perfect picture for you Kim!


Kelly Deck

Kelly Deck heads a talented team of designers in this Vancouver based firm. Some of you may be familiar with Kelly's work through HGTV's show Take It Outside. Kelly believes that a well designed house is one in which people find themselves totally at home. Her interiors are thoughtful, tactile and inviting. Love her simplicity of line and great grasp of colour. Her understanding of taking the inside out will inspire you.

Images from Kelly Deck Design


Oak Management

Oak Management is a British agency that represents photographers, stylists and locations for the film and photography industries. Their images of locations are spectacular and left me speechless. For anyone who typically loves bold colours, BEWARE. After looking at these photos, you may be converted.