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Wendell T. Webber

Another fabulously talented photographer Wendell Webber. His use of light is wonderful and his portfolio is a treat. (Check out the bridal portfolio. It's so beautiful.)

Images from Wendell Webber


Robert Austin Gonzalez

Robert Austin Gonzalez is an interior designer from New York who is successful at creating spaces that include a broad mixture of styles, such as mid-century, modern and ethnic. I was doubly impressed when I found his collection of extraordinary sculptural tables and stools. Undoubtedly drool-worthy.


Arco lamp

A reader wrote the other day looking for some lighting inspiration. Darcy is thinking about purchasing an Arco lamp and hoped we could post some photos that include these lamps. Not a problem, since it is so popular in modern spaces. It is a very versatile lamp, used often in living rooms to anchor a seating area. It is also a fantastic solution in a dining room if there is no wiring above a dining table for a pendant light. My favourites are the retro versions with fiberglass shades. I covet one that I bought for $15 while thrifting one weekend. Hope this helps you come to a decision (to buy one) Darcy.

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Drew Heath Architects

Travelling home from work today I noticed the roads were quieter. That time of the year when those that can flee the city for the summer holidays. A great Australian tradition is to escape to the beach but I'm just as much at home fleeing to the cooler hills or down to the calm lakes and rivers.

Drew Heath has designed two simple hideaways I dream of owning. I love the spartan quality of the cabin in the bush but I'm drawn to the simple lines of the house boat as well. Luxury in life isn't counted in the number of rooms and the most expensive finishes. Luxury is having an escape from the cares of the world to enjoy the simple pleasures with your friends. Drew has a passion for low impact environmental buildings He is both architect and builder. He enjoys the intimacy of the hand built and the small scale. The website is spartan like his designs but to read more about the Zig Zag Cabin go here.


Rob Fiocca

Since buying my new digital SLR camera, my life has been pretty chaotic and I haven't had much of a chance to learn how to use it properly. When I come across photos as breathtaking as those of Rob Fiocca, I get such an itch to drop everything, get out my camera and start shooting.