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Perfect ending to a crazy week

I would typically do a Flickr finds post today but I thought since I have some new photos of my own I would post those instead. It was a bit of a hectic week but once it calmed down I managed to get out and do some shopping. There was a fabric flea market in the Glebe that I dragged my boyfriend to yesterday morning and it was an absolute zoo. A big room PACKED with women grabbing at fabrics and yarn and buttons. My boyfriend was one of about 5 men in the place and he and the guys he would pass would joke about how nuts it was. It was hilarious. But I'm glad he came because he held my bags for me while I rummaged. :) Best part is I can't even sew. They do look cute in piles in my office though!

I took one of the batiks I bought and draped it over the sofa since I am not fond of the colour (and it gets dirty very easily) and voila, a quick and easy transformation.

We then went to the Ottawa Antique Market since we were in the neighbourhood and stopped as I usually do at the section of antique rugs and kilims only to find out the seller was selling the kilims at half price! So I picked up an antique one...for $325!! I am absolutely in love with it. I am thinking it will go under the dining table I STILL haven't found, and if not I will find it a home somewhere.

The other day I started demolition for the new kitchen which included the removal of the only closet on the main floor (*GASP*). So I had to create a new landing strip at the back door which will be my new everyday entrance. I have to shrink the bathroom that is next to the new entrance and have a closet built but that will happen sometime after the kitchen renovation.



I've been devouring my latest copy of Vogue Living Australia this weekend. The feature that fascinated me the most was a multipage spread on Bas Luhrmann's latest epic Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. From the looks of the trailer it's a grand, big as the Australian sky romance with all the production values you've come to expect from a Luhrmann film. Academy Award winning Catherine Martin takes Vogue readers through the iconic homestead she created for the film from dusty decrepit ruin to bohemian and sophisticated deco outback home of Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman). These images are from Vogue Living's online sample issue but you really must get your hands on a copy to drink in all the detail. Oh and see the movie too!



.... still working on my bus roll collage.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Bonjour mon coussin are at it again. Fun soft furnishings like these fab perfumed pillows or creative typograpghy cushions. So much more in store here. Miam!!

  • Mayo emailed to introduce her website. Beautiful, beautiful illustrations and quirky and fun and did I say beautiful? Need to see more? Go see Mayo.

  • Marin has just started blogging and she's off to a great start! J'Adore Decour has lots of eye candy so pop on over and say hi.

  • How cool is this mirror!! It's part of a new line "the vanity vanities" by Elena Coleman & Libby Kountzman of Dilettante. Click on over for more details. (Thanks Elena and good luck with your new venture!)

  • Caroline from John Stefanidis sent us this image of Mr Stefanidis' latest glamour room. It's the Lobby to London's Decorex 2008 design show. Red, malachite green, black and silver provided a show stopper entrance to this prestigious design fair. The finest furniture, sparking chandeliers, fabulous fabric and a sumptuous bespoke John Stefanidis carpet. Was anyone there? Was it as grand in real life? Glamorous!

  • New range from Wonder Walls and it's sexy, sassy and simply stunning! (OK enough of the alliteration!). "Parisienne" and "Ladies" - oh la la meets pin-up babe. Wallpaper, fabric, cushions and dinner plates.

  • OrangeBeautiful's 2008 calender is ready for pre-order! Love typography and love the the fact that each page is easy to reuse as art in your home. I'll have to get one of these myself. Order here and here and of course enjoy the blog too ;) Thanks Emily!

  • I'm addicted to anything Jonathan Adler particularly his bijou box range. Coming soon this just oh so cute rhino. Perhaps not too bijou in his case! Details on the website and while you are there take a another visit through Jonathon's interior design portfolio if you haven't recently. The perfect prescription for a great day!


Vignettes on a Friday

I had a FANTASTIC morning (thanks to Jordan and his wife for the memorable and fun experience) and now that the extra chaos has ended my regularly scheduled posts will commence next week. In the meantime, here is a quick post of vignettes to end the week. Have a great weekend!


Sander Architects

"Sander Architects seeks to find a balance between poetry and pragmatics. Starting with essential elements: environment, program, site restrictions, we encourage forms to develop which satisfy these basic needs while embracing the possibility of the poetic." And it's true! Beautiful sensitive and creative designs that are also at the forefront of green design.It's all about the power of light and space, site and spirit. I've concentrated on mainly interiors here but a visit to Whitney Sander's design firm's website reveals so much more including detailed explanations of each highly crafted building.