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Shoe storage

I found this photo and thought this was a great idea for anyone who has a TON of shoes and is looking for a place to store them. So if you have space at the top of a staircase for some cubbyholes to be built into the wall or a set of tall bookcases to be placed there, it's the perfect spot for that ever-growing shoe collection.

Photo courtesy of sköna hem


Sköna hem

Found a website for a Swedish magazine called sköna hem. OH LA LA.


Wick Design Group

Will Wick is the force behind Wick Design Group. His San Francisco design firm is influenced by Brazilian modernist styles of Oscar Neimeyer, the timeless designs of Italian Gio Ponti and the classic, bold work of Francis Elkins. A style marker for the Will's work is the use of organic elements such as the raw almost primitive timber pieces.

Images from Wick Design Group


Make Up The Wall

Sick of wall decals? Don't want to see your wallpaper on someone else's wall? Need to let your inner graffiti artist out? Try this amazing template system designed by Maria Kirk Mikkelsen of Make Up The Wall. With endless combinations of template pieces and pattern position you're guaranteed of an original outcome. And it can be as permanent or temporary as you wish. Get out your marker, crayon or chalks and get cracking!

All images from Make Up The Wall

P.S. If you have time to waste I heartily recommend StumbleUpon. Most times dross sometimes treasure like this.


Maison de Vacances

Robyn Jaquet of the UK sent Jo and I an email about a French company that designs fabrics and soft furnishings. She found some items of theirs in a store near her work and fell in love with the fabulous colours and textures. They have an amazing website with gorgeous photos of their products. Thanks Robyn!

"Maison de Vacances' style is a lifestyle before all. A style made for a life where desire turns to necessity. Modern, bearing the colours of life. Changing with seasons, open to any new horizon...Anywhere, anytime, it must follow all the desires of the persons who've adopted it."