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Annie Schlechter

I love the photography of Annie Schlechter. Admittedly she has the opportunity to photograph beautiful rooms for the leading shelter magazines such as World of Interiors, Domino and Wallpaper, but great rooms do not make a great photo. Annie manages to capture the richness and spirit of a room through her viewfinder focusing in on their soul. Lovely rooms but stunning images. You must not miss her portfolio. Make sure to click on her profile too.

Images from Annie Schlechter



Flickr finds

I haven't done a Flickr post in a long time and since Flickr is such a favourite site of mine, this post seems long overdue. Enjoy...and happy Sunday.

Thrift Store AddictThrift Store Addict
Nylons and Cakechooseyourshoes
dinoboybroken press


Sidsel Zachariassen

I'd like to introduce you to Sidsel Zachariassen, a stylist from Denmark. One thing I was able to read on her website was that she's worked for magazines such as Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet, Elle Decoration and Interior Design. Love the cheeky artwork in some of these photos.


I love Saturdays!

What a great day thrifting! Found this fabulous 70's lamp. It needs rewiring and the shade is definitely in need of total body cosmetic surgery but it will be perfect for my living room make over. That's the fabulous fabric I mentioned in last week's WINKS. It's by metremade and just arrived. I had plans to use it on another two lampshades but it must be fate that I found this lamp. Perhaps I'll just use it as a trim on a crisp white shade. I definitely love Saturdays!


Who said nothing good came out of the 80s?

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Fabulous idea to steal from Choosing and Decorating Your First Home. Australian Women's Weekly. Consolidated Press, Sydney. No date but definitely 80s by the other images in the book. (Image scanned.) Plain roller blinds free hand machine embroidered. I can imagine these as panels as well. See not everything from the 80s was horrendous .... except that hat and big perms and shoulder pads and ......