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After but before the disaster

After spending the morning gluing, filling chips and sanding my thrift store credenza I was ready to paint. I bought this veneered teak credenza (below) a couple of months ago for $39 and was finally ready to work on it. Unfortunately the top and some edges were too badly damaged to just rub in a coat or two of Danish oil to bring it back to life. My next plan was to paint it gloss back and restore the beautiful teak doors. Doors done and one coat painted. Another 12 hours before the next coat. That was until this afternoon's very heavy downpour. "Fine," I thought as I walked away as a storm brewed. "It's under cover." I took this photo to show Kim and was really pleased with myself. 30 minutes later a high wind blew rain all over my hard work. I guess there's always tomorrow to sand and redo the first coat. Then only 2 more after that.....argh! So no photos this week of it in my dining room. There's always next week.

Before it all began



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Erin from Design for Mankind has a new project and WOW is it inspirational! Each month she will produce an e-zine to download. Volume one is all about inspiration and draws its images and words from her favourite bloggers/readers/designers/artists. Erin you are one talented woman. Gorgeous eye candy!
  • Small Space Living is a new blog dictated to bringing you books, designs and products that can make smaller living more comfortable and enriching. Thanks for introducing your blog Michael. I love your small space ethos! Downsizing is definitely the way of the future and doesn't mean giving up style.
  • David and Allison have started a new interior design sharing website Real People Real Houses,a community forum to discuss and share home design ideas and successes. Community members can upload their own home designs, and everyone is invited to browse or search for specific rooms and design styles. Real People Real Houses is a great way to share your home with friends and family.
  • Trend Insights is a team of bloggers fuelled by the drive to spot trends, stimulate creativity and inspire those who read their blog.
  • Lisa Curry Mair continues on a bygone decorating art with her company Canvas Floorcloths. She custom designs cloths as well as providing the basic materials and know how to make your own. All work is executed in the carriage-house wing of an 18th century farmhouse in Vermont. While at her website check out her blog. Thanks Lisa!
  • Frédérique from Harmonie Intérieure emailed to share her new project with her graphic designer husband, a decorative workshop finding new ways with wall stickers. Lovely....sigh!


Jamo Associates

Jamo Associates is a Tokyo-based "space design" firm created by the joining of interior designer Norito Takahashi and interior stylist Chinatsu Kambayashi. Because most of their design work is non-residential, the following photos are from their styling portfolio. I adore the first two photos - so pretty, and I have a thing for sparkly, vintage-looking chandeliers.


The art of Stephen Daggitt

My boyfriend is into martial arts, enough that he asked his co-worker Stephen Daggitt to create some martial arts-inspired artwork for his apartment. The first photo below is one of four he has so far made for Jeff (created in just half an hour). Now it's not something I would hang in my place (no offense Jeff, or Stephen) but then again, Jeff wouldn't want ceramic deer and poodles in his apartment so I guess we're even. Anyway, Stephen has mad Photoshop skills, and dabbles in all sorts of genres which shows how talented he is. See his blog for more.