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Jacob Termansen

Jacob Termansen is a multi-talented photographer whose portfolio includes still life, food, people, architecture and of course, interiors. His interior photos are guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies. The first photo is no doubt my favourite - those floors are heavenly!!


Jakob Solgren

Think Scandinavian think white interiors. Not always! Look at the bold colour choices of Swedish stylist Jakob Solgren. His rooms are rich and masculine with lots of Scandi style but white is enriched with saturated colours and glowing timber taking it to the next level. Love it!


My sofa project

I decided a little while ago that my living room sofa was not working for me. It was cute, I'll give it that. But it was NOT loungey. Definitively not wide enough for my boyfriend and I to sprawl on and watch movies. I'm hoping to find it a new home since I have no other room to put it in. I knew I'd never find a sofa that would suit my needs and my budget so my boyfriend and I built one. Since our carpentry skills are limited, I am quite surprised it turned out as well as it did. We finished building it a few days ago, and I painted it Friday.

Since I wanted something low and loungey, I figured the easiest way to get what I wanted would be to get some cushions, and basically build boxes for them. Instead of buying foam for the cushions, I went to Ikea and bought cushions from one of their sofas where they were sold separately from the frame. There were 4 cushions - 2 for the base and 2 narrower ones for the back. So working with that we built one main base that houses the 2 larger cushions and an individual base for each of the narrower ones. This is the main base before I painted it.

We used rounded fence post toppers (?) for the feet of the main section (I have pieces of furniture pads underneath them in the photos because it weighs a ton and I'm worried it's going to dent the floor), and casters for the feet of the 2 smaller sections. This way the smaller pieces could be wheeled around the living room to accommodate different seating arrangements. Because I wanted a pile of pillows along the back of the main section and I was concerned they would take up too much space, we built a ledge along the back (which you can see in the third photo) to house the majority of the pillows, leaving ample room for sprawling.

I've had a couple of chances to try out the new sofa (I'm on it as I type this) and it's incredible. It's so versatile and ridiculously comfortable. I need to make new covers for the seat cushions. I bought the covers from Ikea for them but they are a thick canvas and cat hair sticks to it in an obscene way so I need something more cat friendly. I also just threw on a bunch of pillows for the photos below, but I need to buy fabric for new pillows as well. I'm thinking of sticking with neutrals, with lots of texture, and maybe a couple pillows in jewel toned colours to work with the rest of the living room and kitchen. I'm also considering stenciling the frames, but I have to give that more thought.

Here are some photos I took of the sofa with different placement of the smaller pieces.


Saturday celebration of absolutely beautiful things

I've been sitting in front of this computer now for over an hour. Although I'm supposed to be writing WINKS I find myself clicking through the pages of Absolutely Beautiful Things, my mind wondering from one pretty picture to the next. Most of you will know that Anna Spiro has decided to step away from her blog for awhile. Family, her successful decorating business and the whole big interesting world out there are consuming her time as they should. I'll miss Anna's daily posts of all things lovely. Hers was the first blog I turned to everyday. Truth be told I still do just in case she's come back. I'll miss Anna's blog but at least I'll have the joy of driving past Anna's Black & Spiro shop windows and marvelling at the stylish riot of colour and pattern. So this Saturday is not about loss it's about celebrating a stylish women and her absolutely beautiful body of work.


Another Swedish flat

I am off work today, which is GREAT because I walk to work and I woke up to freezing rain. I just watched in horror as a bunch of people tried to walk down my street and found it easier to climb through the snow than walk on the icy pavement. So YAY for the government's compressed days off!!! I have a busy day planned - painting a couch my boyfriend built for me. Photos shall follow I hope in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post of a lovely flat I found here. I adore the whitewashed hardwood.

Here are a couple more photos from some other homes listed that stood out. That closet would be a dream come true and I love how they've decorated the hallway. Simple yet eye-catching and functional.