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I see your kitchens and I raise you ....

.... more favourite rooms, including my favourite outdoor room. I'm going for sheer number not categories, see if I can win this game of favourite room poker with Kim. Lovely weather in Australia Kim for soaking in that tub staring at that view. (Actually that's not true right now. There is a cyclone brewing off the coast.)

Janne PetersSixx Design
William Waldron via Archard & AssociatesGrant Gibson
Stephen RobertsMary McDonald
Peter Frank via Thomas TrehaftArchitects Eat
Eric CohlerMiles Redd
Nexus DesignsGunkelman Flesher


Favourite kitchens

This post is of some of my favourite kitchens I've posted this year. Colourful, monochromatic, open shelving, modern, country...I love it all.

Bolig MagasinetElle Decor Italia


Naps...and a dog on a chaise

Barb of May December Home wrote us about a promotion called NaNaDaMo she is running for the month of January. It's all about napping, one of my favourite pastimes that I don't get to enjoy as often as I'd like. Read more about it here. She also sent this photo of Mr. Briggs who belongs to her friends Hammond and Judith and is convinced that they had the chaise reupholstered just for him. See? I'm not the only one who decorates with pets in mind. Thanks Barb!


I'm supposed to be having a break ....

... but then Kim raises the stakes by doing a post on her favourite living rooms and promises a lay down Misère by featuring rooms by category. (See I should be playing card games and drinking wine not posting.) So here I go!! More favourite rooms.

Angus CaravelliWoodson and Rummerfield
Derek SwalwellDavid Hicks (the Australian one)
Malina Pearson via Faucher ArtistsBreck Woolsey
Craig SpencerDavid Hicks (the original)
Hallie Burton via anyway artistsLaura Resen via Art Rep Team
Beale LanaDavid Scott

And I promise more.


Favourite living rooms

Jo thought it would be a great idea to post our 12 favourite rooms. She posted hers here, and didn't follow the 12 rule, and I'm not one to follow rules either. Plus, I am feeling guilty for all the posting Jo did while I was moving. So for the next few days I thought I would post my favourite rooms organized by room type. This one features living rooms.

Kenneth BrownPaul Costello