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Upside down winter

Most of our readers live in the northern hemisphere where spring is sprung (except if you're Kim and shovelling slush in Canada). Here downunder the weather is slowly turning chilly. Time for us to think of fireplaces. Look at these beautiful pieces of art. Funky and functional from Focus a French company founded in the 60s by Dominique Imbert.

All images from Focus
P.S. Even if you're from up north now is a great time to think about installing that fab fireplace for next year!


Sixty Hotel

Studio 63 is an architecture and design firm located in Florence, Italy that was started in 1998 by Piero Angelo Orecchioni and Massimo Dei. They designed the Sixty Hotel in Riccione, Italy and it is a modern, minimal masterpiece. I would LOVE to stay here.


Diana Viñoly

Diana Viñoly is a brilliant New York designer. Her portfolio had me totally drooling all over my laptop. I am in awe of anyone who is bold enough to display huge artwork and she does over and over and over again. She had so many gorgeous photos of rooms designed in her eclectic style that I had a hard time decided which to use in this post.



London based Collett-Zarzycki successfully combines architecture, interior design, interior decorating and landscape design. It is this multidisciplinary approach that has created this amazing portfolio. Their environments mix the traditional and the contemporary. Andrej Zarzycki and Anthony Collet have a 25 strong team whose work spans from Zarzycki's native Africa to France and London. Beautiful, classic, diverse, contemporary. Their work shows an understanding of their client's needs and the sense of location.

Images from Collett-Zarzycki


New York interiors

I happened upon the website New York Social Diary and was initially excited to see a section that included photos of famous New Yorker's interiors. My excitement turned to amusement when I began perusing these photos. It baffles me how many over-the-top ornate and totally ridiculous interiors were included. Just because you have tons of $$$ and can buy whatever expensive antiques your heart desires doesn't mean you can shove it all into a small space and consider it a well-decorated. I was however able to find some photos of tastefully decorated spaces for your enjoyment.