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Simple stalking

Simplicity is calling me. A life stripped of frou frou and excessive trinkets. A neutral colour palette with texture for interest. Clean lines and .... a kick ass harbour view. Built in 1888 the Station Master's House is a Sydney icon. Recently sold at auction it confirms for me that life should be simple but fabulous. I love that these owners did not compete with what has to be one of the most amazing views of the harbour I have seen. I shudder to think what the price was. Link here while it lasts.


Kir DeVries

We've got a new sponsor in the house that I'd like to welcome to the DTI fandamily. Kristen has an online shop called Kir DeVries, that sells all sorts of yummy items. I don't even know where to begin. There are some really fun desk accessories, insulated lunch totes (I sooooo want and need one), jewelery, reusable shopping bags (sooooo want and need some of these too), notebooks, wall decals, mobiles, reversible aprons, lunch boxes (too cute), etc. etc. Below are some that caught my eye. Oh, and folks, she ships internationally!!! (Click on an item to take you to its location in her store).


Jon Jensen

Jon Jensen's photography is so spectacular it's guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies. The photos below are breathtaking and have an ethereal quality with perfect lighting that makes each space come alive.


212 box

Clever. Yes clever, clever, clever. 212box not only design good looking spaces (and can turn their hand to a number of styles) but they have a talent for spatial solutions and storage. Visit the website and work your way through the images and all will be revealed. That cosy nook above? It's crammed with clever extra sleeping. Love a clean lined kitchen but can't get enough gadgets? Plenty of inspiration here.


Inspiring workspaces

Last summer I blogged about a site I found called This Ain't No Disco (it's where we work), that invites agencies to send in photos of their spaces. I recently revisited the site and found more photos of workspaces that make me HATE the space I work in, that I swore I'd do something with and haven't yet.