Rove Concepts
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In the pink

Get down, get dirty and get pink. Nothing dainty about these spaces created by interior stylist Karsten Lulloff. Shocking or pleasing his colour blocking and super saturation are a delight for the eye and uplifting in their irreverent use of strong colour. Even his more mellow spaces pack that punch. Pretty in pink or pink is the new punk?



Retrouvius is an architectural salvage and design business based in London that was established in 1993. Some of their projects have been very architectural, others purely decorative. Whatever the case their motto is "bridging the gap between destruction and construction". I really love the idea of using salvaged items and repurposing them in new ways. (Unfortunately shops that carry such items are pretty much non-existent here). The folks at Retrouvius do a beautiful job of blending the old with the new.


Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Love this photo by Christian Geisnæs. Not only a fabulous photographer he has a great sense of humour. Check out the rest of his portfolio at his rep's site.


Mikkel Adsbøl

I want to be a good photographer. Unfortunately I have no talent what so ever. I may not be able to take a great shot but I certainly know one when I see one. Mikkel Adsbøl is a great photographer. You know the mantra. Lighting, composition, crop, colour and lashings of enthusiasm for what he does. Mikkel has it all. Simplicity lets the message shine through.



Skram is a furniture company based in North Carolina that I discovered on 2Modern's site. I was totally smitten with their simple yet modern lines that are very classic and timeless. "Spare but welcoming, the furniture is an exploration of elemental form, of lightness and weight, of balance and asymmetry." Their products come in many wood options that offer a wide range of looks. Beautiful craftsmanship. Go have a look here, or click on my favourite items below to go directly to the product pages.