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Nina wrote us recently with a request: "I am finally undertaking a major renovation of our house, and am updating it to be more interesting, modern, and functional. As part of this, I want to change the shape of our boring arch-ways between rooms (living and hallway, and kitchen and hallway). Do you have any pictures like that? My house is otherwise rectangular and boring, and I want to do some different for those pass throughs." Most people don't bother to spruce up something as simple as an archway - love that you're choosing to be creative with yours Nina! Here's some inspiration for you.

Apartment Therapy Bolig Magasinet
Homes & Gardens Elle Decor Italia
Jessica Helgerson Julien Oppenheim
Lee Ledbetter Jed Johnson

Jeffers Design Group
Thad Hayes Sköna Hem
Domino Domino
Inspace Locations PKSB



Deco + glamour + wow

High style and high drama join forces to give a look that is high end. Australian interior designer Greg Natale has established himself as the leading exponent in this country of what one could call Hollywood Regency but with an Australian twist. What results, especially in this recent residential project, is the elevation of everyday living to something glamorous, something just a little more special, something with just a touch of the unexpected.


Ngoc Minh Ngo

Things are a little more chaotic than usual here at Casa di Kim, as I have taken on another cat challenge and I have one of my strays locked in my upstairs bathroom waiting to go to the vets. (Fingers crossed, as his infected eyes may not be fixable). Anyway, the photography skills of Ngoc Minh Ngo are so fantastic there's not really much to say except WOW, and more seen in this earlier post here.

And this is one of my favourite photos ...ever. (and Jo's).


Tina Törnquist

More Swedish love on Desire to Inspire? Are Kim and Jo secretly Swedish? No we just can't help being inspired by the look and feel, the vibe, the whole way of life that is embodied in Scandinavian design. Today it's time to introduce set and prop designer and stylist Tina Törnquist. Whether white and modern or floral and just a little shabby Tina can deliver the look. Love it!


David Prince

I stumbled upon yet another photographer's website that has me wishing I had more time to devote to photography. David Prince's portfolio is full of beautifully shot interiors and still life, and I really admire his creativity at composition - his angles create so much depth and intrigue. Gorgeous. Here's a small sample.