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Thomas Loof

It's the countdown to the weekend and what better way to start it than these fun and fabulous photos by Thomas Loof. White light you can almost cut with a knife it is so crisp and clean. Great composition and interesting crops. The portfolio is so stylish but what else did you expect from one of the best photographers around? Click on them to drink in all the goodness. Love it!

Images from Thomas Loof


Shakti Space Designs

I wanted to share with you all the incredible (and painstaking) faux and decorative painting by Lucinda of Shakti Space Designs, based in Portland. She recently worked with an interior designer (Garrison Hullinger) on a basement lounge project that I was so impressed with. As Lucinda pointed out, decorative painting techniques go far beyond sponging and rag rolling. This project is surely proof of that. There is a plastered stencil circle design that looks like wallpaper and a faux crocodile skin tabletop and countertop.

I am so impressed that someone has the patience to do something like this. Lucinda, I applaud you.

The designer was apparently inspired by David Hicks. I would say so...


Nonya Grenader

After devouring the portfolio of architect Nonya Grenader,, I am inspired to grab a crowbar, tear down my house and rebuild it. Let me show you what I'm talking about. This first house is 500 sq. ft. It was refitted with a new core of bath, kitchen, and mechanical elements. The scruffy patchwork ceiling and floors give the place so much character. Most people would have repainted. I LOOOOOVE IT!!!

The next one is the Extra Small House designed for one or two people. It is 500 sq. ft and had a budget of $25,000. Storage and services were placed along the west wall so that the living space could remain uncluttered. Great use of raw materials.

More of Nonya's work because I just can't get enough....


Playing house

Some people never grow up but some people do something a lot more special and never lose the wonder of a child. That’s how I like to think about The Shopping Sherpa. She has collected the most amazing collection of vintage and contemporary doll’s houses and furniture. More than that she has recreated interiors that most of us would love to live in. (OK OK either we would have to be only a few centimetres tall or the houses would have to grow to life size.) The collection is even part of an exhibition at The Canberra Museum and Gallery that started on October 7 and runs till the end of January. I know that if I lived in that part of Australia I’d be there over and over. Visit The Shopping Sherpa’s blog and Flickr to view more of the collection.

I must give a big shout out to ninaribena of the fab blog Canberra’s Got Style for sending us the links to these cute houses. Pop on over to her blog for the original post and lots more great finds.


Sophie Robinson

Below are photographs from British interior stylist Sophie Robinson's portfolio. Gorgeous colour palettes, and styled just enough to make the spaces seem...real.