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Trend alert ... yellow Ferrari in living room

Talk about home styling for real estate photo shoots. Hire in beautiful furniture or seriously declutter your own - check! Hang some dresses in the walk-in dressing room to show you have taste and style (but a VERY limited wardrobe) - check! Park the yellow Ferrari in the glass garage - check! I think this is a definite decorating trend. Here in Australia where house prices are seriously over-inflated the Ferrari is definitely cheaper than this warehouse conversion.

Hahahaha! I knew I'd get that car wrong. I squinted so long at the photos and swore I saw a rearing stallion but alas, as anonymous so kindly pointed out, it is a Lamborghini Gallardo and a bull! I really should change the title to "Trend alert ... yellow phallic symbol on wheels in living room" :)



Sorry to all of you sick of my animal posts. This one I couldn't help. This afternoon I was ecstatic to find out Binky has a new home. I cried a few tears of joy. Now I am blubbering again, this time from sad news. I just found out my boyfriend's very good friend Nick put his rottweiler down today. Storm had cancer and really bad hips and there was nothing that could be done. He was one of the smartest and most loveable dogs I had ever met. He was Nick's best friend and his mom's body guard and faithful companion. So I wanted to do this for Storm, Nick and Nick's mom. (And where is that damn box of kleenex!!!)



Just a quick post to give you an update on my friend's cat Binky. I also wanted to post this because it's nice to be reminded that there are really good people out there.

Yesterday I had an email sitting in my inbox from Laurel, who lives here in Ottawa. She said she wanted to foster Binky. !!!!!!! I figured she was too late because I thought Binky's appointment at the Humane Society was yesterday. Turns out his appointment was today! Laurel and her boyfriend rushed over to Jenny's place last night to meet him and they're picking him up tomorrow morning. I am so happy, and so relieved. I would have felt such guilt if he ended up going to the Humane Society. They've agreed to foster him for now, but like I told Laurel, he'll end up being their new pet. I know it. Look at my cat #6...I'm "fostering" him and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. :) Laurel promises to keep me updated and will send me photos of Binky on her teak credenza, or her flokati rug....which made me laugh because she knows they will surely end up on the blog.

So Laurel, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a really sweet thing for this poor little guy. (Oh GAWD, get me a kleenex....)

(I had to include a photo, and since I don't have one of Binky, here's my "foster" kitty Felix, on one of my favourite chairs)


Lucas Allen

Photographer Lucas Allen was featured here about a year ago, and his portfolio is so smashing I thought I'd have another go. Here are photos I didn't share last time.



This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out my kitchen remodel blog for an archive of previous posts. I started talking about some of the fun purchases that goes along with a kitchen renovation in my last it's time for appliances.

My selection of appliances follows a common look and feel with my lighting choices. It’s all about a sleek and industrial look, in stainless steel. And frankly, anything would be better than the appliances that came with the house. The current fridge is a full fridge, with no freezer. ???? The freezer is a large chest freezer located in the basement. I used to have a small and very cheap hood fan (that someone had spray painted white), but it was rusty and dirty and installed too low so I threw it out a couple months after moving in.

When I started thinking about appliances, I knew I had to go with stainless steel. Now, sometimes I think stainless appliances are over-rated, with fingerprints and dents showing up so much more than on black or white ones, but these days they come in brushed stainless, which tends to masks prints. So I’ve slowly grown to love them. Had I redone my kitchen with white cabinets like I had initially planned before this partnership with Greentea began, I may have been tempted to go with white appliances. I like the look of them blended in with the cabinets. But since my cabinets are sort of a teak coloured wood, and I want to keep the space as bright as possible, I decided to go with stainless. Black would have been way too dark, and white I think would have stood out too much against the cabinets. Plus, I really like how the stainless looks in the Chalet Chic kitchen on Greentea’s site.

I really love the pairing of the Asian style and colour of the cabinets (almost rustic looking) with the sleek look of stainless appliances. I think it’s a nice juxtaposition. (The fridge above is a Liebherr that I saw in a showroom...and sadly it was pricey).

To see how easy it was to blow a serious amount of money, click HERE.