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Nicole Apatoff

More and more Kim and I are being drawn to rooms that feature contemporary photographic art works. Nicole Apatoff emailed wanting to share her amazing photography. Her interpretation of modern architecture as well as her sensitive lifestyle depictions mark her as a young photographer to watch. I'm fascinated by her digital tessellation works. Don't forget to visit her Flickr site as well.

All images by Nicole Apatoff.



Image by BobNL.

Woke up this morning Australian time , read my emails, looked at the stat counter.....and fell off my chair. Our hits had gone through the roof. Why? Because the wonderful Heather B. Armstrong had posted us on her iconic blog dooce.

I squealed like a little pig with joy. Kim did too when I told her. Thank you Heather. As a 6 week old blog we are overwhelmed by the support and encouragement the blogosphere is giving us. And a big thank you to all of you who read this little blog. It makes it all worthwhile to know that you like what we do. Now on with more room porn!!



Can you imagine having windows like this...AND having a view like this??!!



I love chalkboards - because they are black, one of my favourite colours, and because they are really handy to have around. You never have to scramble to find a piece of paper when you are on the phone trying to take a message. If you don't have one, you should.

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Italian Hotel

I am partial to anything Italian...maybe because I am one. Half of one anyway. When I saw Linda's post on her blog of this Italian hotel chain I knew I had to do a post - there were so many gorgeous photos on Casa Howard's website. So many in fact that I will be publishing a second post with more shortly.