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Claudia Bryant

Whether it's light and lovely vintage girliness or moody, luxuriously layered and sophisticated contemporary, interior stylist Claudia Bryant nails it every time. So much inspiration here and even more on her website. Love it!


Reader dilemma...and my least favourite colour

I need your help with this one folks. Lauren wrote us with this problem: "I am going back to school, and my friend is oh so graciously letting me move into his house (rent free!). So, I feel like I should not complain too much, but the room needs a lot of help. I attached a picture for you to see the bedroom, just to give you an idea of the wall-to-wall maroon carpet I have to deal with. He has taken down the wallpaper boarder and painted the room a buttery yellow, but I think it kind of looks like a nod to McDonald's now... He actually just replaced the carpet (but kept maroon, I'm not sure why), so I have to live with that - and the room is pretty large: 16' x 13'. But he did say I can paint, which is a good start. So, my question is, do you have any ideas as to what color scheme would work with this carpet? I am normally a "blue" person, but just feel like I can't completely disregard the carpet color. I was thinking maybe repainting the room white, and doing an accent wall - possibly relating to the maroon carpet, but I'm not so sure. Any ideas would be much appreciated!"

When I see maroon/burgundy I practically break out in hives. So I'm a bit at a loss as to what Lauren should do with this. My only thought is getting sisal rugs and trying to hide most of the carpet, and maybe painting the walls a pink (on the pale side). That's all I've got. I'm hoping our readers might have better ideas.


What to do with a suspended fireplace

Abena wrote us with a design dilemma she thought we could help her with. "I would love a post on how to decorate around those weird hanging fireplaces from the 60s and 70s. My husband and I are moving into a new (rental) apartment in June with one. I attached a photo from a similar apartment (w/ my hubby in it, who you can see needs lots of space).

Our fireplace is rounder with no base in a larger, long room. It is also hanging near the back wall between a balcony with large sliding doors, but there is also a floor to ceiling window to the right. I would love something like what was achieved in this Richard Powers photograph.

Except our view is not quite as stunning, nor is the scary black fireplace in a nice symmetrical location. My husband just says we should put a tall plant in front of it and forget about it, but I think we should do more!" And I agree with you. Why not just place a couple mid-century chairs around it and make it a little conversation area? I found some photos of suspended fireplaces that hopefully will give you some ideas. For the record, I always wanted one and am REALLY jealous.


Lo Bjurulf

Fabulous Scandinavian styling. Again? Yes why not when it is so hot at the moment. Love it. Lo Bjurulf's portfolio is just sizzling. Tick all the boxes ... white, bright, vintage, midcentury, fun, funky and loads of colour just bouncing off all that white. More fabulous Scandinavian styling? Yes please!


Roger d'Souza

A few months ago I posted this photo from the portfolio of Australian photographer Roger D'Souza. It's such a perfect photo of such a wonderfully eclectic space, that I thought it deserved it's own post. I thought it was time to feature more photos from Roger's fab portfolio. And what the heck, that photo appears again below. I love it that much.

***UPDATE: Check out Roger's new online shop!