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Art by Ricki Mountain

Ricki Mountain is a very talented artist. She emailed asking if she could add us to her bloglist and after taking a peek at her work, I just had to post it. Her art is sooooo pretty, and I am drawn to the brilliant colours she uses. Here's a sample of her giclees, that you can find at her Etsy shop and on her blog.


Mademoiselle Helenina

Helene Deroubaix of The Fairy Attic sent an email to introduce us to her gorgeous artwork. She is a mixed media artist and poetic writer and combines both of these talents in her art, creating nostalgic visual poetry that I think is adorable. She has photos up on Flickr as well so have a look. Here are some of my favourites.


Another fruitful Saturday

I got a call this morning from my folks (and grandmother who's here visiting) to tell me that they were 10 minutes from my house and heading out antiquing and asked if I wanted to tag along. UH......YEAH! To top it off, they were going to the same place where I scored most of my finds the last time. And OH MY, did I score again. It's kind of dark and cloudy outside so I'll take the evening to clean things up and post more photos tomorrow of everything in their new homes. Here's a preview.

Thought I would save the best for last...

But sadly, this is what it looked like 5 minutes after I got it in the door...

(Check Flickr for details).


Malina Pearson

I thought I'd leave you with these fun photos highlighting the work of stylist Malina Pearson. I want to live in each one. Fun, light filled and with an indie edge. See more of her portfolio here. Have a great weekend!!

Images from Faucher Artists



Flickr photo by FotoEdge

Kim and I receive so many emails sharing interesting blogs, websites and products that we decided to start a new feature. WINKS - weekend links. Here we'll list what has come in during the week, things we think you'll like to see. If you'd want to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you.
  • Cool art tutorial website and blog from Lara Berch. Just starting but promises to be heaps of fun!
  • Lindsey recently purchased this great colour theory magnet set and thought we'd all be interested. Good idea for the fridge.
  • Give Simple has made online gift giving easy.
  • Rimadesio Boston has space-defining solutions for your home. Thanks for emailing your link Ashley. There are some drool worthy Italian storage and sliding wall ideas here.
  • Siri from Norway wants to share her favourite blog imolly
  • And finally Bhavna has a great new blog An Indian Summer that not only aims to introduce western design to her Indian readers but to share luscious Indian design with us. A definite read.

That's enough for this week. We'll hold some over for the next WINK. Remember if you have something you'd like us to link, email us.