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Box Furniture

A while back Jo published a post about colour. In this post was the following photo featuring an incredible mirror.

Image from Inside Out

I received a lovely email today from Marcel Opstal, who, with his wife Maya Basyroel, design and manufacture their own range of furniture, including the mirror above. Their company is called Box Furniture and they are based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Their furniture is exquisite and I am amazed at how well they mix Eastern influences with contemporary design. Here are some photos from their catalog and a small sample of the items they designed.


Design Hotels

Design hotels is a website that features a collection of over 140 independent hotels united by progressive design. I love posting about hotels - it's where you can find some of the most innovative and extreme decor. (I will be doing a couple of posts from this site)



Scott Sanders started his New York based design firm in 2000. When he decided to rent a summer house for 10 weeks one summer, the owner agreed to let him redecorate it. For $2500 he turned it into one "groovy pad" (it appears with lots of help from Ikea).


Wid Chapman

Wid Chapman Architects is an award winning firm specialising in residential and hospitality design. Wid Chapman himself was Chair of Interior Design at Parson's School of Design. Plenty of ideas to file away here including the great use of negative space and voids. I love the hallway picture hanging system.


How do you say OMG in Russian?

I found this CRAZY apartment and knew I had to post it. I can't say much about it because it was on a russian magazine's website. I think OMG says it all anyway. That and someone appears to have a thing for cartoons.