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Taken in for questioning

Hi this is one of Jo's friends here. Jo just wanted to let you know that although the police have taken her in for questioning over numerous stalking offences committed this week she promises to plead guilty if they charge her. Guilty and proud that she can't get enough of vicarious visits to complete strangers' homes. I'm off to bail her out now but she made me promise to post this St Kilda, Melbourne house (interiors by SJB) and tell you that she loves the courtyard and that deepest darkest bedroom. (For sale here while the link lasts.)


A blog I have to share

Several months ago my twin sister started a blog called the boo and the boy, and I get so much amusement out of it I had to share it with you all. Julia has 2 kids, Simon who is 9.5 months, and Isabella who is 3 (she is VERY smart...she must get that from her Zia Kim (LOL!!)). Julia also has a memory as terrible as mine so she started her blog mostly to document the hilarious and unbelievable things that come out of Isabella's mouth (and in no time it will document Simon's as well). She also posts photos of children's rooms, so there's some room porn in there to get you going. I think alot of people out there - with or without kids - will get a kick out of her blog. I visit it every morning because the stories are a great way to start a boring day at the office.

Since every post needs a photo, here's one I took of the cutie patooties on Isabella's 3rd birthday.

P.S. I put up a link to Julia's blog in our sidebar a couple of months ago, so thanks to those who noticed and have been visiting!


Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

The San Francisco based architecture and interior design firm of Turnbull Griffin Haesloop is renowned for sustainable, site-sensitive design. "We believe architecture is primarily concerned with establishing a 'sense of place', inspired by the uniqueness of each site and each client. Since the concept for each of our buildings is rooted in its environment, we are particularly attentive to topography, microclimate, vegetation and solar orientation." I could just stare at their portfolio all day, and dream about each of these magical spaces.


Lori Graham

Remember this photo from earlier this month? I found it in photographer Eric Johnson's portfolio. So often we never find out the designer or stylist responsible for the room itself. Not this time. All these gorgeous rooms are by interior designer Lori Graham. And her style? It's old world meets urban cool. It's layering and textures, brave colour choices and a modern twist on elegance. It's perfectly lovely!


Kitchens with open shelving

I love open shelving in kitchens. ALOT. Only thing is the dirt/grime that can collect on your kitchenware. Not a fan of that. Regardless, I think every kitchen should have some open shelving, even if it's just one shelf (this is all I've got) to display some of your favourite dishes or glasses or anything really. Anyone out there not a fan of open shelving in kitchens? (I might convert those folks once they see the photos below).

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