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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?




  • Ecostasy - handcrafted beauty, inspired design, high quality, natural and renewable, productive conservation, social preservation, accessibility, contextualization and collaboration. Buzz words or beliefs? Katherine Ponte, founder of Ecostasy believes we can all make a difference. You'll see what she means when you visit the website. Beautiful homewares, accessories and children's clothing. Earthy and tactile.


  • Meet Pierre & Charlotte. Transplanted from Paris to Melbourne they design the most gorgeous contemporary furniture and lighting. Earthy and modern, beautifully crafted and finished. I have lusted after the Big Tree Light for some time now.

  • Discarded books have never looked so fabulous. Individual and handmade from discarded hardbacks each piece is a unique exploration of colour and traditional bookbinding techniques. As much a piece of art as a functional screen. By Samantha Parsons and Studio Sam.


  • I want to run my hands all over this schnapps flask and glasses by Fenke Gabriel-Schwan. Made from dyed porcelain with a transparent glaze and the most tactile of squirrel imprints. (Deer available as well.) Head to her Etsy shop fnk for more loveliness.


  • Zuster, Dutch for sister and Australian for stunning contemporary furniture design. Four sisters based in Melbourne and a company that has become known for beautifully crafted furniture. Simple clean lines, unadorned and of the highest quality. Every order is a unique and special project. Head online for more.



Elmslie Osler Architects encore

"Shall we be cultured aesthetes and dilly dally with our jobs or put on our dungarees and learn the significance of architecture by laying stone and brick for awhile, mixing mortar and sawing wood. Learn of the strength and durability of materials; know of society and its myriad needs and aspirations. Read fairy stories; read Keats, Shelley and Whitman. Absorb a sound and understanding knowledge of the incredible inventions of our day and go to it. There are no fixed formulas; no dry standards; no such thing as composition. There is only one thing to achieve and that is an architectural organism. Composition is dead; an organization is alive... vivid... responsive to conditions; and eloquent of the spiritual association of function and form. Travel the frank and courageous road whereon may be seen the real contributions to ages gleaming in the sunshine."
   - George Grant Elmslie

Elmslie Osler Architects was blogged by Jo back in '07 but I happened upon their website recently and found quite a few more inspirational photos to share with you. Several of them are just the bones of a space, but WOW, what bones they are. It's all the inspiration you need. And that lovely quote above just adds to the serenity below.


Jamo associates

It’s difficult to put Japanese design firm Jamo associates into the usual pigeon holes we use. Interior designer, stylist, product designer. Their work encompasses all areas. It’s collaboration. Think concept styling, magazines, catalogues, shop co-ordination and display, space design and everything in between.  It’s marie clair and Real Simple, Elle Décor and Sony, Cibone and Laura Ashley. It’s a little quirky but always inspiring.






Some of my Mexico finds

I've been asked several times to show what I came home from Puerto Vallarta with. Besides a wicked suntan, some jewelry, 3 tops, a pair of pants, 3 pairs of super cheap and funky sandals, a bag, a few Spanish shelter mags, a lime squisher and a big bottle of vanilla, I brought back a few things I thought you guys might be interested in (yes, shopping was a high priority on this trip). Keep in mind I only brought one suitcase with me with as little in it as I could possibly manage so there wasn't much I could bring back. A few of these items I bought with someone you know in mind (sounds like Bo).