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Black bedroom

OOPS. Monday Brocky Proxmire had sent me an email about his mom Kelley's black bedroom she recently designed that he had promised to send us a while back once it was completed. But because I changed my email address I just found the email this morning. So I apologize for the delay and I know other bloggers have posted about this beautiful room already but I love the black so much that I had to post it as well. She was one of the first designers we had featured on the blog and we are huge fans of her work.


By the way ..... Happy Eurovision!

Nothing to do with interior design but it's the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest and I'm so excited!! Go Ukraine! And 12 points to Diamond at Gold Digger for the comprehensive round up of this multicultural mega event.


More palest blue and sea mist green

It's obvious I love these colours. Calming, serene, sophisticated,delicate and subtle. The last in this look at these ethereal hues.

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Stina Persson

Kim and I received an invitation to Stina Persson's New York show. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend .... we really want to but distance is too great. If you're in NY don't miss it. Her work is amazing. Oh and let us know how fabulous it is.

Kim here - I love Stina's work so much I just had to add some photos of some of my favourites.



Voon Wong and Benson Saw are based out of London and specialize in interior and architecture design and produce furniture, lighting and accessories. They were featured in the April issue of Elle Decoration. Their website has stunning photos of their work...these are my favourites.