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I recently heard about colorTHEORY, a residential and commercial interior styling company servicing the Boston area. Interior designers Brad Dufton and Benjamin Scott provide clients their expertise with color consultations, skilled painting, hanging wallpaper and selecting home furnishings. They are bold with colour and wallpaper patterns and I love that. I also love that they emphasize architectural details (ie. gorgeous moldings) using daring, stand-out colours that are so much more interesting than white.


Tom Evangelidis

An eye for beauty? A passion for architecture? A goddamn great talent. Australian photographer Tom Evangelidis has gone from fashion shoots to interior design spreads. Love his use of light, his appreciation of colour. Check out his Hermitage project when you're on his website. Photographer as painter. Love it.


not again

It's 8:30 pm on Wednesday (I get my posts ready the night before it's published) and about an hour ago a vet was here putting down one of my other strays. This time it was Oscar, the first stray that showed up when I moved into this house. He's been a regular on my porch for almost 2 years. He was a rough and tough little guy and would never have made a very good pet but he always wanted lovin' from me and would follow me home if I found him out gallivanting down the next street.

So unfortunately I do not have the energy nor the desire to come up with a post about interiors right now. Jo and I are sticklers about posting every day no matter what is going on with us but this is the second stray cat in a week that I've had to do this to (see end of this post) and I'm a wreck. There's one more stray left (3 others disappeared and rumour has it they were taken to the Humane Society - which may I add does not have a no-kill policy) and she has an appointment tomorrow. I am soooo dreading the results of this one.

***Friends of Abandoned Pets, a local rescue organization, has been instrumental in helping me get vet care (and food) for my strays and I am so grateful for all that they've done. If you'd like to make a donation to help them care for the many cats and dogs they have in foster care right now (they are beyond capacity, and cannot foster any more animals) please visit their website. Thank you.



Reader's home

Hi Jo!

Just a fan letter from Seattle! I'm finally settled into a family remodel/rebuild two years in the making and DTI was my partner every step of the way. I read through the entire archive and clipped I can't even count how many images for my contractor.

We're happy as can be here and this week's theme reminded me that I hadn't sent "after" pictures with a proper thank-you to you and Kim for all your hard work with the site.

It's wonderful!


Annie in Seattle

Hi Annie!

Not talking to you. Insanely jealous. Fabulous house, fabulous propaganda poster collection, fabulous view. Want to say thank you for sharing but I'm still speechless from your photos. DTI helped do this? Blushing but still not talking to you because I am so jealous :)

Your house is wonderful!


Jo in Brisbane


Erin Martin Design

"Balance of art, engineering aesthetics and personality."
"Capture the rhythm & energy of space."
"Consistent & classic, yet absolutely unique."

These are some of the philosophies of California based Erin Martin Design. Uniqueness is key here as there are so many unexpected touches throughout their designs. Complete creativity and bold choices. All done in shades of cremes and white, grey and black. My new favourite firm.