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Kim and I don't do this much anymore but we were tagged by Erin from Design for Mankind to name 8 things we're grateful for.

Kim's 8 are:
1 - loving family and friends and my plethora of cats
2 - the best blog partner EVER
3 - supportive fellow bloggers
4 - Tim Hortons
5 - Starbucks latte
6 - Etsy
7 - "Eating for Life" by Bill Phillips
8 - skinny jeans and ballet flats

Mine are:
1 - my husband's health is returning after a long and very trying illness :)
2 - the best blog partner EVER
3 - good friends
4 - that first cup of tea at 5.00am
5 - that my local thrift store hates everything I like so it's always dirt cheap
6 - freedom of choice
7 - a good black pen and an empty page to draw on
8 - Irish whiskey after a hard day

The blog is doing so well at the moment thanks to all of you out there and that's number 9 - you.


Megan Morton, dti and design*sponge

It promises to be a hectic week as guest bloggers on design*sponge. Already we have our first couple of posts up and I'd thought I'd give an encore performance of our post on Megan Morton, Australian stylist extraordinaire. Regular dti readers will know Megan's work. She's generously shared photos with us before. Take a look at some of the amazing new images she sent from her latest forays overseas to photograph fabulous houses in the UK and Sweden. Too many for just one post on design*sponge! I just had to share some more.

Images sent courtesy of Megan Morton

PS Don't miss the our post on Australian interior designer Brian Hoy either and so many luscious posts still to come!


Raji Rhadhakrishnan

".... like composing music design becomes the 'composition of spaces' ..... passionate compositions created with high integrity for continuous visual stimulation, always inspiring and comforting." This is what Raji Rhadhakrishnan of Raji Rm &Associates believes. She and her design colleagues have created some beautiful music if these rooms are anything to go by!


Paper Voyeur

Emma from Paper Voyeur emailed about their line of wallpaper. So gorgeous! I am so going to wallpaper something (ANYTHING) in my next house. These are now some of my favourite floral patterns. Subtle pattern in stunning colours. Romantic and feminine. Available online through their website.

"The romantic home isn't dead it's just been painted white and boxed in with steamed beech but you can renovate your sensual self with a roll or two of this most exquisite wall covering then lay back and enjoy your handy work, or that of another. Either way there is a corner of our Swedish minimal homes that will be forever decorative, forever sensual and forever fluid. So snuff out that candle and go build your boudoir, for, as they say, build it and they will come..."


The Parker Palm Springs

This might be the coolest hotel I've ever seen, and one day, I hope I get a chance to stay here. The Parker Palm Springs, designed by the king of all things modern-eclectic-retro, Jonathan Adler.