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Deborah Whitlaw LLewellyn

Deborah Whitlaw LLewellyn is a wonderful photographer who has really beautiful interiors in her portfolio. I love that she photographs the rooms with the focal point at an angle. It gives the photos life and dimension. You feel as if you are there. These are my favourites.


Another Paddington on a couch

Thanks to Georgina for sending in the following photo of her "God only knows what" terrier mix, also named Paddington, and Banjo, her other terrier mix. While I'm on the subject of pets, I'm anxious to mix things up a bit and have readers send in photos of pets, other than dogs, on furniture. Dogs are more than welcome of course, but since I have a slew of cats I'd love to see some cat photos or whatever else you all share your homes with.


Chair porn

It's been a long time since I've posted some chair porn. I think I'm going through withdrawal. Maybe that's why I felt the need to add another to my collection the last time I went thrifting. On that note, here are some photos. Of chairs.

Colin StreaterD├ęcormag
Jean-Louis DeniotLucinda Symons
Jeff AndrewsJulia Wong
Chicago Home + GardenReinboth & Company


Queenslander with a twist

For those of you who don't know I live in the state of Queensland. The old timber and corrugated iron houses we love so much are known as Queenslanders. (No brainer that one.) This is a fabulous example of a modern yet sympathetic renovation of one of these inner city gems. Great ideas here. Lots of light and white as well as a handy pass through bench from the kitchen to the outdoor room. Brilliant glass shelves in the bathroom windows holding a bonsai collection, black and white photo bed head and a child friendly stylish but tiny backyard. The thing I love so much though is the outdoor fireplace allowing entertaining on the deck even during the cool but never really cold winters. Up for auction suggested over $900,000. (No sign of a housing bust here anytime soon.)


Morkie on a couch

I received yet another email from a proud dog owner who wanted to contribute to the "dog on a piece of furniture" series. This one is from Liz, who sent a link to her Flickr set of her Morkie (Maltese Yorkie mix), named Paddington. She's so adorable and despite the fact that the photo is more dog than couch, I'm posting it anyway. Cause she's too cute.