Rove Concepts
DHgate has all for travelling


Mark Burstyn

He's Canadian, he's a photographer and his work is great. He's Mark Burstyn. Beautiful soft light. Everything seems so inviting. Stylish rooms (got a thing for log cabins)and vignettes (cute idea for salt and pepper cellars) captured by a talented photographer.


Rod Mickley

Rod Mickley's interior design firm is located in Vero Beach Florida and the landscape certainly inspires his designs. Creams and pastels with rich wood furnishings, light and airy spaces with a tropical feel, this is perfectly suited for a gorgeous Florida summer house....the one I dream about every night while I huddle under my fleece sheets.


Bonesteel Trout Hall

Loving the laid back, casual and bright look of these rooms by Southern Californian based interior design firm Bonesteel Trout Hall. It's an easy going elegance that suits today's lifestyle. Comfort, colour and character without losing style. These rooms are family friendly and fab!


Frances Janisch

I can't believe we haven't highlighted the work of photographer Frances Janisch on Desire to Inspire yet. We've featured a photo here and there of her work but haven't taken a close look at her extensive portfolio. She has shot for everyone. Take a look at her client list and you would be pressed to suggest someone she hasn't worked for. It's not hard to see why she is at the top of her field though. Her work is fabulous. Each space comes alive through her lens. Enjoy her portfolio!


Mari Eriksson

Be prepared to emit a huge sigh when you see the photos below. They are from the portfolio of Swedish photographer Mari Eriksson. Although these days white makes me think of snow which makes me think of shovelling, these photos of white spaces are so peaceful and serene. *SIGH* Yep, there it is.