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Brasil bonito

I love readers' homes. I love to see how people live, the things they surround themselves with. I love Flavia's Brazilian home. Stylish and real. I'll let her explain. (She apologises for her English - don't Flavia. It's excellent!)

Since I saw some posts with your readers’ houses around the world, I thought you would like to receive a Brazilian example. I have been photographing my house for a while, but, in fact, I don’t think it is ready for a final photo session. We live there for 4 years now and still haven’t finished all the furniture and décor. I feel it’s like a mutant space, changing and improving every day. For this reason I have been taking so long to email you. But this week I saw a post with a brazilian “salao de beleza” and I realized that many Brazilians must read you and send you stuff, so I decided to email the pictures I had.

Here is some explanation:

The living room: Starck’s Slick slick and Louis Ghost chairs at the table. The painting is a Graffiti we got in our neighborhood from a construction temporary wall. Table, coffee table and sofas are from Fernando Jaeger, a Brazilian designer. The Altoids art was made by me (we didn’t have Altoids in Brazil so I depended on loving friends that always brought them to me). The centerpiece on the table is from Alessi. The candles as cheesy but they are from my wedding party décor so I just can't get rid of them. Old fan and trunk were gifts from my mom. The two ashtrays on the coffee table are made by a Brazilian designer called Jacqueline Terpins.

The kitchen: Don’t have much to say, except, sorry for the mess!

Tv room: This is the room we use the most. It has a desk for me and my husband to work, but is also a play room for the baby, so we can all stay together. Sofa and armchair by Fernando Jaeger, a Starck’s yellow Toy chair and the new Aalto’s style play table with stools. Above the desk and books, pictures by me and the baby (believe it or not).

Bedroom 1: This is where my husband and I rest. No bed, just a mattress on the floor. Bed side tables made by my mom. Eclipse lamp by Mauricio Klabin (another brazilian designer). The funny thing is that the only “good art” we have is all piled up in the corner of this room… Shame on me.

Bedroom 2: This is the bedroom that is going to change the most as soon as possible. The baby became a toddler and is getting a new bed and little kitchen furniture I designed. This room also has one of my favorites pieces on the house, that is the huge paper on the wall were the family drew and stuck stickers, sadly it is also going to be replaced for a new one, since there is no more free space… The ballerina picture was made by my father in 82 and given to the baby when I was still pregnant and had just found out it was going to be a girl. The weird bird on the top shelve was his first Christmas gift for the baby (that was only 1 month old) and is from a French artist that have made a lot of New Yorker covers, but I sadly can’t remember the name. The weird face behind the toys was also taken at that construction site.

These pictures don’t show all the rooms and are not all produced and stuff… actually, they were taken during “real life action”, but I hope you like it.


Ted Yarwood

I posted about photographer Ted Yarwood's work last year, and upon another visit to his website, I discovered more great photos of fabulous spaces. Happy Monday.


Paul Uhlmann

Thought I'd share the work of local (Gold Coast) architect Paul Uhlmann. There has been a sea change going on in Australia. Although the coastal strip has always been popular in the past few years there has been a renaissance in coastal design as more people move to enjoy the sun, sand and water. Paul and his design firm create an interpretation of the classic beach house that is contemporary but easily references its roots in the beach shack and breezeway. I would love to through my towel over the railing of any of these modern homes after a refreshing ocean swim.


2Modern sale

Money is tight this time of year, so I thought I should mention that 2Modern is having a 2009 Sample Sale - screaming deals on opened packages and 'almost new' products! Most are returns, samples or discontinued items. A great way to get a discount of favourite items you've been eye-balling for a while, like my selections below for example....



getting over the virus

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • What a bright idea! April Pride Allison wants to introduce us to kaarsKoker (Dutch for candle sleeve). "I am a product designer in Seattle, US who launched a collection of decorative replacement candle sleeves - kaarsKoker - in September 2008. kaarsKoker offers individuals the opportunity to easily and personally a transform a light fixture. The collection of paper sleeves offers a variety of colors and prints to inexpensively ($12-23USD per pair/retail) customize a chandelier or sconce for everyday or holidays." Great colours, fab patterns.

  • Can't get enough of mid-century modern and online shops get me all a quiver. So when Elle Greene, owner of Austin Modern emailed I was all over the website with a fine tooth comb. Dangerous though because Elle says they ship all over the world. Help!! I want so much.

  • Julian emailed about a new site. "houzz aims to help homeowners find inspiration in home design and architecture and enables them to find, save and share photos and ideas. Please take a look. We have recently launched, and are trying to spread the word." Click on over for inspiration and a new community.

  • Sage Moon McKee finds inspiration in landscapes - cracks, shapes, shadows and imperfections. Using photomontage and acrylic paint she creates bold compositions. Find these original works of art in her etsy store

  • Jenny Francis, Toronto architect and interior designer has a new blog chronicling her work, her inspiration, her sketchbooks. Look inside the design process.

  • Coco has a blog. Have you been yet? Cococozy - interior design. products, interviews. Hi Coco!

  • Totally in love with Paul Hamilton's photos. So graphic, so colourful, so striking. Available from cards to canvases and matted prints. Take a further look here.

  • The decal trend continues and while some are just repeats of what we've all seen before sometimes a company comes along that is producing unique and funky pieces. Gecko Stickers guest artist series is fun and original. Check out the catalogue here

  • Kerstin blogs from her 17th century townhouse in France. (Don't you envy her already?) "Wallflower Dispatches is a mix between interviews, little ideas, book suggestions and a separate column about our life in France here (The Charming Mountain Goat)."