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Messana O'Rorke

Jo had posted a while back about a sprinkler tank that Messana O'Rorke Architects had converted into an urban retreat. I was just perusing their website and was amazed by their work on other projects. Here's a project titled 12th Street.


Andrew Maynard

"Recently named in Wallpaper Magazine's Architects Directory, an "annual guide to the world's most innovative practices", Andrew Maynard's design practice is quickly becoming recognised as an emerging source of interest in the design community. Since Andrew Maynard Architects was established in late 2002 it has been recognised internationally in media, awards and exhibitions for its unique body of built work and its experimental conceptual design polemics." His work has been described as floaty concepts and dirty reality. Take a long hard look at the inspiring details of these spaces. The wall in the bathroom that raises and brings the outside in. The stainglass Mondrian walls and tiled bathroom. The use of linoleum to clad walls in a budget bathroom. The plywood kitchen.

All images from Andrew Maynard Architects


Retro bonanza

Kim may have had a good day finding mid century bounty but I've been in second hand book heaven at the Lifeline Bookfest, the world's largest secondhand book fair here in downtown Brisvegas. Be still my beating heart, there were over 1 000 000 books. I came home with 30 retro decorating books and 75 vintage penguins for the sum of $20AUS. So without further delay here is the first of hundreds of retro pics I have to share.

"House & Garden Guide to Lighting" by Leonie Highton, Collins, 1975.

Scanned images from "House & Garden Guide to Lighting" by Leonie Highton, Collins, 1975.


Fruitful Saturday

Yesterday, I spent the day antiquing with my parents. They picked me up at 8 am and dropped me off at 5:30 pm. It was a LONG day, but a very successful one. I am still pretty surprised at the amount of great stuff I found, because believe me, this city is not known for it's great antique stores nor it's flea markets. You either find alot of total CRAP or very country-style things. Retro is generally not easy to come by. But we had a blast and because I have no posts done yet for the week and no clue what to post today, I figured I'd show my scores from yesterday. By the way, all of this cost me $204.

I have placed most of the items above where they will go for now (I'm ALWAYS moving things around) and I took some photos of them in their new homes. Check Flickr if you'd like to know what each of these cost and other details I may have added.


Angus Caravelli

Martha Angus and Paula Caravelli formed their Manhattan based design firm Angus Caravelli in 2005. With an eye for the fine arts and award winning architectural design the duo produce refined interiors with a keen understanding of colour and contemporary artwork. Featured in all the top interior design magazines their understated elegance and witty touches make these luxurious rooms livable, lovely and fun.

Images from Angus Caravelli