Rove Concepts
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In Istanbul in 1919 a carpet manufacturing company called Step was created, and with it's success came Stepevi. They combine Turkish rug-making techniques with new technology to create rugs that are luxurious and contemporary. Their shag is the most beautiful shag I've ever seen.


Deborah Berke

Deborah Berke has such an amazing style to her design. Understated and timeless with touches of colour for a bit of drama. The furniture is totally fabulous and the artwork leaves me breathless.


Need a new flatmate?

Sick of living alone and crave a little company? Want to swap your current flatmates for ones who don't leave the dirty dishes or play loud music at 3.00am? Then sb2 designers Single Tapete is for you. You can even have a custom buddy created. If wallpaper people are not your thing then check out their other offerings including dachshund paper and true to scale tape measure borders.

Images from sb2 designers


Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

Kim posted some wonderful photos of little girls' rooms and now it's my turn. Rough and tumble, brave and bold. Little boys need a creative inspiring space of their own.

House BeautifulDomino
David NettoJonathon Adler
AmokForms of Design

Deborah BerkeDomino
DominoGreg Natale
KWIDZeff Design


Dogs...should I?

I need a dog like I need more furniture. However, I stopped to pet a dog that was tied up outside the restaurant where we ate breakfast (I'll stop and pet any dog within arm's reach) and it really hit me how badly I want a dog. Not good. This house is on the small side and as most of you know, I already have 4 cats. I hope my mother doesn't read this because I'll get a lecture (mixed in with Italian swear words). Anyway, the first 2 photos are by Pete Gosselin and the others from Daily Puppy.

Below is Simone, a 12 week old boxer who has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.