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Lara Hutton

Fabulous portfolio from fabulous Australian stylist Lara Hutton. Interiors, fashion and advertising. Check out her work at The Names Agency.

Images from The Names Agency


Lucyina Moodie

I found the portfolio of Lucyina Moodie and was mesmerized. The photos are so beautiful and the styling is perfect - just enough to draw your attention in, and keep it there.


More office offerings

I couldn't stop! Once I started looking for office ideas it seemed like my files were full of them. Slick and modern, glam and traditional. What's your style of workspace?

Webb WhiteSteven Learner
The Wiseman GroupNexus Design
Michael HaverlandNexus Design
Zeff DesignAmie Wietzman
Barclay FryeryCraig Spencer
Jed JohnsonSouthern Accents


Clash crash and  colour

Brace yourself for the clash of the pattern and the knock out punch of the colours. The 60s and 70s at their not so subtle OTT best. Some are just so right and many are oh so so wrong. Once again these are scanned from that extraordinary style source Practical Decorating Ideas, Ure Smith , Sydney 1973.


Those Italians are some smart

I was perusing the website of Elle Decor Italia and I found some new photos I wanted to post, which are below, but first I have to post this one because it really caught my attention:

What fabulous organized clutter. It's like tiny little display boxes for all your favourite trinkets and papers and books. I think the shelving looks like the Ikea Billy CD tower. Since the CD towers have adjustable shelves, you could set it up to fit all sorts of sizes of items, like in the photo. Anyway, it's just a thought. Now back to the rest of the photos.