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Living with art

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it - Robert Motherwell

Belle AustraliaAustralian Vogue Living
Australian Vogue LivingAustralian Vogue Living

Whether a noted artist's,your own or found at a fleamarket, art in the home is uplifting. Invite it into any room and be inspired.

The Collector's EyeJonathon Adler


Target Living's use of art

Looking through the photos on Target Living's site, I couldn't help but be totally blown away by some of the artwork they use. I love pop art (Andy Warhol rocks) and they used alot of it, plus some really fun photographs.


Target Living

My sister found this fantastic link for Target Living, an interior architecture and design firm based in the UK. They are absolutely incredible - their style is so modern, colourful and just plain FUN. I think I was having heart palpitations and drooling on my laptop while perusing their site. Here are just some of the many fab photos on their site (more to come)!!!


David Netto

Great design reflecting a great lifestyle. Practical ideas like the kitchen display cube and mirrored support column to steal as well.

David Netto Design


In the mail today...

...was my new Chocolat magazine! I love magazine subscriptions - that little rush you get when you open the mailbox and see a magazine sitting there. Thought I'd give you a little peek of the new Chocolat.