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Hello Mr Bank Manager

It’s a tedious and mostly fruitless job searching real estate websites looking for the perfect apartment. Not big enough, too expensive, absolutely hideous. Then I forgot to put a price maximum in the search details. The world was brighter for a few seconds until I realised my error. But I did find this beauty. Built in 1927 in the Spanish Mission style “Craigston” was Brisbane’s earliest high rise apartment building. The fifteen room apartment occupies the entire top floor and overlooks the historic windmill precinct parkland and the Brisbane CBD. Now I just have to find the $2.2 million. (By the way that’s $1.8 million US.)

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Ethereal hues

Sea foam green and palest blue. I love these faded vintage colours. So evocative. Calm, elegant, other worldly. They’re the perfect backdrop to boho modern, eclectic, vintage found style and even a more relaxed traditional, country or Swedish feel. Barely there blues and sea greens yum!

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Retro porn

Some retro porn for your viewing pleasure. Chillax cats...and happy Sunday.

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Bisazza is a tile store that specializes in mosaics. What they can do with tile is absolutely amazing.


Bus roll brag

Image from Inside Out, photographer Prue Ruscoe, stylist Megan Morton.

One of my favourite things is bus or tram destination rolls. Love the black and white typeface. Imagine my surprise when I opened the autumn/winter decorating and renovating guide from Inside Out. There was one of MY vintage Sydney bus rolls. I produced a series of these a couple of years back and sold them through Shop 73 in James St. All gone, no more except a set in my living room and a few metres I'm saving for a special day. Makes me want to start on the Brisbane bus rolls I have squirrelled away.