Rove Concepts

Grant K Gibson

I came across this black and white room by Grant K Gibson in my many searches but was disappointed that the site was under construction. The good news is that it is now up and running. Although images are limited (he is a young gun of interior design after all) his portfolio does not disappoint. There is a young dandy about town, English gentleman’s rooms feel about his work. This isn’t foppery though. This is talent starting out. Still find that black and white room breathtaking.

Images from Grant K Gibson


Fernlund + Logan Architects

Fernlund + Logan Architects was established in New York in 1992 by Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan. Their residential and commercial work has been published on numerous occasions, including in Dwell, Interior Design, The World of Interiors and the New York Times. I think I love their portfolio so much because their designs are simple which allows the furnishings to play a larger part in the design.


William Waldron

Photographer William Waldron captures images that make you feel like you are peeping into someone’s personal space. Images framed by a door or passageway lead you into the essence of the room. What beautiful photographs and what beautiful rooms!!

Images from William Waldron


Pleysier Perkins

The pavilion is an important concept in Australian architecture at the moment. Interconnected spaces that are independent "boxes", parts of a whole. Living, sleeping, family, formal. Pleysier Perkins is based in Prahan, Melbourne but their portfolio extends to the Noosa hinterland, a beautiful place for a beautiful space. Homes are linear, address the outdoors and are sleek, modern and hard edged.


Jobs Handtryck

When I first came across this site, the name made me chuckle. Turns out this is a textile company that makes floral fabrics (printed entirely by hand!) that are colourful and have a fun Swedish/Scandinavian vibe. This vibe is no doubt due to the fact that they are from Sweden. :) Below are some cute photos from their site and some swatches of some of my favourite fabrics they carry.