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Castles in the Sand

The latest issue of Australian magazine Inside Out features the amazing getaway of Londoner Emma Wilson in the Moroccan coastal city of Essaouira. A harmonious blend of traditional Moroccan and international style Dar Beida is another home I love. Check out the website for more images of this exotic house.

All images from Inside Out except the last from Castles in the Sand


Hallway Art

So you have a hallway. And you have some art. How about hanging your art in your hallway? Hallways don't just have to be pass-throughs from one room to another - why not make it into your own little art gallery? Here are some examples to get you thinking of the potential of your own bland, boring hallways that are screaming for a little attention.

Elle DecorMetropolitan Home
Salon-interiorS.R. Gambrel
S.R. GambrelGreg Natale


Philippe Starck - Chandelier Porn

More Philippe Starck. This time chandeliers. Mr. Starck has a serious, SERIOUS thing for chandeliers - and it seems the bigger the better. So enjoy a little chandelier porn.

All images from Philippe Starck


Saarinen Tulip Table

In the 1940’s Eero Saarinen developed this pedestal table, along with the Tulip chair, as part of his research of "organic furniture.” The Tulip Table started out with a cast iron base. It came with various tops in laminate, marble or wood, could be round or oval, and was available in various sizes. Today, the base is made of cast aluminum same as the chairs. A fabulous table that looks good with any chair, modern or traditional. A beautiful sculpture, a piece of art.

The Collectors Eye. Decorating with the Objects You Love.

Elle Decoration

Elle DecorDomino

Australian Vogue LivingElle Decoration

Living etcdwr

PS I have a sneaking suspicion that one of these tables is the infamous Ikea Docksta. Can you pick which one?


Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is one of the most, if not the most, famous designer in the world. This may be because he is unbelievably prolific, having designed anything and everything - yachts, toothpicks, taps, scooters, toothbrushes... He is a design genius in my books because of his creation of the Louis Ghost chair. I'd like to do a couple posts on Mr. Starck this week because he is too good to be featured only once.

All images from Philippe Starck