Designer's holiday snaps

So what does one of Australia's rising interior design stars do when he's in the States? Take tourist shots that's what. But where is the pose with Mickey Mouse or travel buddies in Times Square? No, Greg Natale takes snaps of architectural marvels the likes of the Foster's Hurst Tower, Gehrey's Walt Disney Hall, the Meyer Ghetty Center and the Guggenheim . Notice though that Greg, the king of patternis drawn to pattern here as well. Thanks for sharing Greg!


Konig Eizenberg

The firm of Konig Eizenberg Architecture believes that "architecture isn't just for special occasions", and with each project they follow three simple principles: trust, ease and fit. All of this together creates "extraordinary experiences on a daily basis". And if I had the opportunity to live in one of their spaces, an extraordinary experience it would be.


Holiday snaps!

What do you do when you go on holidays? Relax by the pool, visit family, sightsee or shop to you drop? Now what do designers do when they go on holidays? They scour a city for anything design related, camera clutched tightly in hand. Susan Sera blogger extraordinaire and talented kitchen designer certainly had her camera at the ready during her recent family trip to Denmark. Susan promised a number of blogs to take photos while she was away. These are the ones she took for us. Not only has Susan a great eye she is an amazing photographer.

You may recognise the first photo. As a strange coincidence we posted about Atelier September while Susan was away. Her photos capture the store in all it's faded glory. And here's a little teaser of the other photos she sent. All will be revealed tomorrow when we wander through another Copenhagen store thanks to Susan. We also have some holiday snaps Greg Natale took while in L.A. recently. How come everyone's on holidays except me?

P.S. Don't forget to click on the photos. They are stunning supersized!!


Robin Bell

"A profound respect and keen observation of the rigorous aesthetics of classical design is evident in all of Ms. Bell’s work, including her contemporary projects. Inherent in her coordination of color, scale and proportion are the influences of the English and Continental designs of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries." But look at the contemporary twist that Robin Bell's work has! Her use of pattern is nothing short of breath taking. Although these homes have their roots in tradition there is nothing stuffy or dated about them. Quite the contrary.

Images from Robin Bell


Robert Nassar Design

Robert Nassar's firm is multidisciplinary, having designed corporate, retail, hospitality and residential spaces. His work is characterized as being simple and unadorned, with a subtle play of color and texture.