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Jan292007 know you all love it!!!!

I love wallpaper too....and would love to use some (anywhere!) but at the moment I don't want to put that much effort into something when I plan on selling my house in the near future (wallpaper would not be a good selling feature either). So instead I search out all sorts of photos on the internet of gorgeous wallpapers and I hope that when the day comes when I decide to try some, that it won't have gone back out of style. So here's some I love from UK tile, wallpaper and flooring designer Dominic Crinson:

Here's one for sh*ts and giggles (can't imagine actually using this one):


Kenneth Brown's beach retreat

Kenneth Brown is the host of ReDesign, on HGTV. I have to say it's never been one of my favourite shows. I'm never really wowed by the results. Then I stumbled upon his beach retreat in Santa Monica featured in Western Interiors & Design magazine. I totally changed my mind about him - his place is amazing! Look for yourselves (from Kenneth Brown Design):


Rooms from Beautymist

Beautymist loves insects, tea and beautiful rooms. She sent us a link to one of her favourite sites DRAWN! Check it out particularly some of her favourites including Anne Wilson, Penelope Dullughan and Craig Frazier. Don't forget to visit her Flikr site. Her own art is fabulous.

Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison
Jim GauerHome Portfolio



Vanessa De Vargas the uber stylish Turquoise has tagged us. She would like to know "5 things you may not already know about me". It's like Chinese whispers. It started out with weird things but I like this version better. we go.

1. My husband buys me the most beautiful artwork. So? He's totally blind.
2. I don't drive.
3. I sing Nina Simone in the shower badly.
4. You know I'm addicted to retro but I'm being seduced to the dark side - Hollywood Regency.
5. I was addicted to newspapers until I discovered the web. Alright I'm still addicted to newspapers.

Kim it's your turn now. And.......I'll let you choose, if anyone, we're going to tag. Everyone I know has been "it" already.

Ok - Kim here. Looks like it's my turn.

1. I have an identical twin sister. Her name is Julia (belladina on Flickr).
2. I don't think I look like your average design freak - I have 4 tattoos, 8 earrings, a belly ring and a nose ring. (See tattoo pics on Flickr)
3. I can drive, and have a car, but I can't drive my car - it's a standard and I never learned how. Boyfriend has to drive me everywhere - but I figure too bad, since he wrote off our automatic coming home from PEI in a snowstorm one Christmas.
4. I love fast cars and motorcycles - mostly because my boyfriend is obsessed with both. I want him to get a chopper so I can ride around on it with him.
5. Yes, I love cats but I absolutely adore animals, and have since I was little. I want a farm so I can stock pile animals. I wanted to be a vet throughout my childhood until a vet came to the school and told us you needed a 95% average in high school to be accepted to vet college. I was devastated.

And I'm tagging *Terramia* since I don't think she's been tagged yet.


Flickr Finds

Here are some fabulous photos I found on Flickr. ENJOY!

fragmentedJohn Curran
Quod LibertariusCamilla E