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Forms of Design

Amy Lau founded Forms of Design and her interiors are organised along modernist principles - balance in scale, texture and colour. Mid-century collections of decorative and fine arts are prominent in the firms work. Amy was a co-founder of Design Miami Fair an invitational design event featuring the most significant post-war to contemporary design galleries. Her interiors are so liveable and tug at my mid century heartstrings. Love this style.

All images from Forms of Design


Jessica Helgerson

(Sorry - I just can't top a post about a converted garbage truck. Anyhoo....)

Jessica Helgerson is an interior designer who specializes in environmentally sustainable commercial and residential interiors. House Beautiful magazine voted her one of the top 25 young designers in America. Here's a sample of her impressive portfolio.


Garbage Truck!

Normally it's a hard and fast rule that all images are sourced. Problem is that I got this as an email at work. No idea where it originated. So my credits so far are Bree at Valley Mental Health via Corey at Royal Brisbane Hospital via Shaun at Roof Racks Galore. If you know where this originated let me know so I can adjust the credits. Back to the photos. This is a converted garbage truck. The space planning and modern interior are a triumph. Might even tempt me to take up the road. (I'm a 5 star hotel type.)

All images from someone who sent it to someone on and on to Shaun then Corey then Bree then me.

Don't you hate it when urban myths are debunked. Knittergirl and Doctor Mom have pointed out that the truck has no side windows and the interiors do. Well spotted readers! In a vain attempt to keep my hopes alive I suggest that the sides may be hinged and fold up/out like an awning. Knittergirl has provide a link to the northerngeek's Flickr page where you can find the full set. And I stand by my comments about great space planning, she says in a sulk.

Further update. The mystery is solved. It is a garbage truck and the links are in the comment section.



Madame Sera of Sera of London, formerly Rude London, would be a very interesting woman to meet. Sera of London is an exotic and sumptuous boutique, exhibiting sensual and seductively elegant tastes in room designs and decorative accessories. Her work has been described as louche (what a lovely sounding word) and provocative. Not a bedroom my dear but a boudoir. Warning parental guidance may be required for the website darlings.

All images from Sera of London.


No-show Mo

Jo and I received an email from Mo about her fabulous 1200 sq ft 1921 home that she painted top to bottom all on her own. With most things from Pier 1 and Target, I think she's done a great job on a budget, which, contrary to alot of the photos we post, the majority of people have. So congrats on all the hard work Mo!