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Emily's time to share

Kim and I met Emily on the Rooms I *heart* flickr group and loved what she shared. Check out her Flickr page emikw. She has a number of beautiful images we couldn't use because they were from her inspiration book and unsourced. Take a browse through them. But more importantly Emily is an exceptionally talented artisan jeweller. You can fall in love with her work at Emily Watson: metal jewelry and objects.

Brent ComberScandinavian Design
Emery & CieEmery & Cie

Osborne and Little


Just a quick glimpse of Emily's jewellery.


Had to post this

My sister just sent me this photo she found. I adore chairs and I adore dogs so here is a dog on a chair.



I love pink

I adore the colour pink. I think it's so pretty and fresh and fun. I was so happy when my sister gave birth to a girl in July so I could buy my niece all sorts of pink clothes. When I was trying to decide what accent colour to use in my bedroom, I kept going back to pink. I decided to go for it and I LOVE it! So here are some bedrooms that predominantly use pink to inspire you all to think about trying pink in your own spaces.

DominoJay Jeffers
Greg NataleJay Jeffers


More living with art

Another post on living with art. This time it's an eclectic mix and a little bit of sculpture thrown in as well. I have a passion for Papua New Guinea tribal carvings so I love the fifth picture (but perhaps a little too much artist's clutter). The frames are there because they can be art in themselves. And every little girl should have a fuschia pink bedroom and contempory artworks!

Australian Vogue LivingAustralian Vogue Living
www.paulcostello.comBelle, Australia
Belle, Australia.

Australian Vogue Living

HomeBelle, Australia.


Chambres en Ville

These dreamy rooms are what awaits you at a small bed and breakfast in Brussels. Philippe Guilmin is owner and artist. Faded once sumptuous interiors are layered with second hand pieces and flea market oddities wrapped in a subtle palette of greys, greens and ochres. A romantic room in the city.

All images from Belle, Australia.