My love for all things black and white

I absolutely adore all things black and white and I figured I'd let you all know this right off the bat. Because then you'll understand why I often suggest that if you don't like something, paint it black or white. Spray paint is a godsend. Glossy spray paint in particular. So here's some photos of black and white dining rooms (my dining room is mainly black and white - wished it looked as amazing as these though!).

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Retro chic or how to never grow old

Belle Magazine

I admit it, I'm addicted to retro. Sometimes I call it mid century (when it's refined and well designed). Other times it's just plain kitsch (when it's my aunt's 50's ceramic cat collection). Whatever my mood I love it. But I'm not a slave to it. Carefully edited with other pieces it holds its own.

All photos from Belle magazine

Can't help it. I love mid century madness.



Domino Magazine

Welcome to our blog! Or as we hope with time your blog as well. desire to inspire came about when 2 women on either side of the world found they had something in common – an addiction to photos of beautiful rooms. Jo is an Interior Designer from Brisbane, Australia and Kim is a design junkie and Web Developer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We met in the now defunct but still legendary Rooms I *heart* Flickr group. This little gem was the idea of design blog leading light Holly of decor8. Her idea inspired us to share with you our love of beautifully designed rooms of all kinds. And we want you to share your favourite rooms with us. So let’s start the way we want to continue, with lots of luscious rooms.

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P.S. If you’ve got a Flickr photostream you want to share with everyone let us know!

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