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A bed for a princess

Pink and pattern and peony paper and oh so pretty. A perfect photo by Damian Russell.


More from Damian Russell

Grey days are a drag. Misty rain, cold, nothing to do. I'm bored. Flicking through a favourite international magazine (Livingetc) I spy a familiar name. Hello! I haven't dropped by Damian Russell's website for quite some time. I was not disappointed. I've called him a pied piper of photography. I have followed him through many a house through his lens. A weaver of dreams, a story teller and a great big tease. Tempt me with beautiful photos of beautiful rooms on this grey, grey day will you Mr Russell? Oh alright if you must!

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Blog favourites as of late


Stalking on a Saturday

Not my ordinary stalking today. I was drawn in a little further than usual. I found this striking black house in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale. Yes nice. Usual real estate pics. I like this house. Oh a video. Click and ... wow .... I want this house. I'm hooked. I need this house. Oh it's own website. More pics. Just icing on the cake. Now I want to go to an open house in a city at the other end of the country and nose around someone else's house and pretend it's mine. If I had the money I would be so tempted to buy. Good house but great campaign Marshall White! The link to the listing is here. The house's website is here.

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Bedroom pendant lighting

I am a self professed lamp tramp, but I have a particular fondness for pendant lights. It's lighting that does not take up any space - you cannot go wrong with that! I have blogged pendant lighting bedside before, but I am such a fan of this somewhat unconventional bedroom lighting approach that I thought I would feature another round of photos. Happy Friday!

MEME Interior Design & Architecture



Brick House



Bieke Claessens

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