Rove Concepts
DHgate has all for travelling


An incredible retail concept by Milan based Studiopepe for Spotti. Concrete crush.

Images by Andrea Ferrari.



Fantastic Frank that is. I've lost my heart to this apartment. It will be unrequited love though. It's sold.

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I'm at a loss for words today. One of my cats (admittedly my favourite) has been VERY sick the last couple of days and passed away a few hours ago. It's times like this when blogging about interior design just seems so...trivial. I'd like to do a tribute to him on Monday's pet post, and you'll see why this has affected me so deeply. I leave you with the home and showroom for a Madrid-based antiques shop called Antiq-BR, where they carry French, Italian and Swedish treasures from the 18th & 19th centuries. Via Nuevo Estilo.

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Stalking two kitchens

Both in inner city Sydney. Both in older houses. Both in listings that leave me wanting more. Oh I don't know. More photos or more styling or more personality or more curating and tidying. More or less. Fussy old woman I am! But both these kitchens with their dining tables and little sitting areas off to the side make me smile. I'd be happy with either. See more of the houses here and here while the links last.

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The perfect getaway

It's a long weekend for most Canadians and one of the last before not-so-nice weather returns. Everyone will be hanging out at a cottage, but I think I'd like to pack my bags and head to this villa on Mallorca. It's incredible - sophisticated, luxurious yet understated. I especially adore the courtyard complete with pool that you can see from every room. It looks so peaceful....I could spend hours and hours out there soaking up the sun, lounging in the pool and re-energizing. Thanks to Stephen of ecoDESIGNfinca for sharing his creation with us. 

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