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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?



  • Treasures and curiosities and all things delicious. I love these vintage one-of-a-kind Ralli Quilts from Pakistan. Colour, pattern, hand embroidered, comforting, cosy and lovely. See more gorgeous goodies at Pergolina.

  • Found or made in the USA. The antithesis of the big box, cookie cutter look. It's all about the meaning and sense of a space. It's American Furnishings and I want almost all of it! Wonder if I can have it mailed over in small boxes to save on postage?


  • Really loving the playfulness of the pattern and colours of these carpets, part of the Whimsy Collection at Tufenkian Artisan Carpets. Beautiful. A room is never complete without a rug. Ah if the budget only stretched to these. Yum.

  • Now this is a perfect valentine! Anything from Madeline Weinrib. Rugs, pillows, a pretty pink purse. Oh honey are you reading this? I know I'll be getting a bunch of flowers and maybe a chocolate heart and all your love but a girl can dream.



  • Colporter - vintage finds, salvage, antlers, Hungarian grain sacks, old trunks, Routemaster bus blinds (always fabulous when real ... I'm addicted). Catherine scours flea markets and the French brocantes for her website.  Signage? Old advertisements? Maps? Yes please.

Firmdale Hotels

To end of the week I thought I'd show some photos of one of the best designed hotels I've ever seen. The Firmdale hotels includes 6 London locations and a new one that opened in SoHo in October. "Firmdale Hotels' owners, Tim and Kit Kemp believe that 'hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions'. Kit Kemp has designed all of the interiors in a fresh contemporary English style. Her mixture of colour and texture, modern and antique together with an impressive art collection, has combined to create a unique look and style." The colours and patterns are gorgeous and these rooms look SO comfortable I want to crawl through my monitor and into one of the beds.


Wilma Custers


All things calm, all things comforting. Natural elements and so cosy. The first photos are of a charming bed and breakfast ... yes please. A stay here would be just the perfect weekend away. Or a cool, calm stylish apartment, minimal but everything you'd need. Just a few of the interiors by Dutch stylist and interior designer Wilma Custers. Don't miss her styling portfolio. Looks of lovely rooms (unfortunately not big enough to do justice here).







Open clothes storage

We've gotten several emails lately from readers asking for us to post photos to help inspire on all sorts of subjects and I thought I'd take a stab at one of them today. We received this email from Harpa: "I was wondering if you have any pictures showing an open closet or some clothing rails in a bedroom? I'll be redoing my bedroom soon (when my littlest one gets his own room) and I want to have a small rail out in the open for some of my nicer clothes, or to organise my work clothes for the week. Some inspirational pictures would be very helpful :)" To my surprise I had a hard time finding photos in my stash for this one but I was intrigued to find some because I hope to redo my dressing room in the near future (how long have I been saying that? LOL) and my father is trying to convince me to have everything exposed (except maybe a bin or drawers for unmentionables). I've included some photos that feature something other than bars or open closets to give some other ideas for exposing clothing as well (ie. round rack, hooks, cute armoire whose doors could be removed).

Bolig Magasinet Hus & Hem
Beach Studios Bolig Magasinet
Ulrika Ekblom Tori Golub
Adriano Bacchella Hus & Hem
Country Home Derek Swalwell
vtwonen Alexander Gorlin Architects

Selina Lake
AT Casa
Bolig Magasinet
Sköna hem
me melodia
Bolig Magasinet
Jordi Canosa
Marie Claire Maison
Marie Claire Maison


Victoria Pearson

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share the work of photographer Victoria Pearson. Bright, light, fun and cleverly curated on her website by colour. Think interiors, still life, food and all things lovely. Don't you want to move in to these fabulous rooms? That's what a talented photographer does - draws you into the picture.