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Mark Bolton

Brit photographer Mark Bolton understands what makes his subject tick and captures that illusive essence with ease. His subject matter? Interiors, lifestyle and gardens. Just what we love on Desire to Inspire. Lucky for us then that his portfolio is full of inspiring images. Find out more about Bolton's creative process on his blog and peruse his online shop for prints.

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The Inside Out of Nikki Gemmell's house

Inside Out's Summer Entertaining issue has hit the news stands and managing editor Lee Tran Lam has once again sent Desire to Inspire big juicy photos of one of the features. "A weekend with Nikki Gemmell" not only takes us into the celebrated author's home on the NSW coast but follows Nikki as she hits some of her favourite Sydney haunts. I spy Kitchen by Mike and Doug up on Bourke. Nikki's home is fun and fresh with wonderful vintage finds. Love the mismatched chairs and the bedroom wall collage.

Nikki Gemmell has written five novels, Shiver, Cleave (or Alice Springs in the U.S.), Lovesong, The Book of Rapture, The Bride Stripped Bare and its follow-up, With My Body. "Every time a new book comes out, I celebrate by buying a piece of furniture," she says. So that armchair is from Liberty, an Art Deco reading chair with "a little table built into it for a left-handed person - it's my perfect chair".

The stylist on the story was Jason Grant and Felix Forest the photographer. I snapped up a copy of the magazine today and it's great. Full of summer decorating colour and brilliant seasonal entertaining ideas.

Don't forget if you live outside Australia you don't have to miss out on one of the best interiors magazines around. You can subscribe through Zinio.

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MilK is a magazine from France for parents. It covers several topics related to children, including family homes. Now, I'm not a parent but damn do they feature some great interiors! Here is a selection of some of my favourite spaces. 

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STUFF is a monograph presenting and detailing M(Group)’s interiors and architecture. 

Sound a little "stuffy"? How about this .... STUFF, a clever interactive book exploring the inspiration behind the richly layered design work by Carey Maloney and his team at M(Group). The book takes readers through 40 wide ranging “topics” from designers like Eugene Printz and Billy Haines, to Greek marbles and Maoist art and more.  A free Digimarc Discover app means you can point your smart phone or tablet at any topics page and disappear down the rabbit hole of design discovery. But you'll have to wait just a little longer. STUFF is due for release in December. In the meantime explore the STUFF website for just a little taste of what awaits.



Desire to Inspire has teamed up with SingTel’s NewsLoop, a ground-breaking e-reader app for iPad and iPhone. Launched just a few months ago in Singapore it's the go to app for News, Health, Food, Home & Décor, Technology and more. SingTel, a leading telecommunications company in Asia based in Singapore, (for Aussie readers SingTel owns Optus), is rolling out the app through 15 other countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and Australia within 2 years. Actually Indonesia and Australia are next :) So if you are an Asian reader of DTI then NewsLoop is the perfect way to get your daily fix of design.