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Civico Quattro

I couldn't leave it any longer to share more work from Civico Quattro's Orietta Marcon. A private home by this designer/stylist that carefully balances rustic charm and subtle elegance. Nothing is "precious". Where simple and everyday meets stylish and beautiful. To climb the stairs to that grey and white haven under the eaves would be such a wonderful way to end each day.

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Malatesta Maison

A dream, a beautiful, beautiful dream come to life. A rustic home in the Marche countryside, Pergola in Italy. Stylish and elegant yet simple and casual. Designed by Michele Gambato of MGARK, Malatesta Maison is home to Claudia, Carlo, Isabelle and their three dogs. Interior decoration is by Orietta Marcon of Civico Quattro.

No need to dream about this special maison though. It is also a B&B. Yes you can stay and pretend, just for a little while, that it is all yours. In the meantime head to Claudia's blog Malatesta to see more of her inspirations and creations and the beauty that is her family's everyday life.

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My new side table

Over a year ago I blogged a really cool idea I saw on The Selby - a vintage safe as a side table.

Low and behold, I recently came across one on Kijiji and my husband nearly lost his marbles. Turns out he is a huge fan of vintage safes too! Yesterday we drove for what seemed like hours to some little town out in the middle of nowhere and arrived at the home of a really nice man who sold us a very similar safe for $250 (I'm thinking this was a steal based on what little I've seen via some quick googling). It took 3 men to heave the 300 lb (or so) safe into our vehicule and somehow my husband and I managed to carry it into the house last night. Now it takes pride of place in the corner of my living room. The previous owner does not remember the combination (he's had it for over 40 years - when he was younger while drinking with his buddies they'd see who could lift it) so we'll have to figure out how to open it or find someone who can. In the meantime, I think it makes a sweet side table. :-)


Saturday share

I'm starting the design process for my new kitchen. Floors weren't particularly on my radar but they are now. Looks like the old ones will have to come up and new ones laid. I have a thing for white boards. Not necessarily white painted floors. I'm talking white stained, limed, light timber floors. The search has begun. I'm trawling the web. But then what do I find? A great post on Australian interior designer Shareen Joel's design hub Share Design. (It's a great online source of inspiration as well as naming the names and giving the links for product.) Tips & Trends: Beautiful Timber Flooring. Bingo! I've always loved Shareen's floors in her Sorrento beach home. Gorgeous aren't they? Hmmmm .... thinking the same for my kitchen would be fabulous with my white painted brick walls. I'm madly clicking links and finding new suppliers ... and importantly for me Australian links. OK now I'm off to find more posts on Share Design that will cut down my search time like one on floor stains and washes. Thanks Shareen for doing all the hard work. Now that's what I call a Saturday share!


Thomas Loof goodies

Thomas Loof is a genius photograher. Composition = perfection. Lighting = ideal. Subjects = stunning. Some Friday eye candy at it's finest. (And if you can't get enough of Thomas' work, check out this post from way back).

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