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I'm lovin' ...

... this photo by Trevor Dixon. I love ephemera, all kinds of typography, vintage anything and that blue! The science geek in me is loving the eye chart and hey in the day of the computer, the typewriter tugs at the nostalgia heartstrings. A great look to copy for an office vignette. Photographer take a bow for a great photo. Unknown stylist all I can say is "Yes!". See more of Trevor's fab portfolio on his rep's site here.


New year ... still stalking

A few days into 2009 and I'm stalking already. Oooooh I have found some wonderful houses and I don't know where to begin. How about this Sydney home? Great views (hell fabulous views!) funky interiors, a sleek modern kitchen and a sophisticated bathroom. My kind of beach house. Yes please Mr Bank Manager. Here while the link lasts.


Liz's holiday bedroom makeover

A Flickr contact and fellow Ottawan Liz has been VERY busy over the last couple days. She has completely redone her bedroom and I had to post about it here because she did a fantastic job. I am also completely jealous because all I have done to my pale yellow (barf) bedroom is rip out the closet, leaving a gaping hole in the floor and chunks of drywall missing, and it is really starting to get on my last freaking nerve. Anyway, here is what Liz had to say about her bedroom makeover:

"I can't tell you how much I love our new bedroom decor. Thomas and I have been planning this room since we moved in over a year ago and now that it's done, I can't even imagine how we put up with the bland walls for so long! It took us 2.5 days of painting and building IKEA furniture. We still want to replace the outlet covers but that will have to wait until one of our dads can help us because that involves electrical work. The closet doors in the photos need to also be replaced but we need to save up more dough for that because it's going to be pricey! Also we will eventually do new base moulding and some crown moulding in white. The pictures in the white frames are going to be changed, we just haven't found the right ones yet. We just couldn't pass up the deal we got on the frames so we decided we'd just ditch the ugly pictures inside :)"

I love everything she has done to her bedroom - the colours, the symmetry, the use of white furniture that stands out so beautifully against the walls, the painted headboard....YUMMY! Liz has gotten the decorating part of my brain going (more than usual) and I am so going to get my ass in gear and start planning my bedroom.


Here are some details of her sources: "The paint we used was Aura by Benjamin Moore. The headboard is painted on the wall using a matte and a semi-gloss finish in the same colour (Bittersweet Chocolate). The accent wall blue is Caribbean Blue Water and the rest of the room is Sea Star. White furniture is from IKEA except for the white ottoman which is from Bouclair Home. Accent pieces are mostly from Homesense and Winners."


Favourite Aussies 08

So much talent coming from the great southern land of Oz. Here are some of my favourites this year. Aussie interior designers, architects, stylists and photographers rock. Oh so many fabulous rooms I think there might have to be a part two very soon. Enjoy!

Dan MagreeGreg Natale
CoopConcept Interior Design
Amanda McLauchlanMaree Homer
Jared FowlerGreg Natale
Amanda PriorArent & Pyke
Scott WestonSteve Back
Richard BirchSue Ferris


Outdoor favourites

I've gone through my files and found my favourite "outdoor rooms" for 2008. I love living outside as much as possible and if I had spaces as stylish as these I doubt I'd want to come back inside. Whether a chair pulled up casually in a favourite garden corner, a private place on a veranda or an architect's dream melding outside with in there is inspiration a plenty. Miksch
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Lucyina Moodie

Eric StaudenmaierEric Staudenmaier
Reed DavisShootspaces
Quentin BaconMagni Design