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Favourite chair porn of 2012


Favourite pets on furniture of 2012


The Aussies

What would a round up of my favourite posts be without a few talented Australians?

this post via studiofour

this post via Arent & Pyke

this post via Templeton

this post via Chelsea Hing

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Stalking my top 10

My name is Jo and I have an addiction. It's real estate stalking. I can't stop. I have stalked hundreds and hundreds of houses and apartments this year. Sometimes I worry that there will be a knock on the door and the police will be there to take me away. Either that or the men in the white coats to whisk me off to a private clinic in a straitjacket. Here are my top 10 "victims" of 2012. You'll notice that there are 17 in total ... and it was almost impossible to keep it to just 17!

this post - Byron Bay

this post - Surry Hills

this post - Avalon

this post - Castlemaine

this post - East Melbourne

this post - Berrima

this post - Caulfield South

this post - Cheltenham

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These are a few of my favourite things

Homes that have inspired me this year ....

this post via YLAB arquitectos, Jordi Canosa and Daniela Cavestany

this post via Malatesta, architect MGARK and interior stylist Civico Quattro

this post via stylist Justin Bishop

this post via Joséphine Gintzburger

this post via Jessica Helgerson and Lincoln Barbour

this post via strangetrader and bryon view farm

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