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Northern Tablelands

A moody, dramatic country home. A modern day homestead with a killer art collection. Layers of personality and a practical luxury. A refuge from the harsh countryside outside. Northern Tablelands home by who else but Hare + Klein.

Photography by Jenni Hare.

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Contemporary from Chelsea Hing

Here's one more home designed by Melbourne's Chelsea Hing. It's a bit less modern than the last one, but I adore this one because of all the gorgeous Australain aboriginal artwork. I have a slight obsession I have to admit. I'd love a collection of black and white pieces one day...

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Stalking close to home

There is a style of architecture close to my heart. I grew up surrounded by these timber and tin houses. Always raised off the ground for ventilation and often to keep dry in times of flood these homes with their core of four main rooms, a central hallway and surrounded by verandas on most sides filled the landscape of my childhood. "Queenslanders" we call them and today I have found a beautiful example. This home is stylish and true to its roots. It has been modernised but not bastardised. It is simple and simply lovely. This particular home is on the hillside just outside the centre of Brisbane in an area rich with old homes but also under threat from apartment blocks and small lot monstrosities that tower above their neighbours and muscle right up to the boundaries. This is a house of another era but still a house perfect for living in today's subtropics. I would happily move right in.

P.S. It helps that there is a killer collection of indigenous art and artefacts from Australia and Melanesia. Link here while it lasts.

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Today the Australian Government finally apologised for injustices against the Aboriginal people. Tens of thousands of children were forcibly removed from their families from 1910 right up to the 1970s in an attempt at assimilation. The pain is still burning today. In celebration of the amazing culture that is one of the oldest on this planet I thought I would share the work of one of my favourite Aboriginal artists. The photo above I posted just a few days ago and I guess the reason why I love it so much is the artwork.

Minnie Pwerle was born around 1910 in the Utopia region. It was not until 1999 at over 80 years of age, that Minnie began painting on canvas. Her first series of works were linear paintings based on her experiences as a traditional ceremonial body painter, expressing a bold, free-flowing, enigmatic style that quickly drew the interest of critics and art lovers alike. In the relatively short period of time from 1999 to her death in 2006 Minnie Pwerle created a prodigious volume of paintings. Beautiful, strong, vibrant women's business.


More living with art

Another post on living with art. This time it's an eclectic mix and a little bit of sculpture thrown in as well. I have a passion for Papua New Guinea tribal carvings so I love the fifth picture (but perhaps a little too much artist's clutter). The frames are there because they can be art in themselves. And every little girl should have a fuschia pink bedroom and contempory artworks!

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