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Bachelor Pad on a budget

Definitely no man-cave, this bachelor pad in New York City's West Village is the latest project from Décor Aid. The soft grey walls accentuate the light while glass panels in the doors between bedroom and living area increase the sense of space in the small apartment. Light, bright and welcoming. The perfect space to kick back and relax or entertain your friends.


Stalking the Yellow House

I'm stalking the redevelopment of Sydney's historic Yellow House, part art gallery, part artists' collective and home to the city's bohemians ... at least it was until the mighty dollar saw the building morphing into modern (read expensive) apartment living. Still this one bedroom abode is no bland wall flower, celebrating its colourful past with Zaha Hadid wallpaper, Kreon light fittings and kaleidoscopic bathroom. Link here while it lasts.

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Accents in pink (again) by Peter Wilds

Earlier this week I featured an apartment by Peter Wilds that had a gorgeous pink accent wall and had a decidedly feminine flair to it. This apartment speaks to the same feminine vibe with ethnic and modern furniture mixed together, some glam bits and of course, accents in pink. It's gorgeous, bright and inviting. Even if you are not a chick. :) (Photos: Janis Nicolay)


A French apartment?

There is a certain French flair to this apartment, that look you know straight away, an easy sophistication ... except it's not in some chic Paris arrondissement but in Warsaw. So stylish, so elegant, so ... well ... Paris meets Poland. By Warsaw-based design firm Colombe.


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Parisian love affair

Yes my love affair continues. Just one more apartment by Emma Donnersberg Interiors. Oh so chic, so elegant with a wonderful collection of global artifacts including three Tiwi Island burial poles. Such an amazing collection my eyes can't settle. They are flitting from treasure to teasure.

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