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The latest from SWAD

I get so excited when I see an email from Australian architect Scott Weston in my inbox. He has been a regular on Desire to Inspire for quite some time now as he generously shares his latest projects. What gets me so excited though, is that not only are his projects so inspiring in their colour choices, storage solutions and great design, Scott generously gives us an insight into his design process, material selections, plans and models. The complete package. Today is no different. I'll let Scott explain SWAD's latest work.

It's been a while since I shared what we have been up to in SWAD world. We have just completed a 70m2 apartment in Darlinghurst for a female doctor who sold her house up in the blue mountains and is now living full time in the city. The existing apartment was 'surprise surprise' a cold white bland space devoid of any personality but had great natural light. The general colour scheme of materials and finishes was generated by the Client's favorite colours as shown by the handbag with it's walnut, powder blue, copper, olive green and silver grey palette. On the ground floor we designed a continuous floor to ceiling walnut timber 'hero wall' 500mm wide x 5626mm long that concealed everything. The bespoke cabinetry housed TV, stereo, speakers, flexible shelving, electronic push touch drawers and secret walk-in pantry all finished in a light olive green. To break up the scale and planar shape we inserted linear and vertical niches that were hand finished in copper leaf and reflect beautifully both natural and artificial light. The return end wall housed the kitchen wet area and appliances and we used grey mirror to reflect and give the illusion of greater depth to the room and reflect the new landscaped external balcony room. The pantry is a great exercise in planning and design and reminds the Client of being on board an airplane or ships galley with everything having it's own specific place.

Upstairs the existing 'white blandness' continued with a bedroom, separate inglenook office and a rather dark and dingy wardrobe room. Walls were demolished and the entire room was opened up and the joinery insertions seamlessly defined the three functional activities of bedroom, office and robe. A light crown cut timber was used for the general robe wall and extended out to form the office and framework for the upholstered bedhead. A beautiful grey green hand drawn wallpaper with pistachio green overtones was selected to define opposing walls and to house a concealed triptych mirror and cupboards to the robe corridor. The office borrowed on the flavours of eau de nil with a desktop of powdery olive linoleum and a cashmere pinboard in a similar hue. Turning the corner there is a vertical library shelving system and facing the window the oversized king size bed with powder blue cashmere bedhead. Direct and indirect strip lighting creates great visual drama to the spaces and the finishing touch being the grey/lilac carpet that ties both upstairs and downstairs together very elegantly. The Client took a leap of faith about the lilac carpet as I said many a time convincing..... that if we did just brown carpet the whole space would become very flat and the visual interest would not be there. Very happy Client and a pleased Architect.


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LineBox Studio

I am frankly really embarrassed to have not blogged about architectural firm LineBox Studio before, as they are based in Toronto and my lovely city of Ottawa. And now that it sounds like my husband and I have to start our house plans from scratch (maybe wrecking the existing house and starting new) with a new architect (who knows something about Ottawa building codes), I might hit these guys up for some much needed assistance. I found several funky projects on their website, renovations and infills included, and the following home here in Ottawa (really?!?!) was initially a 19th century butcher shop with heritage designation. I freaking love it...ESPECIALLY the sunken fireplace seating pit!!!!


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John Minshaw

There is an air of mystery and drama about the designs of John Minshaw. This award-winning architectural and interior designer from London is a master at creating unassuming, minimally adorned yet classic and elegant spaces. His simple designs speak volumes.

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Andy Martin Studio

Gesamtkunstwerk. It's about a totally integrated work of art, a holistic approach to design. Think about the architectural design of a building combined with interior design, furniture design, art and so on. Everything is considered for the whole. OK enough of the design lesson. Let's look at this fab modern redesign, the latest residential project by Andy Martin Studio. It's Andy's family house in Notting Hill Gate. The existing 2 level mews house was redeveloped into a 4 level family home.  A simple historical facade  opens onto a space that it not expected. A space that is modern and considered, where solid plays against void, light against heavy, smooth against texture. But driving it all is the need for a family space, a workable albeit stylish home.

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DIN interiorismo

Here at DTI we love blogging designs from around the world. So I was pleased when the folks at DIN interiorismo, an interior design and architecture firm in Mexico, emailed us with some photos of a few of their projects. I found the following home, Casa A.P., to be the most intriguing. Here is some info on this beautiful home for a family of five:
The goal was to convey dynamism through furniture in the living room and bar, with items that can move, rotate and open to transform the space according to the desired event or activity. The breakfast area and family room communicate with each other through a wood and glass furniture, which allows the light passage and reflection, but add breadth to space. The game zone is the energy and comfort area, achieved with a color palette that highlights citric shades combined into walls, cushions and rug. Furniture consists in different size modules that play with dimensions to enclose television, video games and everything needed.
House stands out for its unique spaces in which wood variety is combined. This broad selection considered Maple for the bedrooms, zebrawood in the master bedroom and living room, and Indian rosewood for the dining room. The wood nobility and warmth allowed a color palette for children's bedrooms and burned colors for common areas and the parents' bedroom, resulting in a high design family environment.

690m2 house-building construction approx., distributed on two levels at which these areas are located as follow. Upper level: four bedrooms, TV and work areas; lower level: living room/bar, dining room, with breakfast room, family room and game zone.

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