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Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney. A body of work from education and public buildings to residential and sustainable design. Architecture, interiors, urban design and planning. A large and prestigious firm. But I'm going to adjust the focus down. Down to the intimate. Down to the individual and down to the home. Love these residential designs from Architectus. They address the site beautifully, embrace the occupants, provide stylish shelter within well considered spaces. Much more after the jump.

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Billinkoff Architecture

I stumbled upon the website of architecture firm Billinkoff based out of Manhattan that provides architecture, planning and interior design services. Their modern designs are streamlined and chic and sleek, without being cold and impersonal. Their not-so modern designs excel in their own right and are the coolest cottage-y spaces I've seen in a while. I'm in love with it all. And I'm taking notes. (See the more countrified spaces after the jump).

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Schappacher White

Happy Friday! How about a bit of wonderful architecture and interior design from SchappacherWhite Ltd., a New York-based firm founded by Steve Schappacher and Rhea White. Whether it be modern, contemporary or country chic, these folks know what they're doing. I think my favourite has to be the first group of photos, of a 1904 farm house renovation in Shelter Island, NY. Black and white seems to be where it's at these days and I could not love it more.


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Maddison Architects

Maddison Architects  take a holistic approach to their work. Think architecture, interior design and landscape design. These houses address their site, explore their purpose. Like a lifesaver's tower rising from the beach the first home is perfect for costal living. Inside and out meld seamlessly. The design is responsive not intrusive. Summer holidays all year round. Don't miss the black house after the jump. I have it saved in my files for my perfect bush retreat.

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Chris Dyson and a sense of time and place

Buildings have a sense of place and time. They relate to where they are, when they are and vice versa. Buildings have a past and a future and the whole complex web winds around the inhabitants and the environment. Architect Chris Dyson and his team take pride in the sense of place of a building whether it is a Georgian reno in Spitalfields, London or a large development in China. What I love about his portfolio the most is his reworking of traditional buildings in a modern way. Taking their past into a future by understanding what they were, are and what they could become. No foisting a purpose or "persona" on them. No bowing or breaking. Just fulfilling and freeing.




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