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Mastro Skylar Architects

Emily emailed Jo and I recently hoping we could find her some inspirational photos for a dilemma she has with her bedroom. Due to the chaos involved with trying to get ready for the holidays, our help will have to be postponed a little bit. In the meantime I thought we could showcase the work of her very talented aunt and uncle, James Mastro and Claudia Skylar of Mastro Skylar Architects. I cannot even fathom how awesome it would be to have architects in the family. I know I would certainly save up some dough, get myself a plot of land and have them design me the house of my dreams. So to start I thought I'd showcase some photos of Emily's aunt and uncle's own home, a converted 1905 carriage repair shop. "This is our house: filled with light and space and our favorite stuff. Airy but cozy. Colorful but neutral. Sometimes playful, sometimes elegant. Radical ways of organizing space that make perfect sense. Understand our house and you’ll know everything there is to know about us."


I think the greenhouse is my favourite space. (What a dream!) And here are a few more spaces they've designed.



Stiff + Trevillion

It’s easy to see why Stiff + Trevillion are leading U.K. architects. Theirs is not a definable “style”. It’s modern, clean lined and addresses the connection between heritage and the future, preservation and everyday use. It’s about light and volume, the client’s needs and beautiful spaces. More than inspiring.






Thinly sliced

Here's the skinny. Every day as I walk to work I see a stiletto of steel slicing the sky. Not a skyscraper but a pencil thin house designed by architectural firm Codd Stenders. I often daydream of living in this house right in the centre of town that is mere 3 metres wide spread over 3 floors. Yes 3 metres Kim. (Does it remind you of your 12 ft wide Canadian home?) Today we get to stalk Villa Gotha. It's for sale. What you see is what you get. One room wide. Link here while it lasts.


Wendy Posard

Traditional but fresh. California architect and interior designer Wendy Posard takes classical style, mixes in contemporary sensibility and comes up with a modern take on elegance. Simply timeless with an emphasis on craftsmanship these homes will weather any fickle fad and remain as beautiful for many years to come.








Koop Design is an architecture and custom furniture firm based in South Africa. It was founded in 1999 by Richard Stretton. Richard's first 2 projects were 2 game lodges where he lived on-site in remote settings and built the buildings and furniture by hand. Koop’s design ethos - to produce buildings and products that are environmentally sensitive and energy efficient. A crossover between architectural and furniture design form s the basis of Koop; the furniture is approached structurally and the architecture is assembled like large pieces of furniture. Beautiful settings for such beautifully hand-crafted work. Check out the website for all the gorgeous furniture he has designed that can be ordered.