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Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

The San Francisco based architecture and interior design firm of Turnbull Griffin Haesloop is renowned for sustainable, site-sensitive design. "We believe architecture is primarily concerned with establishing a 'sense of place', inspired by the uniqueness of each site and each client. Since the concept for each of our buildings is rooted in its environment, we are particularly attentive to topography, microclimate, vegetation and solar orientation." I could just stare at their portfolio all day, and dream about each of these magical spaces.


OK so I was stalking again

.... and I found this little gem. On a tiny vacant lot between period terraces Kavellaris Urban Design have not only created an environmentally sustainable family home but pushed the envelop of what we think of heritage values and the cultural significance of the built environment. It's not just a "decorated shed" though but a space that reacts with and to its inhabitants as well as challenging what is private and what is public. Now for sale, you'll find the real estate link here while it lasts.


Wingårdhs through a special lens

More Scandinavian design and once again a great demonstration of understanding the site and how a building can relate to its environment. Swedish architectural firm Wingårdhs designed both these houses. Wide walls of glass address the views while private areas provide a warm cocoon. It's the spectacular and the everyday. Today's post is also a celebration of great photography. Åke E:son Lindman takes an already impressive design and adds the drama through his clever photography. Not just light or angles or composition it's his understanding of the architecture itself. Both websites will delight you.


XTEN Architecture

Today is a civic holiday here (making it a 4 day weekend for me - YAY!) and I think the 8th day this summer where we're not expecting rain, so I have got to get off my laptop and get my butt outside and enjoy this weather while it lasts. But first, a little bit of award-winning modern architecture by XTEN Architecture, a firm located in Los Angeles, that is bound to knock your socks off.


Johnston Architects

In keeping with the architecture theme of yesterday, I thought I'd share another firm I recently came across on my internet travels. Located in Seattle, Johnston Architects creates modern oases with strategically placed windows to drink in all the breathtaking views. The magnificent views and landscapes paired with such creative architecture results in spectacular residences that must be the envy of all the neighbours.