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Tommaso Ziffer

Big, bold and strong. Italian architect Tommaso Ziffer designs the interiors of apartments, villas, hotels and even a palace. Whether contemporary, eclectic or classic his designs are rich in colour while marrying design classic furniture with a sense of fun and vibrancy. So stylish, so Italian.

Images from Tommaso Ziffer


Drew Heath Architects

Travelling home from work today I noticed the roads were quieter. That time of the year when those that can flee the city for the summer holidays. A great Australian tradition is to escape to the beach but I'm just as much at home fleeing to the cooler hills or down to the calm lakes and rivers.

Drew Heath has designed two simple hideaways I dream of owning. I love the spartan quality of the cabin in the bush but I'm drawn to the simple lines of the house boat as well. Luxury in life isn't counted in the number of rooms and the most expensive finishes. Luxury is having an escape from the cares of the world to enjoy the simple pleasures with your friends. Drew has a passion for low impact environmental buildings He is both architect and builder. He enjoys the intimacy of the hand built and the small scale. The website is spartan like his designs but to read more about the Zig Zag Cabin go here.


Architect Prineas

"In a city like Sydney our greatest strength is our ability to maximise space and natural light through efficient, environmentally conscious planning. With a passion for aesthetics, we not only fulfill a project brief, we create beautiful places to live, work or visit." And it's true. Clean minimal lines, clever spatial planning and loads of light flooding in in unexpected ways are essential elements of the designs by Architect Prineas. Check out the unusual placement of windows that allow light in and maximise privacy as well as the clever placement of the flat screen TV on the outside of the kitchen island.

Images from Architect Prineas


Stephen Miller Siegel

Modern timeless classic. So says the website of New York architect and interior designer Stephen Miller Siegal. Muted colours and unusual textures are trade marks but there is a lot to learn from the details here. A platter of beautifully aligned green apples mirrors a ficus in an otherwise neutral room. Texture enriches dark brooding rooms. Art work is massed in carefully curated groups. These rooms invoke salons and libraries and formal dining rooms. Modern timeless and classic.


Mies van der Rohe-inspired apartment

The following photos are of a 500 square foot apartment in Chicago that was renovated and decorated by architect Peter Roesch and his wife. They have since sold it to friends, furniture included. It's simple, modern and clean-lined, with tons of storage to keep it clutter-free.