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M (Group)

Designer Carey Maloney and architect Hermes Mallea are the Manhattan-based M (Group). For more than two decades they have been creating classic and chic homes, beautiful and elegant but with wit and charm. Perhaps my favourite room is the Moroccan-tiled, marble-countered kitchen. All those windows - swoon! The inside outside feel and that amazing garden just within picking distance - smitten! All this in a Manhattan apartment. (See more here.)


Studio Nine

Let me introduce Studio Nine, a South Australian architectural practice. I was going to wax lyrical about their modern, honest spaces but their own words some up their design beliefs best.

“Think of when you have been forced to spend time in a room you hated; then compare that with one you never wanted to leave because you loved being there. Love and hate. Two very powerful emotions. But why?
Architecture has a profound effect on the natural environment. And naturally, that includes human beings. Beyond what we perhaps realise, it influences our emotions, our moods, our efficiency, our creativity, how we conduct our lives and our business. The style, the colours, the materials used, the space and the light all evoke a human reaction. Maybe not an overt response. But their effects are undeniable.”

And where would I like to be? In that bright, light and oh so green kitchen. How could you not start the day with pep in your step?


Those talented Giannettis

Jo posted the classic elegance of Brooke Giannetti's interior designs last month and Brooke emailed recently wanting to share with us her talented architect husband Stephen's collaboration with interior designer Madeline Stuart. It's a property in Malibu that was featured in the September/October issue of Veranda. Talk about soothing, calm, warm and inviting. LOVE.



Aleksandra emailed us the other day with the following: "I would like to share with you an apartment project realized in Warsaw, Poland. I have never seen any polish design at your blog and when I found "softbox" I couldn't resist. I had to write to you. It is about 70 square meters apartment, which instead of walls have curtains made from the same material that airbags are made of. Those curtains divide the apartment into bedroom, workroom etc. I think it's interesting and beautiful design. The central part of the apartment, called "hardbox" contains among others the kitchen and bathroom and is custom made out of old furniture. The company which designed it is called Centrala, designers are Kuba Szczesny & Gosia Kuciewicz." I really enjoy featuring creative living spaces on the blog so a big thanks to Aleksandra for wanting to share this one.

Here are more photos of Centrala's work I found on their website.


Sander Architects

"Sander Architects seeks to find a balance between poetry and pragmatics. Starting with essential elements: environment, program, site restrictions, we encourage forms to develop which satisfy these basic needs while embracing the possibility of the poetic." And it's true! Beautiful sensitive and creative designs that are also at the forefront of green design.It's all about the power of light and space, site and spirit. I've concentrated on mainly interiors here but a visit to Whitney Sander's design firm's website reveals so much more including detailed explanations of each highly crafted building.