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A modern addition to a deco home

A modern addition to an Art Deco home by Folk Architects has been brought to life by Sydney-based design studio Amber Road. What could have read as disparate spaces now references deco elements through colour, texture and a bespoke light fitting in the entrance. A thoroughly stylish family home.

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double g

I have had an undying design crush on Parisian architecture and interior design firm double g for too many years now. Yes it helps if you start with a building with great bones but no-one fleshes out those bones better than this French duo. This 200sqm apartment in Saint-Georges is just sublime.



Working on a Saturday

Hate is not a strong enough word. Fear and loathing spring to mind and to me are associated with two things in the world ... clowns and dentists. Urgh!!! What I always say on my Working on a Saturday posts "If you have to drag yourself into work on a Saturday it better be somewhere stylish" can equally apply to visiting a dentist. "If you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming into the gaping maw of dental terror ..." This seriously stylish dental practice by Surroundings would actually have me overcoming my fears.

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Through the back door

I don't know what I like better, the view through the back door or the kitchen itself. Doesn't matter. It's a definite case of kitchen love. By Sydney-based interior architect Sally Rhys-Jones.


Nooks and crannies

"... a series of elegant, open plan and light filled spaces conceived as a series of nooks from the scale of a room down to the home for a favourite bowl."

I love the kitchen in this extension of a Victorian-era terrace house. MDF, cast concrete, cement tiles, stainless steel and birch faced plywood create a modern, practical and stylsih kitchen. Best part? That bench seat and window looking out to the garden. Nook House by London-based Mustard Architects.