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Prefab fab

What a happy house! Or should that be Happy Haus? Fabulous prefab houses designed by two of Brisbane's leading architectural firms, the brilliant Owen and Vokes and the edgy Donovan Hill for Happy Haus. One module, two, three or more trucked to your site, single or double storey or as pavilions. This is Owen and Vokes' White Series, a play on the traditional holiday shack. Simple and stylish, modern but with that retro vibe. More after the jump including just a peek at Donovan Hill's DHAN module. You can see more on their site or at Happy Haus. I'm dreaming of  an isolated headland and a module or two.

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Slice of heaven

Ever imagined what heaven looks like? Maybe just a little bit like New Zealand. And when the scenery is so spectacular then Te Kaitaka, a retreat located on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanaka in the South Island is the perfect design solution. Inspired by folded paper it is by architects Stevens Lawson. Te Kaitaka has just been announced as NZ Home of the Year, the third win by Stevens Lawson. Their's is a quest in design to respect the site, to explore the genius loci and the cultural values.  "Architecture of humanism and spirit." So true.

(Thanks Sammy for the link and there is one more fabulous award winning house after the jump.)




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Reader's home - a remarkable transformation

Marija is an architect and interior designer from Lithuania who remodeled her apartment last summer and wanted to share it with our readers. The space is only 60 square metres and due to the economic and real estate crisis, her grandiose plans needed to be downsized so she opted to spend only 700 EUR and do the work herself (well, with one visit from an electrician and one from a carpenter) - in six weeks. I am blown away by every single thing she has done to her place and the little touches here and there that came it really special. It's a spectacular transformation and I am excited to show it to you all. I'll take you on a tour of Marija's home room by room, in her words.

The living and the dining room. I peeled away the prior floor sheets and I painted the floor boards in white and ivory colour strips according floor board step – that visually made space wider and brighter; renewed and painted the ceiling; two doors leading to bedrooms were repainted in black chalkboard paint. I also decided to have a 'window sills' above the window and two alcoves in opposite wall – now their serves as an exposition space for wooden sculptures  storage space and a curtain-rods holder for curtains to mask the storage in alcoves and decorative curtains beside the window.


The kitchen. In the kitchen, I had to peel off four layers of old vinyl coverings:) The unimpressive back wall of the TV table that did not fit anywhere I covered by the plexiglass cover and applied a wall décor sticker and it has transformed into my favourite kitchen island. The similar sticker appeared on the entrance door and small refrigerator. The rest of the doors of the room were painted black with chalkboard paint to be covered by chalk drawings.


Don't miss a few more rooms after the jump!

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Studio Guilherme Torres

A few weeks ago we received an email from Xenia Itikawa who works for Studio Guilherme Torres Architecture in Brazil. Xenia kindly offered to send some of their projects for us to publish. Clicking over to their website I quickly emailed back and said yes please! Xenia I couldn't wait any longer. I'm so impatient to share more brilliant Brazilian design. What is it about this design scene that excites so much? Studio Guilherme Torres' work is both reverent and irreverent. It pays homage to modern design but takes it further then lifts it up even more with wit and sexiness, serious sexiness. Hot, hot, hot! (More after the jump.)

Xenia just because I'm jumping the gun it doesn't mean that we don't want to see more photos. PLEASE send us lots of lucious and sexy Brazillian design.




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As I've mentionned a couple of times, my husband and I have been doing a bit of research looking for architects to help us plan the additions we want to make to our WAY too small and WAY too boring home. Our cat-sitter used to live on a street a few blocks from us where there was one of the coolest yet simplest homes I've ever seen around Ottawa. We recently saw the home in Ottawa Magazine and found out it was designed by local architect John Donkin. It's 1700 square feet and his client had 3 requirements: a garden, a visitors' apartment, and a strong street presence. The visitors' apartment is cantilevered sideways over the lot which creates a shaded area in summer and a covered parking spot and sheltered entrance in winter. The mix of materials on the facade is exactly what I'm looking for and the kicker is the front of the home (iron?) has rusted over time and turned the most beautiful deep orange shade (second photo found on the blog Move That Bus!!!). Check out more of his designs after the jump.

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