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Wolveridge Architects

With a base in gritty urban Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia Wolveridge Architects design a broad range of project types but are especially well known for their work in coastal and rural areas. Core to their designs is exploring the relationship of the site and its environs and the role of ecologically sustainable designing using passive design techniques and sustainable building systems and recycled materials. Green never looked so urban.


Joe Serrins

Joe Serrins Studio does it all - architecture, interior design, furniture design, accessories and art curatorial services. A master at modern residential design, Joe Serrins' portfolio is absolutely stunning...lots of white with pops of colour, gorgeous furnishings, and I adore the forest wallpaper.


SkB Architects

Shannon Rankin, Kyle Gaffney and Brian Collins-Friedrichs began their architectural firm SkB Architects in 1999 in Seattle and in a short amount of time have grown into a highly successful company. Their style is mostly modern but each space feels very warm and inviting. I LOVE the wall in the photo above with the built-in display niche and bookshelf - amazing use of space.


Jessica Lagrange

Jessica Lagrange launched her interior and architectural design firm (Jessica Lagrange Interiors) in 1998 in Chicago. Her work, a mix of modern and traditional, is a wonder; incredible that someone can be so talented at such opposing styles. Both she masters with elegance and exquisiteness.


From the desk of lola

Alexandra Loew and Lauren Soloff are from the desk of lola. Love their description of their design firm, "The ladies of Lola have created a unique practice that takes seriously one thing that architectural profession has too frequently overlooked: decoration." Yah! Fun, quirky at times and drop dead gorgeous their interiors scream "come on in, have a drink". First prize too for the best name for a fabulous design firm!