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Woolsey Studio

Architect Kristine Woolsey launched Arizona-based Woolsey Studio in 1994, and has since designed hundreds of homes, restaurants, museums, community centers and other building types. They also have interior and landscape designers on staff. Talk about one-stop shopping! Love their spacious modern designs. Check out the second photo - it's a custom front door that swings 180 degrees! And those kitchens! (But what's up with the harness above the bed?? Interesting...)


James Mohn

Domestic, it's a lovely word. I conjures up images if home and family and the everyday. I found it interesting that architectural and interior design firm James Mohn Design Studio uses it in their profile. ".... contemporary domestic environments that are beautifully proportioned, integrated with their site and relevant to their context." Not the word residential as so many websites use. Domestic. Yes James Mohn designs truly beautiful contemporary spaces but more importantly they consider their inhabitants, families and real people.


Michael P Johnson

Michael P Johnson's portfolio will wow anyone with an appreciation for great modern architecture. "His buildings are highly interactive. Conventional boundaries of design are reinterpreted in his pursuit of meaningful innovation, frugal comfort, and sophisticated spatial awareness. They engage us with passion, make us move about, look, sometimes frown in curiosity and amazement, but always leave us with an elevated sense of immersion in true architecture." I had to include a few exterior photos of the homes he has designed because they are as incredible as the interiors. Check out his website for much more eye candy.


An architect's dream

I imagine this house may have developed from a crazy dream architect Robert Harvey Oshatz had one night. And for some lucky owner in Portland, Oregon this is their home....that FLOATS!!! The creativity one must have to come up with something like this is astounding. Here is the description on Oshatz's website: "The Fennell residence, as a floating house, presented a unique opportunity for design. The imaginative use of curved glue lam beams evoke the poetry of the ripples and contours of a river. The expansive glass facade embraces the river and frames the sunset, and one accesses the deck via an expansive sliding glass door. A master bedroom sits over a study and looks out over the living dining area and out to the river beyond. The curvilinear forms create spacial differentiation that enhance the experience of time as light plays through the daily and seasonal changes."


Renato Salvi

Renato Salvi is a Swiss/Italian architect whose homes are any modernist's dream come true. Floor to ceiling windows are a major part of his designs, as are raw materials and open spaces. Talk about being one with nature. You can't help but enjoy the views in these homes. The landscape functions as art. Love that.