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scrafano architects

"We strive to create environments that are serene, minimal, warm and sophisticated. We design and build projects exploring relationships between the built and the natural landscape. Our clients typically identify themselves within their environments by an acute awareness of the natural boundaries: ground, horizon and sky. Comparably, the built boundaries expressed in architecture consist of floors, walls and ceilings. By introducing the built into the natural, we explore the topological relationships of how architecture is situated in, on or above the ground. Views and connections from the interior to the exterior landscape are critical, and play an important role in the design process."

Love the explanation above from the website of scrafano architects - check out the views from the windows below and it'll all make perfect sense.


William Hefner

William Hefner Architecture (architect William Hefner and interior designer Kazuko Hoshino) are as concerned with interior space as they are with exterior. Their work, though crossing many styles, is timeless and elegant with an appreciation of natural materials and the craftsmanship and art of building. Theirs is an extensive portfolio (lots of eye candy) covering residential and commercial architecture, interior and landscape design as well as sustainable design. Too many pictures to share here. Click over to the website for so much more.


Stern McCafferty

Stern McCafferty, founded in 2000 by David Stern and Diane McCafferty, is an interior and architecture firm that has modern design down to an art form. They create airy, bright and inviting spaces. They also make really beautiful furniture - check their website for photos.


MR Architecture + Decor

What is it about a well designed modern space that is so appealing? These are residences created by New York based architectural firm MR Architecture + Decor. Elegant, “lean”, almost zen like at times these homes are not cold and hard. They’re inviting in their minimalism. It takes great discipline to live like this but oh what a wonderful freedom to surround yourself with just a few precious pieces in a crisply designed space.


Pierce Allen

Pierce Allen, an architecture and design firm located in New York, is the partnership of Michael Pierce and DD Allen. Together they bring magic to contemporary interiors through elegant furnishings and fearless splashes of colour, as in the case of the two bathrooms featured below. Talk about inspirational!