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A Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux

I really don't know how the French manage to be so damn chic all the time! This Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux, France was formerly offices and architect Daphné Serrado worked some magic to transform it into an absolutely decadent residential space filled with original features that are drop-dead gorgeous. She also designed most of the new elements such as the kitchen, library, office, bathrooms. The classic old and the modern new work so well in contrast with each other. 

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Lake House

The stuff of daydreams. Driving through the gates of your lakeside property. All shingles and shades of green. Settle your gaze on the rippling water and sigh. Turn and step into the inviting entry hall and hold your breath waiting for that first glimpse of the great room. Never disappoints. There is one problem though. Should you wash off the dust from your trip with a quick dip in the lake or a long soak in that bathroom. Thank goodness it's only a daydream and you're not really being forced to make the choice. Lake Martin House by Birmingham, Alabama-based Bill Ingram Architect.

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Stalking on a Saturday

I'm stalking a mid century classic, Bynya House, on the northern beaches of Sydney. Peter Muller, one of Australia’s most highly regarded and innovative architects, designed this Palm Beach house in 1954 for his own family (with subsequent renovations in 2014-2015). With its low slung form, cantilevered eaves and stepped ceiling and roof line, incorporated rock feature and all that glass, it is a wonderful example of the importance of the relationship between building and site. Please someone lend me the money so I can buy it and fill it full of my own mid century classic furniture. (You'll have to lend me the money for the furniture too.) For sale via Modern House. Link here while it lasts.

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It may seem easy to create a contemporary space within a beautiful, historic shell. Just toss in the required areas and hope for the best. If only it was this simple. The redevelopment of this 130m² apartment within an old Viennese building saw the architects reassess the space, changing layouts ever so slightly, defining ideas, distilling the design. Refining and re-invigorating.

"The careful restoration of the apartment’s substance that is worthy of preservation goes hand in hand with the integration of modern elements, thus creating an exciting dialogue between the Old and the New."

Apartment H+M by the aptly named Austrian architectural and design firm destilat.

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Coming in from the garden

Last month I got your creative garden juices flowing with a stunning specimen garden by Eckersley Garden Architecture but all along there was the tease of the house beyond. Now it's time to come in from the garden and enjoy the contemporary garden pavilion that is an addition to the original Edwardian building. Minimalist style at its very best with the border between inside and out all but dissolving. Baffle House by Clare Cousins Architects.

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