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Corrugated curve

Referencing the industrial buildings around it and blurring the distinction between wall and ceiling this rear extension rebuild encompasses the space while allowing a seamless transition between inside and out. Alexandria House 1 by Sydney based Pivot.

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Working on a Saturday

It's become my mantra. If you have to drag your sorry arse into work on the weekend then it better be somewhere fabulous. Egon Zehnder's Melbourne offices by IF Architecture.

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Nice niche

Perhaps I should rename this post "down the hatch". Love the redesign of this home in the small town of Vedbaek in Rudersdal, Denmark by Danish design dynamos NORM.Architects.

P.S. The glass hatch reveals a hundred year old wine cellar below.

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Apartment for a writer

It's called an apartment for a writer. Perhaps an apartment for an observer. For someone who reflects on their surrounds. Holds a mirror to the world and records, writes. Or perhaps is vain? Cares about looks and style. No that would be more likely if the mirror lined the desk space. Either way I'm smitten by this clever storage by Auckland based Cheshire Architects.


A country house

Italian design firm zanon architetti associati have breathed new life into this old Treviso country villa. The ground floor as become one large room while glass windows on the box like extension reflect the garden blurring the edges between inside and out. Vines grow up over the terracotta hued house and corten steel weathers to match the render. New and renewal, modern and traditional.

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