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Making connections

More like a favourite local café than a private house that's the thinking behind this modern extension to a California bungalow in St Kilda, Melbourne by MAKE Architecture. A place for family and friends to come together. A place to connect with the local community. Inside connecting with out. Private spaces connecting easily with public.

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Reorganized and reconfigured

I have a dream remodel to share with you today. I am always intrigued with spatial configuration and how architects can create really functional spaces out of ones that previously weren't. In this instance, Bunker Workshop reorganized a series of interior spaces in this late 19th century Beacon Hill, Boston home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, utilities, and a kitchen were reconfigured to support the needs of a growing family. A limited material palette of wood, steel, and brick bring warmth and texture to the white cabinetry and millwork throughout. The resulting spaces honestly make me giddy. 

The kitchen blows my mind. Having the sink and stovetop in the island means no need for uppers, and large pantry units are then utilized for easy-access storage. 

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Office file

Time to do some filing. Some office inspiration filing that is. Studio on number 17 Belén Street, Granada by Elisa Valero.


Harriet Anstruther

Country to contemporary, traditional to modern, Harriet Anstruther Studio can do it all, and the resulting spaces are the most calming, inviting and timeless you can imagine. Each and every one of these rooms draws you in and I would be completely at ease and at peace in all of them. 

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Cantilevered in the woods

You know your friends would be bugging you constantly to spend boring winter weekends at your cabin if this was yours. And in the summer? Absolutely! Another perfectly executed home by _naturehumaine. Having bought a beautiful plot of wooded land in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the client dreamt of building a country house that would be in perfect symbiosis with its natural environment. The house is characterized by two stacked volumes; a wooden clad volume anchored into the mountain supports a cantilevering ground floor volume above. This gable roofed volume raised into the air gives the sensation that the house is floating amongst the trees. Vast views of Mount Orford and the valley below are framed by a long horizontal strip window. The kitchen and master bathroom are carved out of a black volume at the center of the house dividing living spaces from the master bedroom.

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