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  1. brought or placed together; forming an aggregation from various sources:
  2. having control; calm

Perhaps an equal share of both. What a beautiful pied-à-terre in New York's Chelsea by Montreal-based Les Ensembliers.

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Stalking an up-cycle house

I'm stalking something slightly different today. I'm in Blackheath, a town in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney and I'm stalking the first home of a young architect. "Up-Cycle House is a freestanding 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home that is ideally located within walking distance to the lively high street of Blackheath Village. The house has been lovingly renovated by Architect and owner Alexander Symes. Recently completed, the renovation pays tribute to recycled building materials that have been “up-cycled” with a creativity and playfulness not found in an ordinary house. The architectural vision has come to life to create a unique home that celebrates sustainable design and living."  The link to the real estate listing is here while it lasts and you can read more of Symes process here.

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A renovated terrace home in Paddington

I am forever in awe of architects who are willing to maintain original features in a refurbishment whilst modernizing the structure. This narrow terrace home in Paddington, Sydney is absolutely gorgeous and has impeccable attention to detail. The little workspace nook built out of the side of the kitchen cabinet is brilliant, and I adore the skylights over the kitchen and the narrow display nooks among the upper cabinets (a great idea if you are trying to squeeze Ikea cabinets into a space that just don't fit). A sleek, chic and fabulous home. Kudos to Tom Ferguson (TFAD) on a superb project. 
P.S. I am short on pets on furniture entries tso hopefully it will be back next Monday. Send your entries to me @ kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net or hashtag in IG with #dtipetsonfurniture.

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Working out on a Saturday

Is yoga really exercise as opposed to a form of meditation? And is it hard work if your yoga studio looks this good? Humming Puppy Sydney by Karen Abernethy in collaboration with Louisa MacLeod.

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The best of both worlds

I couldn't think of anything better. A fine old home, originally designed by 1930s society architect Marcus Martin, beautifully renovated and extended by Melbourne-based Powell & Glenn. The best of both worlds. Deco bones and modern living filled with artwork and iconic furniture pieces. 

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