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Playing tricks

High design and optical illusions. How did they do that sink? Look very closely and you can work it bout. A sliver of minimalist style by i29.

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Working on a Saturday

Imagine working in a salon like this. Imagine learning your craft here. Imagine being a client. I've got my eyes closed tight and I'm imagining as hard as I can. Beauty EDU by Techné Architecture + Interior Design is ... well ... just beautiful.

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In the dog box

Three young architects quit their jobs, form their own firm, buy a cheap block of land and spend a year building their design themselves and end up in the dog box. Sorry that should read end up with an award winning DOGBOX. Design put into hands on practice by New Zealand's Patch WorK Architecture.

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If the world was perfect you'd find me here, glass in hand, waiting for your arrival. Hawkesbury Managers House by Herriot + Melhuish: Architecture and Marmol Radziner and Associates.


Sleek kitchen makeover

A stylish kitchen makeover by Boston based architectural firm Bunker Workshop. Tired and dated becomes bright, light, sleek and contemporary.

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