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Sometimes I look at a home and my first thought isn't "oh it's beautiful," not even a simple "wow". No sometimes my green eyed monster stirs and I mutter "lucky bastards". Facade, pool and terrace on Shelter Island by New York-based Andre Tchelistcheff Architects.

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Working on a Saturday

How could you ever call it work if where you made your living was as lovely as this fashion showroom? Laure de Sagazan Studio in New York by LOT.

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Courtyard Cottage

This 3 bedroom house in central Flinders in Victoria was designed for a young family by Wolveridge Architects. The simple clean lines of the facade are matched by the interiors where a series of rooms are connected to each other through cut out views and slat screens. Changes of level, up or down a few steps also delineate the simple spaces, while a central courtyard with fireplace provides a sheltered outdoor room. Understated and simply stylish.

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Oyster Bay

According to Cole Porter, in his song Let's Do It, "even oysters down in Oyster Bay do it." So let's do it. Let's fall in love ... with this Oyster Bay house by BHDM Design. Lousy pun, lovely home.

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Big Sky Land

Big view. Big mountains. Big fireplace. Big seats. Big Sky Land. Pearson Design Group.