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The White Room

White, blanched, chalky, snowy, milky, ivory, clean, spotless, pale, light, colourless, pure, unblemished, achromatic, without hue. The White Room by Barcelona-based Italian architects CaSA is a minimalist holiday apartment in Sitges, Spain just a few steps from the beach. At just 36 sq m with 11 sq m of terrace this tiny, shiny white box was renovated on a very small budget and is now a light filled refuge, a peaceful place for introspection for its owner, a French Art historian and curator, professor at the Sorbonne University.

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Concrete and wood

Concrete, wood, brick, floor to ceiling windows....sounds like the making of a sweet apartment I would say. This space by Brazilian architecture firm Play Arquitetura (the folks that brought you the cat apartment) just needs a few rugs to warm up the space and a few more accessories and it is pretty much on point. 


Working on a Saturday

There is something clean, contemporary and killer about the Blue Communications office by Montréal-based Atelier Moderno in collaboration with Anne Sophie Goneau and I'm not just talking about the life size sharks floating around the walls. I still can't believe I have found two workspaces in a matter of weeks that feature sharks as a design statement. A company mascot or perhaps a work ethic? Anyway as I always say if you have to drag your sorry self into work on the weekend it helps if it's somewhere stylish.

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Wicklow Residence

I cannot be stopped! Here is yet another blog-worthy project by the immensely talented architecture and design firm Kingston Lafferty Design. This extension and renovation project of a 200 year old stone cottage is the perfect eclectic contrast of traditional and modern architecture, of "granny" and mid-century furnishings (Saarinen Womb chair and side table, Wegner Wishbone dining chairs and Shell chair and Eames walnut stool for the win!) and the unexpectedness of it all is so intriguing. 

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An 18th century home overhauled

Lawd half mursey, this home is completely blowing my mind. Located in Dublin, Ireland, this 18th century 2 story home was dilapidated and in need of a complete overhaul. Kingston Lafferty Design transformed this dump into a dream. Extensive structural works were required to support both the existing and proposed structures and to retain the neighbouring properties. Although the property has a generous floor area, the existing layout and rear garden were negatively impacting the usability of the space. The main objective of the interior design was to maximise the space available and direct as much natural light as possible into the existing property. The entire basement floor level was reduced to improve floor to ceiling height and the rear garden was extensively excavated to allow for the construction of a large conservatory extension. A tiered garden was designed to increase the quality of natural light entering the basement level. The linear forms and raw materials create a contemporary space which juxtaposes beautifully within the period features of the original property and the traditional style conservatory.

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