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Chrystobel Crescent

A Federation style house and a modern extension. An earlier renovation that just wasn't working for the owners. Enter Multiplicity who have taken the addition, changed ceiling heights, opened walls with glazing, added interest through timber joinery and brought the uninspiring space to life without the wholesale waste of demolishing an addition that was under 10 years old.

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Any dock in a storm

Sometimes I want to run away to a calmer life, a simpler house, less possessions, a safe harbour in a storm, to a house perched on a hill surrounded by bush. Today I am dreaming of chasing the late afternoon sun on a deck. Whipbirds crack the air with their song. A chill is creeping up the hill and I'm wondering how long I can leave it before I have to rise and pull the doors to. Perhaps I'll light my first fire of the season. But not quite now. Just a little more time in the sun. Bonnet Hill House in Tasmania by Dock4.

(Note to Tasmanian readers. I have an inkling that whipbirds are not found on your island but it's my daydream and they're my favourite bird call.)

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Speaking of chandeliers...

ohhhhh YESSSSSSSS!!!! (Via HS2 Architecture)


Retro love

There is a part of me deep down that will always love mid-century homes decorated top to bottom in retro furnishings. Brazilian architect/designer Guilherme Torres has been featured here several times (my last post here) and often creates vibrant, modern, industrial spaces filled with colourful elements. This time he has the colourful elements in al their glory, but this time the architecture has a more mid-century vibe. Super funky. 

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BC+A Architecture 

There is something about a house that lets the view do the talking. A beautiful, black box sits lightly on the steep block. Interiors are kept simple yet stylish. It's the use of glass and of the view that makes this home so special. Positive and negative space. Volumes and voids. Public views and intimate space. A Wellington, New Zealand home renovation by BC+A Architecture.

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