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Narrow beauty

Luxury and style in a house only 11ft (that's just over 3m) wide. The narrow dwelling rises over 3 storeys and has been selectively gutted and thoughtfully renovated to create a fab family home. There's even a little surprise at the end of the garden. The Warren Mews Townhouse in the Cobble Hill neighbourhood of Brooklyn by Ensemble Architecture and Elizabeth Roberts Design.

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Because I love good design. Because it's about people and their homes, their stories and their dreams, when they decide to stay and extend to continue their relationship with a building. Because it's all in the details. Because I want to highlight more of South Australian design firm Williams, Burton, Leopardi. Because.

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Stalking a boho terrace in Bondi

I haven't had much luck stalking real estate lately but today I have found a lovely family home in Bondi, Sydney. Light wells and changes of levels, interesting use of materials and a fab, relaxed boho feel. Not that most Australians will be able to afford this home. The medium price of Sydney houses reached $1 million this week. Apparently now more expensive than London. And this house will go for a lot more than that at auction. Ouch! Will the bubble burst soon? The architect is Dennis Rabinowitz of JPRA Architects and the link is here while it lasts.

P.S. Watch the video. It gives a much better idea of the flow of the house. Just excuse the very Australian accent.

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Taking a dip

When I need inspiration all I need to do is dive into Jonathan Tuckey Design. It's such a refreshing dip. Today I have a hankering for a seaside getaway. Beach House in Cap Ferret.

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A glamorous kitchen

A kitchen can just be a kitchen. A place to cook. A place to eat. A place clean up after cooking. A kitchen can be serviceable, practical, sensible and, with a little passion for design, a kitchen can be glamorous. By Williams Burton Lepardi.

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