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I was super excited to stumble upon the website of Austin, TX architects Andersson-Wise. Why you may ask? One of their projects just may be my future home (the home before the jump....well, a variation of it anyway, and minus the water view dammit). Their homes are rustic and modern and works of art. Each one a dream. Well, my dream anyway. And how cool is that house lined with wood stacks?  

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Pattersons is an architecture firm from New Zealand that is responsible for the creation of some really spectacular homes. Not too fussy or over the top, they specialize in modern designs but keep it simple and elegant. The sheep seem to approve. :)

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Algreen Arkiteckter

A simple yet stylish renovation of the old custom officer's house in Hammerhavn, Denmark by Algreen Arkiteckter. Simple beauty to drink in the stunning beauty of the restless Baltic Sea and the old harbor.

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I wish

I wish I could live in this New York apartment. I wish I could be clean and tidy. I wish my fat labrador didn't shed hair, that my blind husband didn't drag dirty fingers along walls as he walks through the space, that I always manage to spill a drop or two of my coffee as I traverse the kitchen. I wish I could live in this white wonderland. White walls, white floors, white and light furniture. I wish that powder room was mine. I could live happily just in that powder room. I wish I didn't shed hair like my dog. I wish I had a cleaning lady. I wish I lived in this New York apartment.  Sigh ... I wish. By Resolution: 4 Architecture.

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Livia Ribas

All I can think of is living large in this apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Areas for lounging with family and friends, a dining table that seems to stretch forever and a gorgeous now you see it now you don't office. Super stylish living up in a tower block by Livia Ribas.

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