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Casa Pacaembu

A contemporary design where the humble concrete block is the hero. Vertical spaces tied together by a sliver of white steel. A cool spot in a tropical clime. Casa Pacaembu by São Paulo based AMC - Arquitetura e Interiores.

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Perfect porch

Crazy busy. Crazy busy. Frantic, pulling my hair out, stressed. But then there is always this, always here, always peaceful. TsAO & McKOWN via homelife.


Apartment remodel

I love the deep window recesses which mean wide ledges for perching. I love the holes above the radiator. I love the pull down screen/blind for lazy Sunday afternoon movie watching but most of all I love that this is a cool family home, full shelves and chalk wall scrawl and all. By Bratislava, Slovakia based architect JRKVC.

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Mitchell & Stout Architects

Mitchell & Stout Architects from New Zealand have wowed me with their ability to create some really imaginative homes, whose beauty is accentuated by the magnificent surroundings. The photo above is all I need. To sit in that Eames chair, close my eyes and breathe. 

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The Brooklyn Home Company

Real estate developers, architecture and interior design consultants...The Brooklyn Home Company pretty much does it all. They know what will sell, and what will capture your attention and your heart. And these spaces from several of their development projects would have me signing on the dotted line. 

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