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Southold simplicity

2017. I can't believe it. The start of a new year on the blog and I'm excited to get going. My round up of room favourites for 2016 revealed a shift in my tastes. A shift towards a simplified way of living. A shift away from the gimmicky, the throw away, the quick fix. (I know I'll be tempted though. I'm human after all.) It's not about trends. It never should be. It's about exploring your style but keeping it real. It's about the beauty of being authentic. A lovely of cottage isn't torn down or tarted up to be something it's not. It's respected and lived in. It's about surrounding yourself with the pieces you have collected and cherished over time. It's about your personality settling comfortably into the rooms you inhibit. It's like this home in Southold on Long Island by Jennifer Vaughn Miller of Vaughn Miller Studio. Simply beautiful.

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A weekend home with ocean views

With views like this who cares what the house looks like?! But when it's as fabulous as this - BONUS! An interior landscape is created which merges into the surrounding external landscape. Materials and colours are drawn from the local environment and counterbalance the intense blue ocean hues. Natural timbers, local stone, textures tiles and muted stones are selected to mimic the surrounds. Selected paint and tile colours reflect the deep oranges and reds found in the local stone and local flora. The house is grand in scale, yet the spaces are relaxed yet sophisticated, modular and flexible. The balanced selection of imported and local furniture, lighting and materials celebrates the quality of local design within a global design environment. By FMD Architects.

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Modern pastels

I'm still reeling from the crowded chaos of my Christmas shopping. It's time for another getaway to calm my jangled nerves and as for those of you facing the long, bleak hours of a hump day at work I'm guessing you'd like a virtual escape too. How about the soothing pastel prettiness of London's Leman Locke Hotel by Grzywinski+Pons? I love the play of powder-puff pastels against the raw concrete and the modern minimalism. Meet you in the bar for a drink. Something pink perhaps?

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Moonlight Cabin

I braved a shopping mall this morning. I lasted 30 minutes before running, screaming for my sanity, from the packed Christmas crowds. Mothers with shrieking toddlers in tow, elderly shoppers shuffling at snail's pace, gauche teenagers collecting in packs, frazzled partners fidgeting and furtive hipsters diving in and out before they can be seen in such a place. Blaring Christmas music, flashing sale signs, insistent kitchen gadget touts throwing themselves in my path, shopping trolleys with wonky wheels. At this time of year I'd love to escape to the solitude of a cabin, perched in the middle of nowhere, with only the wind to harry me. So if you're looking for a gift to give me a little stocking stuffer like Moonlight cabin by Melbourne-based Jackson Clements Burrows Architects would be perfect.


Surry Hills House

It's as if this small inner-city Sydney terrace house is opening its arms to the outside. The kitchen diner extends into a petite but stylish courtyard garden while the bedroom has its own private deck. We Australians adore this inside out living but what I love most about this house is the natural light that floods into what would have originally been a dark and claustrophobic house. Surry Hills House by Benn & Penna.

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