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Seamless beauty

"An elegant background for everyday living." That's what Brooklyn-based architectural firm Bangia Agostinho strive to create and I can't get enough. This extensive renovation in Carroll Gardens takes the building back to its beautiful, simple bones and seamlessly inserts the perfect living space for a modern family so that traditional and contemporary complement and enhance.

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Onetangi Beach House

There's something subliminal going on with my posts so far this week. Beach houses and holiday rental accommodation, accommodation and houses by the sea. Perhaps I need some time off? A holiday in a beach house? Or perhaps it's just where the interwebs have taken me this week. Like this beautiful home at Onetangi Beach by New Zealand design firm Sumich Chaplin Architects. Open the doors and drink in that view.

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Working on a Saturday

You may be feeling dark and moody if you have to head into the office on a Saturday but not as dark and moody as this Amsterdam turn key project by TANK. Talk about drama at work!

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A Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux

I really don't know how the French manage to be so damn chic all the time! This Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux, France was formerly offices and architect Daphné Serrado worked some magic to transform it into an absolutely decadent residential space filled with original features that are drop-dead gorgeous. She also designed most of the new elements such as the kitchen, library, office, bathrooms. The classic old and the modern new work so well in contrast with each other. 

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Lake House

The stuff of daydreams. Driving through the gates of your lakeside property. All shingles and shades of green. Settle your gaze on the rippling water and sigh. Turn and step into the inviting entry hall and hold your breath waiting for that first glimpse of the great room. Never disappoints. There is one problem though. Should you wash off the dust from your trip with a quick dip in the lake or a long soak in that bathroom. Thank goodness it's only a daydream and you're not really being forced to make the choice. Lake Martin House by Birmingham, Alabama-based Bill Ingram Architect.

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