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Stalking an artist's apartment

I'm stalking the inner-city Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. I'm stalking what would normally be a rather unremarkable 2 bedroom apartment except ... I'm stalking artist Guy Maestri's apartment. It's amazing how a stellar art collection can elevate the unremarkable to the exceptional. The price may be stratospheric but unfortunately that's due to Sydney's inflated market not wishful thinking that the contents are thrown in for the price. Link here while it lasts.

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Art, patterns and textures

Architectural and interior designer Hubert Zandberg continues to blow my mind with the reconfiguration and design of this 4 story family home located in Little Venice, London. Brilliant at displaying unique furniture and oddities, Hubert could not be more perfect for this project as the homeowners have a collection of archaeological and pre-Islamic artefacts and contemporary art. He certainly did these collections justice. 

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Stalking old school

I'm in the Sydney suburb of Annandale stalking an old school warehouse conversion. Not one of those new-build, pseudo industrial blocks with cookie cutter "loft" apartments. No I'm stalking an artist's studio and home with suspended concrete, open ceilings and clear span space. There are mezzanine floors, plywood walls, a glass tilt door and walls crammed with amazing art. It's a bit gritty, a bit grubby and it's fabulous. Please Mr Bank Manager can you lend me the outrageous asking price of $3.5 million? Link here while it lasts.

(P.S. Thanks to my stalking buddy Anne for the link.)

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The best of both worlds

I couldn't think of anything better. A fine old home, originally designed by 1930s society architect Marcus Martin, beautifully renovated and extended by Melbourne-based Powell & Glenn. The best of both worlds. Deco bones and modern living filled with artwork and iconic furniture pieces. 

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A Victorian with a bit of modern funk

Before the weekend gets going (mine's a bit nuts - new foster kitty arrived Wednesday), how about a glimpse into another project by Jeff Schlarb. This grand Victorian was built in 1893 and needed a bit of a facelift. With some stunning original features maintained and some modern elements added, this home is now rockin' a new era.