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Kim's favourite wall art 2016


Studio Suss

Simone Suss of London-based design firm Studio Suss takes the serious out of decor and just has fun. Elegant spaces with unexpected colour pairings, unique furnishings + art + textiles that when combined create an eclectic and visually stimulating experience. And OMG what is that art above?!?! LOVE IT!!!!

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Queen bee

Bitch, please

Collaboration of Maurizio Pellizzoni and GQ Magazine to style the Bachelor Pad feature in the July 2016 issue.
Michael Mobius - Queen


Classic and modern by Betsy Brown

Classic spaces with modern touches that are unique, thoughtful and absolutely beautiful. This is Betsy Brown. A well suited home is a portrait of those who live within. The palette colored by life's experiences, a graceful segue from solitude to public life. It is a place where one feels effortless alone or in the company of friends. Such a home is our aim. Its creation begins with inquiry into the patterns of daily living, understanding what is nurturing, stimulating, calming—what feels like home. It requires inspection of cherished objects, and introspection into cherished experiences. We observe and absorb what is abundant and appropriate, and attend to what is lacking. We expand upon the authentic and delete the superfluous. Modernist sensibilities form the foundation while antiquities inform and balance, providing a delicate tension and subtle energy. The result is a home that genuinely reflects one's true nature. A home that feels like home. 

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... is ppppperfect don't you think? With a slap of fabulous colour and a gallery wall to make you all envious, this flush of fun is by Summer Thornton Design.