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Apartment in Gdansk

Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska is back with yet another great project (see previous ones here). Her designs are typically contemporary/modern/mid-century but this time there's an Asian flair as her client spends alot of time in the Orient. A melange of styles, some beautiful rugs and my favourite lighting care of Tom Dixon make this a pretty awesome apartment. 

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Song Saa

No words except when is the next flight to Cambodia? Song Saa private island resort.

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JTJ Design

A terrace house in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stripped back to bare bones, renovated with steel and timber. A modern, minimalist home rising from the old shell. Spare and clean lined, relaxed, cool, calm. From it's ground floor TV den though open plan living and kitchen up to its zen like top floor chill out zone it is the perfect answer to tropical living in a hectic Asian capital. Design by Jessica Lim, Tony Heneberry and Jo England of JTJ Design, a KL based design and development company.

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OneByNine - Invader apartment

In Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, the OnebyNine studio architects took on the challenging brief to help design this 35 square meter apartment. Lukasz Wawrzenczyk and Ewa Koter, originally from Poland but now in Hong Kong, reworked the configuration, removed walls and created a more continuous space for living, sleeping and entertaining. As a quirky linking element, "Space Invaders" mosaics appear in several rooms. A small terrace with tropical plants is a perfect (and welcome) retreat from such a bustling, overcrowded city.

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Reader's home - Hong Kong

Mariel lives in an old apartment down a quiet little street in Hong Kong. I'll let her explain.

My apartment is in a 50-year old building on a quiet pedestrian-only street in the center of one of Hong Kong's busiest commercial districts. The neighborhood makes me think of New York. Thus, I wanted my apartment to have a "New York feel". I also wanted to keep some of the Asian/Oriental pieces that I've collected over the past ten years. At the same time, I was aiming for a somewhat more modern vibe. I asked my decorator-friend Richard Raymundo to help me make this happen. There is a big post almost right smack in the middle of my living/dining room. What a big challenge that was. In the end, we put one of my Asian sideboards there and made a beautiful tablescape of my Thai Buddha, some flowers, and candles. And to the left, we placed my LC4 , so I feel that I can enjoy a bit of privacy when I am lounging there.

Photography by Xavi Barca.

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