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Backyard bliss

Is it obvious that I'm collecting backyard inspiration? Hence my obsession with Sydney landscape architectural firm Secret Gardens? We're planning on doing some work to tame our jungle of a garden into something sophisticated, stylish, with outdoor "rooms". If only my place could be as stunning as this Coogee space. Definitely backyard bliss.

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O Residence

When you start with a bright pink door with black trim and tumbling block tile it should be called the OHHHHHHHHH Residence. Add some bright yellow and royal blue inside.... OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS!! Designed by Melbourne-based interior architecture firm Studio Tate.

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Inner sanctum

Limited space doesn't have to mean limited outdoor style. This small warehouse courtyard manages to include a pool, outdoor kitchen, luscious greenery and the fab feel of an inner sanctum. Clovelly garden by, who else but, Sydney-based landscape designers extraordinaire Secret Gardens.


A secret garden in Randwick

Not so much a secret garden although you must admit that backyard is a bit of a hidden oasis. No it's a design by Secret Gardens in Sydney's inner suburb of Randwick. Bright and breezy. Like being at a holiday resort 365 days a year.

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Wonder white

When white is wow there's no need to say much more. Stunning kitchen design by Sydney-based architect Daniel Raymond.