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The luxury of lo-fi

"Purposefully lo-fi, The Retreat embraces a low-tech aesthetic towards the operation of the building itself, fully embodying the idea of retreat and slowing down. Celebrating craftsmanship and integrity of materiality instead of technology, every wall of the building have been designed to contain components that manually fold, open and close to manipulate the space and transform the program of the building."

More and more these days I don't need large and ostentatious. I don't need transplanted and often inappropriate design styles. I do need quality and craftsmanship, beauty and a sense of purpose and place. I do need a slow building for slow living. I would love this multi-use private retreat/studio, not as a stylish folly but as my home. (I'd just need a storage shed conveniently out of sight or the willpower to divest myself of the treasure and junk I have accumulated over the years.) The Retreat in Balnarring, Victoria by Branch Studio Architects.

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Glasshouse Residence

Brisbane-based design firm Maytree Studios say they're humans first and architects second. Their emphasis on affordability, reuse and how people live and thrive within their designs is at the forefront of their Glasshouse Residence. Simple yet stylish, open-plan with an industrial vibe, warm and human-scale.

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A serene white house

No not that White House. This renovation project by SJB in Rye, Victoria is designed to be a place to relax, to close the door and just be. It's simple, clean lines, miminalist but not lacking in creature comforts, provide an oasis for the owners from their busy careers.

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A contemporary blonde brick holiday home

Are you old enough to remember blonde brick? I am. Just the thought of it has me cringing. Many crimes against design sensibility were committed in the 70s in the name of the insipid blocks. Fortunately the 80s saw the popularity of blonde bricks wane, replaced by their chocolate counterparts. (Urgh! Dark brown bricks with tumbled edges ... that's a horror story for another time.) Back to blonde bricks or should that be that blonde bricks are back. Loving this contemporary home with a retro vibe at Sorrento on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. A series of pavilions make this holiday house just perfect for a getaway by yourself or with a crowd, this blonde beauty is by Melbourne-based residential design and construct company InForm.

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Modern extension by Heartly

Heartly designed and monitored the transformation of this dilapidated cottage into a much loved and admired family home. Careful consideration of flow and use of space was paramount to the success of this project on a small inner suburban Melbourne block.

It's what Australian architects and interior designers do so well. Take a small, older home with confused layout. Design a modern extension to create the much sort after open-plan, family living yet, importantly, retain the presence of the original home within the streetscape. And may I just say "Hello bike room!"

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