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Working on a Saturday

Imagine working in a salon like this. Imagine learning your craft here. Imagine being a client. I've got my eyes closed tight and I'm imagining as hard as I can. Beauty EDU by Techné Architecture + Interior Design is ... well ... just beautiful.

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Stalking wee white

Small and white, clean and bright .... ooops that's a couple of lines from the song Edelweiss but if they truly applied to this Woollahra, Sydney garden apartment you'd have to include stylish, layered, textured and sold. Too late with this stalking I fear. Link here while it lasts.

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Long Courtyard House

A modern extension to an inner Sydney house sees contemporary concrete and timber "boxes" provide the owners with courtyard living as well as extra living space. Love the sliding walls that open the inside to the out as well as the second garden on the roof. Long Courtyard House by Scale Architecture.

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Storrs Road

There are definite advantages to living in the subtropics. Storrs Road House, Peachester, Queensland by Tim Stewart Architects.

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I'll put the kettle on ...

The perfect spot to sit and chat with friends or family. A simple, modern kitchen with just a hint of country and best of all a large table as centrepiece.Slide the doors back and inside melds with outside. Clayton Street addition by twarchitects.