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Stalking exposed red brick

A traditional red brick facade hides a contemporary reworking of this 2 bedroom townhouse with a distinct industrial meets New York loft vibe. Think oak floors, Carrara marble, exposed brick and steel framed French doors. I'll definitely take that kitchen and the bathroom has some great inspiration for a very common layout but that back deck needs a rethink. I'm stalking in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran. Link here while it lasts.

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Nano Pad

A tiny 22 sqm Art Deco studio apartment in inner city Sydney has been transformed into a stylish pied–à–terre. A plywood insert creates a change of level, delineating the bed space from a small seating area while providing lots of hidden storage beneath. The look is contemporary Scandi with the original Art Deco elements providing a counterpoint. The Nano Pad by Architect Prineas.

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Stalking modern minimalism behind a Victorian facade

It must be an Australian thing but all the fun happens out the back of our houses especially in old houses with new extensions. I'm stalking a Victorian era house in a leafy street in Melbourne's Elwood. While the facade sports a cool contemporary paint job the building still remains true to its architectural past. Hints of what is to come are revealed as you walk through the front door passing the bedrooms then BAM! all minimal and scandi, edgy and modern. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. Does anyone else's inner stylist want to tidy those beds and pull the vacuum cleaner backwards and forwards evenly over the carpet?

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Latest from Wrightson Stewart

Old and new, black and white. Private and public, open and closed. Spaces rethought and ways of living defined. Shadow and light, inside and out. Opposites are intimate and custom design is considered. The Wilson Project by Brisbane-based Wrightson Stewart.

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Stalking a mural

My second stalking today is in Newtown in Sydney. From the street a simple brick facade that sits comfortably beside its historic neighbours but take a look from the rear and it's another story. A striking mural on the boundary wall faces a large public park. Inside it's all comtemporay chic with a great entertaining area with pool in the backyard. Just slide back panels in the mural to take in the parkland beyond. Link here while it lasts.

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