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Millie the caravan

For those who like their family holidays to be simple yet stylish. For those who dream of bringing a retro caravan back to life. For those with a wandering spirit. Millie the caravan by Cedar & Suede

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Sometimes the beauty is in the simplicity. Pipkorn & Kilpatrick converted a tiny one bedroom house into a home for four in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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Inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources! A fabulous old chair, a silky smooth velvet dress or a wild exotic pattern can all spark an emotion. It is capturing that energy and excitement and transforming it, that Taupeology do best.

Layer upon layer of loveliness by this Melbourne-based interior designer.


Dangar dalliance

Time to escape the everyday. Time for a virtual getaway. Perched on the slopes Dangar Island (in the Hawkesbury River just north of Sydney) is a mid century dream, a designer home in the Australian bush. Can you smell the eucalyptus and hear the continuous thrum of cicadas in the trees or are you all agog at the iconic furniture pieces sprinkled about the stylish interiors? I think we should stop imagining and go there in real life. The Dangar Island House, with interiors by Karen McCartney (design author and founding editor of Inside Out) is available for holiday rental. Start packing your bags.

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Stalking in Melbourne 2

If I was stalking walking down this street in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond in real life I would stop outside this old industrial building and wonder what it was like inside. I'd probably try to surreptitiously peek through the window. Thank goodness for online real estate listings. Makes it all so much easier. Link here while it lasts.

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