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Working on a Saturday

If you have to drag your sorry self into work on a weekend then it better be somewhere stylish. Chicago Ansada Office by Sydney-based Those Architects. (This one's for all the Cubs fans.)

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Stalking envy

I want to stamp my little foot. I want to roll my eyes and hold my breath. I want to whine and whinge and say it isn't fair. I WANT this warehouse apartment. NEED this warehouse apartment. LOVE this warehouse apartment. Damn you! I can't afford the estimated $1.2 million price tag for this one bedroom apartment in my favourite inner city Sydney suburb of Redfern. (Go the Bunnies!) Severe case of stalking envy. Link here while it lasts.

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Outdoor space envy 

It is the beginning of the season of hell here in Ottawa, or winter as most of you may know it as. It was -8C overnight, and I am already consistently frozen. Then my folks take off for 3 weeks in Barbados and here I am in alpaca socks and the warmest sweatshirt I own and it is only October. So when I stumble upon an outdoor space this beautiful, I just really want to cry. By Kennedy Nolan in collaboration with Sam Cox Landscape


A sophisticated waterfront apartment

A contemporary upgrade to a Sydney Harbour apartment by Stacey Kouros Design. A limited palette of neutrals with a touch of blue and black is the perfect foil to the stunning water views and striking art collection. The result is an unstuffy sophistication, a liveable luxury.

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Spaces of note by Luigi Rosselli

EPIC BATHROOM!!! I want to stare at this the rest of the day.

This marble is unbelievably beautiful. And with a thin profile it could not be more perfect in this kitchen. 

There is nothing fancy about this dining room but the combo of the Thonet chairs, pale yellow walls, and light fixture are simply yummy, and then you look up and BAM!

These chunky stairs. That glass framed wall. The tumbling block tile. YES YES YES. 

If I ever decide I want a graphic backsplash, THIS IS IT. 

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