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Haus Fontanella

Perhaps I could cope with winters a little easier if I lived in a beautiful cabin-like home such as this one by Austrian architects Bernardo Bader. I would sit at a window and stare out at the mountains all day. While wrapped in faux furs and sipping some tea. 

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Like a UFO landed in an alpine village or a retro caravan stopped in its travels, perhaps a sculptural bird or even a chicken coop perched next to an old timbered farmhouse, Ufogel (UFO plus the German word for bird, Vogel) is a 45 m2 larch wood getaway in the village of Nußdorf in the East Tyrolean region of Austria. Look at the views. It would be like sitting, sipping wine and reaching out to touch heaven. I might not include you in this Monday escape. Hope you don't mind. I'd like to share it with my blind husband. I want to describe every inch of that view.

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The bathing house

A beautiful bathing house constructed of natural larch on the shore of the Weißensee in Carintha in south central Austria. One room with everything for a relaxing day by the lake. A large jetty leads to a bathing platform reaching out over the water. The breeze is warm, the water ripples. I'll race you. Last one in is a rotten egg! Find out more here.


Katharina Reckendorfer

Katharina Reckendorfer is a photographer from Vienna who emailed us recently with some images of a home she photographed. While searching for an architect to help her with her "tree house" (she promised to send us photos when she's done) she came across SUE Architects and ended up doing a shoot for them. It was a new experience for Katharina as she typically works with portraits and fashion but I think she did a great job capturing the incredible transformation of a relatively boring house that received a much needed modern facelift. She even included some before photos. WOW!


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