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I wish...and feral update

Just a quick note that the 3 kitties are doing great after their vet visit, although the events of yesterday were a bit traumatizing. Poor Georgie was pregnant but the kittens were thankfully young enough that they were removed and she was able to be vaccinated and spayed. Now that all this is out of the way I can simply worry about getting them socialized and turn them into the friendly little buggers I know they can be so I can find them new homes. Anyway, yesterday was freaking traumatic for me too - trying to get them in their carriers, worrying until the vet called, then him telling me Georgie was pregnant...when I saw this photo I wanted to cry it is such a beautiful bathroom, and dear gawd how I could use a good long soak...

Via Oscar V



Yes please! I'm sure I wouldn't get out until I was wrinkled up like a prune. By Sydney firm Design Bubble.


Bold bathrooms

Natalie Clayman sure knows how to create some drama in a bathroom, again with colour and pattern. These bathrooms are sure to shock visitors when they open the door. And I guarantee when the initial shock wears off, it will be followed by a smile. 


Sleeping in the bathroom

Or is that bathing in the bedroom? Either way I love this room by Marie-Laure Helmkampf Interior Design. Earthy, contemporary, luxurious, French.



I want to soak in that tub up under the eaves watching the clouds scoot across the sky above my head. The simple pleasures in life. Bathroom by Manhattan based interior designer Ashley Darryl.