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Burrowed into a sandy ridge on the Mornington Peninsula is a house by studiofour. Dark boxes spill down the slope while double height windows invite the outside in. Decks reach out to the native landscape which shelters the house from harsh winds. Public and private, positive and negative space, dark and light. Manmade and the natural. A holistic approach by the design studio ensures a bespoke home that addresses the site and the owner's needs. A piece of art, a sculpture as house, a metamorphosis.




Stairs for Kim

Kim is hoping to start her new home in the coming year. She has been gathering ideas for months (actually that is probably years) and I have been equally guilty of bookmarking pages and saving files. Today I came across these stairs while real estate stalking. The moment I saw them I thought "Kim's new home". And if she doesn't like them I'm sure there is someone out there who will. You can see the rest of the house here.


Felix Forest ...

... please finish your website. I need to see more.


Black & white photography


I am a HUGE fan of photography as art - the graphic nature of it, the realism, the fact that if you can take a decent photo it's an easy DIY art project, you can blow them up to make statement pieces. Black and white photography can be beautiful in any space in your home. Whether hung in large groups, enlarged or simply a subject that really draws you in (there are a few quirky ones below), it's eye catching and honestly, it's pretty tough to screw up. I'd love to have a family gallery wall in the near future, consisting of a row of 9 black and white photos - one of myself, my husband, and each of our cats. :)




Barcelona Atlanta


Annaleenas Hem


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Home and away

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it is an unhotel. A home that is let when the owner is away. Home and away. Take this stunning Georgian townhouse in Thurloe Square in London. On trend interior design, fabulous position, great art, floors of stunning rooms and style, style and even more style. You can live the owners life for a few days. pretend it's all yours before you head on your way. All the advantages of a hotel including the bottles of shampoo to steal but in a property that is quirky, luxe, exclusive and delicious. Thurloe Square via onefinestay.

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