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Bookbox loft

The folks at mode:lina, a Polish architectural firm, emailed with another project they completed recently that I had to share (see previous posts here and here).
Our client unconsciously dictated to us the design.
"We love open space and flexible solutions, but we need cosy rooms and privacy as well."
"We love to be noisy; talk loudly while eating, listen to loud music etc. but at the same time J. Is an early bird and I'm a night owl and we are both light sleepers."
"We love and owe a lot of books, clothes, shoes and other cool stuff but but we have only 70 m2."
"Oh, did I mention, that we just can't stand the sound of slamming doors?"
To fulfill all the requirements we decided to divide 70 m2 flat into 4 zones that can be easily opened and closed with sliding doors. This solution provides privacy and acoustic barrier as well as flexibility in use of space. Central zone includes kitchen with dining room and a mysterious black box. The dark cube integrates the wardrobe, small library, working desk and a small kennel. 3 other zones are: living room, walk-in closet, bathroom / bedroom.
Early bird and night owl live in peace.

The cube is brilliant.

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Jo isn't the only one...

...who loves black. There's something I find really intriguing about one random black wall.

Black kitchen cabinets make for a sexy kitchen (particularly when paired with white subway tiles which creates just about my ideal kitchen...and add a white apron-front sink and wall-mount faucet and the heart palpitations begin).

A bedroom of black and white creates a combo of glamour/sexiness/mystery/masculinity. And I love the subtle drama of this space.

via Fantastic Frank, Stuart McIntyre, Erik Andersson Architects



I love everything about this space. Black and white main colour scheme, graphic art, little bits of orange, large coffee table for vignetting....

This view isn't so great because those pouffy stools are kind of hideous but the rest rocks.

{ photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank}



Just a little bit of fun. Nothing serious. Froth and bubbles. Perfect for tea and cupcakes. Found while real estate stalking in Marrickville, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.


Chilean beauty

I couldn't resist. I had to share more fabulous images from photographer Fran Parente's portfolio. This time he has captured the essence of this Santiago, Chile house by architect Mathias Klotz. Dark yet bright. Modern with a touch of retro. Love the bike hung from that amazing staircase, the street presence of the building, the lower position of the windows in the bedroom as well as the run of book underneath. South American design is so hot right now and so are their photographers.



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