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Belgian minimalism

Continuing my fascination with minimalist homes around the world. A Belgian mansion style house that has seen better days, lost some of its character with one too many renovations. The old exterior is kept but at the back the minimalist magic begins. The renovation was about aligning and subtracting. Consolidating and eliminating. It's black but it's white. It has historical references but modern credentials. It's about light and space and a new life. It's House J & M by Bruno Vanbesien.

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Swedish real estate stalking

I have been siiiiiiiiiick all weekend and have zero energy to do all the things I need to get done - including blogging. So I thought instead of spending lots of time scouring blogland for my weekly favs, I would instead share this awesome Swedish apartment with you today. Hope you're all having a better weekend than I am, one not involving an entire box of tissue and coughing up a couple lungs.

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Graphic black and white

Stylish and bold. Practical and contemporary. Arts and Crafts house and modern kitchen. Graphic and sleek. Simplified joinery against old wooden floors. Black and white. Flash of scarlet. Love it. Kitchen by Melbourne interior designers Nexus.

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Minimalist staircase

Apartment in Paris by École and photography by Xavier Lucas. Lean and mean. Are you keen?

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Let the outcry re safety, children, drunk in the middle of the night and building code begin ;)



British minimalism

From Andy Martin Architects. Light and dark. Black and white. Solid and void. Weight and weightlessness. Day and night. The power of contrast and the beauty of simplicity of line.

Mews 02 is a single residence set in Belsize Park. The owners, a musician and his designer wife, wanted this existing mechanics garage to be converted to a 4 level family home, with the emphasis on the entertaining areas and with the ability to create private compartments over for sleeping.

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