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The photographer, the model and an amazing house

Imagine meeting a modelling legend, a woman who defined a style, an era. Imagine shooting her in her amazing home. Imagine having the talent to capture that larger than life personality in that larger than life home. Don't imagine. This is what it looks like. Jonas Gustavsson takes us inside modelling superstar Peggy Moffitt's Los Angeles digs. Just a sneak peek. You'll have to wait until his photos hit the pages of the design magazines to see it all. Thanks Jonas!


Stalking the beginning of summer

The day is warm but I know the breeze will be rolling in across the sea soon. I push the bifolds back and walk across the deck. Arms stretched out across the rails I arch my aching back and turning, take in the open plan living before me. I can't believe all this is mine. Subtropical style, sophisticated beach house meets casual, modern living. The dark floor boards ground the white as white walls while dashes of colour pull my eyes here and there. Everything is lovely but nothing is too precious. In the trees outside the cicadas start to hum. There is a scent of summer, gum leaves and sea salt. I close my eyes and smile sadly. It's all a daydream. I click away from the real estate site I have been stalking and open again the spreadsheet that has been taunting me at work all morning. If you too want to dream about this 1920's Avalon, Sydney home the link is here.

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Stalking subtle

Sometimes one can just have too much boulle and ormolu. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much fun. Today's second house is a more subtle take on luxury. Starting with an equally impressive historic building the owners in this case have chosen an understated elegance. Greys and whites play against dark floors and modern, clean lined furniture and an open plan design play against the period features. Favourite here? The office. I would gladly home invade, er sorry, move in just for that office and of course the location. Gore St, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Sigh. Link here while it lasts.

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A muted and almost monotone palette with pops of fluoro or grounded with black. Rustic and decayed juxtaposed with shiny and new. Organic with manmade minimalism. Over exposed and high contrast. It's a look we have come to associate with Scandinavian photographers and Danish photographic studio Yellows is a pin up for achieving the look. Editorial work for RUM magazine and commercial work for Light Years, Fredericia Furniture, Louis Poulsen and Bo Concept just to name a few. Gorgeous, edgy photos full of inspiration.

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Four Room Cottage

Common in the inner city areas of my part of the world are small wooden worker's cottages from the late 19th century. Four rooms with a central corridor wrapped with a verandah. This extension by Brisbane based architects Owen and Vokes adds areas to eat and meet and bathe but orientates them to the outdoor spaces. The lovely old garden with its spreading frangipani is now a part of the indoor outdoor lifestyle along with an outdoor fireplace for entertaining and cooking. Windows and openings allow the light to penetrate the building and a modern take on the lean-to or enclosed verandah is given a new lease on life. A relaxed and stylish family space that respects the heritage of the building but lets the home re-invent itself for the present.




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