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Apartment on Leningradsky Prospekt

I wanted to share this apartment in Russia with you, because it is a wonderful example of modern, minimalist architecture done right in a small space. While fairly simple in its design, the black steel wall/windows is a DREAM, with white painted brick, concrete ceiling, sleek cabinetry and flooring, and the deep window sills all work so well together. I LOVE it....except maybe the hammock. I would prefer a sofa. :) Great job Crosby Studios!

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Black and white and lacquer. Sexy. By interior design doyenne Alessandra Branca.


As simple as black and white

Clean lined, contemporary kitchen in stylish black and white by Sisällä Interior Design. Warmly minimal, deceptively simple. Plus it helps to have a butler's pantry.


Foyer flooring inspiration - black & white checkered tile

The other day I spotted this photo...

Joanna Lavén

...and I had a freaking epiphany. I think I should get some black and white tile and redo the floor in my vestibule, foyer and into the kitchen! I am looking for any excuse to get rid of my horrid orange/yellow oak hardwood. In case you forget how gross it really is...

I just can't deal with this anymore. I hate oak to begin with, and some moron decided to find the brightest orange stain on the market which looks even more horrifying when paired with red/mahogany woodwork. IDIOTS!!!! So imagine the whole area above covered in a beautiful checkerboard pattern (in marble ideally but realistically/financially not going to happen) and then WHY STOP THERE?! My black and white kitchen (through the open door at the back of this photo) now has amazing blue walls but gross and cheap ceramic tile...so I would carry it through there as well. I am SO all over this idea. Now to source my dream tile.... but in the meantime here are some inspirational photos of black/white checkered tile foyers. 

The photo above is PERFECT - that blue is pretty close to my kitchen wall colour. !!!!!! Via Style Me Pretty

Roelfien Vos


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A monochrome workspace

I sometimes crave a minimalist and monochromatic space - the calm it exudes would be so relaxing for a workspace. Which is what Hege of the blog Hege in France was lucky enough to experience. A while ago she rented a studio with Deborah of Ollie & Seb's Haus and it was really rough in the beginning. It had magnolia-colours walls and bright blue carpet. But then Hege went to town with some sandpaper and some paint...

The industrial space with large windows was brightened right up with all the white paint and was the perfect backdrop for a monochromatic workspace. Details are on Hege's blog here