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Renee's loft - part 1

I am absolutely, completely, unquestionably, positively in love with this loft. Every square inch. I'm drooling and having heart palpitations. It is located in the Netherlands and is the home of Renee Arns, stylist and one of the owners for Out Of The Blue Concept Store. Her friend Paulina Arcklin took these gorgeous photos that make me love this loft even more - if that's possible. More loft goodness in my next post. (And OMG her cats match the decor!)

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80s apartment redo

If you live in Australia you know these apartments. Tired old brick exteriors with tired old plasterboard interiors. Wall to wall carpet with a collection of interesting stains, swirling, dripping plaster slapped onto the ceiling and aluminium sliding doors with safety stickers. If you were lucky and lived on the top floor (always no more than four floors or the developer would have to spring for a lift) the "architect" may have thrown in a "cathedral ceiling and clerestory window". No redeeming features except the size of the rooms. Say what you like about those old apartments they at least had a little more room than today's incarnations. Now take an 80s apartment in a wonderful inner city location (Brisbane readers should be able to tell by the bridge and the tennis courts across the river) and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century and you have a hipster's pad with room for baby and barbie. Very cool. By Alexander Lotersztain and derlot.


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Louisa Grey

I love the modern, graphic feel of the work of international interiors stylist and creative director Louisa Grey. Eclectic and stylish. Pattern, contrast, a sense of illustration.

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You won't believe what this is

Diana Mui wrote us recently, and explained that she is an Interior Designer, Artist, Drill lover and Painter of walls. :-) She wanted to share a project she has completed that I have to admit is truly remarkable. It is the coolest doctor's office I have ever seen, and makes me wonder why doctor's offices are always so damn tacky and cold. 
When we started the back area of this project, we believed it was a tear down and we were prepared to renovate the entire space. We took some time and started to believe in fixing all the little flaws without the original plan for a dramatic renovation. After all, I believe our first responsibility to our planet is also the easiest. Recycle, reuse and whenever possible creatively create anew.  Besides this space is located in Tribeca. Tribeca is an amazing contrast of old and new. We truly wanted to make a big impact without knocking anything down and do our best to makeover the old, the broken and the flawed. Instead, we aimed to freshen it up with a touch of bold, and unexpected style. This is a doctors office for allergies and it's the re-freshening area for patients. The ceilings are 14' high. Tongue and groove wainscoting covers most walls as stairs lead to a small office. The striped floors are on a diagonal to create movement within the space. This also breaks up the vertical lines created by the wainscoting. The furniture kept simple, clean, fresh and white allowing the floor to take center stage. The simplicity of a brass antique fire extinguisher takes the place of a sculpture. Outdoor lighting are now used as patina indoor lighting. Within the second room - bleached gray panels line the floors.  A classic lit exit sign is set over panels of brand new textured wallpaper. Newly installed and then distressed with random touches of black and white paint. Wood beams run across ceiling and again, random coats of black and/or white paint defines each of them. Original glass panes and doors divide the two back areas. Painted a deep rich gray to allow the light to truly sparkle through the glass. (after photos by Marietta Leung)

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2nd of Septembre

Second helping, that is, of Parisian architectural firm Septembre. Black and white minimalist chic. A small family apartment in an old industrial workshop is big on style. Multipurpose storage lines the perimeter of the main room opening up to central space while light floods in through the wall of windows. Sparse but stylish.

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